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The Caledonian Challenge

Past Events

Past Events

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Name Company Team Time
Powell Karen Big Strawberry 10:22:04
Powter Charlie Gulliver's Gavelers 23:37:01
Prangley Mike Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 5 18:59:05
Prendergast Shon State Street The Penrose Prowlers 21:56:00
Prentice John Band Of Brothers 23:33:04
Price Martin Andersens Symphomaniacs 20:20:02
Priestley Alistair State Street Extended Duration 16:44:01
Prior Ben Noble & Company Nobleddychance 18:58:00
Proctor Simon Strutt & Parker Highland Hobblers 21:54:03
Pule Adam Lever Faberge More Strolling Bones 22:25:04
Quaile Jo Gerrard The Masochists 2 20:56:01
Quaile Stephen Gerrard The Masochists 2 20:56:01
Rae Caroline Intlli Corporate Finance Intellitubbies 20:23:04
Rae Neil KPMG Misfits 21:14:00
Rae Sandy Guinness UDV Keep Walking 17:55:04
Rainforth Graham Royal Bank Of Scotland Duncans Doh-Nuts 20:24:01
Ramsey John Royal Bank Of Scotland JKDS 23:06:04
Rankin David More Appetite Than Ability 23:45:01
Rankin Mary-Ann Border Terriers 24:08:00
Rawlinson Grant Roxburgh & Co Springrox 15:48:05
Raymond Charlie Remarkable Rutters 22:33:05
Rayner Neal Legs 11 23:10:04
Reed Ben Jones Lang Lasalle Jones Lang Lasalle Scot 1 17:31:02
Reed James The Clandestines 19:13:02
Rees Philip Project Partners Ltd Project Partners 20:23:05
Rehman Kalim Clacknockater 22:19:01
Reid Tom Not Retired 22:03:01
Rennie Anita Schroders Schroders Sloths 15:32:01
Rennie Marcus Royal Bank Of Scotland The Winers 22:53:03
Rennie Stephen Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Argylls 15:59:00
Renwick Max Screaming Eagles 24:24:02
Reynolds Louise Imperial Cancer Research Disseminating Dimblebys 22:55:02
Reynolds Martin Scotsman Publications Transformers 21:02:02
Rhodes Sarah Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 2 22:57:02
Richards Andy Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Argylls 16:12:04
Richards Colin Coflexip Stena Offshore Limited CSOL 22:05:02
Richardson David Figawe 24:11:04
Richardson Mark Morrison Homes Morrison Homes 21:07:03
Robb Campbell Royal Bank Of Scotland Ardlui Or Bust 3 23:42:03
Roberts Dave Chiene & Tait C&T; First Floor 21:23:05
Robertson Carolin British Transport Police BTP Do Go All The Way 24:26:05
Robinson Alasdair Noble & Company Nobleddygirls 12:43:02
Robinson Rebecca RSK Environment Ltd RSK Roamers 23:20:00
Robson Rupert The Clandestines 17:40:03
Rodgers Glen Old Gits 18:46:00
Rogan Donald Investec Securities Investec Flyers 21:17:05
Rogers Chris Royal Bank Of Scotland The Royal Bankers From Birmingham 22:27:02
Rogers Patrick State Street Wimmock Strollers 22:01:02
Rollo Sarah Dundas & Wilson CS D&W; 1 22:07:01
Romprey David The Desert-Ers 23:09:03
Ronald Alistair Old Mutual Johnny Walkers 22:44:00
Ronald Scott KPMG KPMG Dragons 22:26:02
Ropner Peter The Libertarians 23:39:01
Roscoe James Fyfe Ireland W.S. Peak Panthers 24:33:03
Rose Andrew Simmons & Company Simmons Slickers 21:40:02
Ross Les Jones Lang Lasalle Jones Lang Lasalle Scot 2 21:35:01
Ross Martin Royal Bank Of Scotland Bell's Bankers 24:57:02
Roy Fraser Caledonian Medical Ltd Roy's Ramblers 23:39:00
Roy Shona Caledonian Medical Ltd Roy's Ramblers 23:39:01
Ruck Giles Big Strawberry 11:45:05
Ruickbie John Guinness UDV Keep Walking 17:55:04
Rushby Rob Big Strawberry 11:14:04
Russell Shawn Advantage IT Group Advantage 1 21:50:00
Ruthven - St Davo Bank Of New York The Rhythm Method 17:39:00
Ryan Michael Noble & Company Nobleddyhope 14:21:01
Sage Anthony Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 1 21:40:03
Saller Roger State Street SSGM Operations & Tech 19:56:03
Salmond George SFA Referees Edinburgh & District 22:08:05
Salvatore Nicola JP Morgan The Four Martyrs 23:39:02
Sands Allen Avast Behind 20:09:04
Sands Merv JP Morgan A Ridge Too Far 18:05:02
Santosh Jamie Hillbillies 13:41:04
Sarsfield Richard Old Mutual Plc Berkeley Square 2 23:06:00
Saunders Jay Roxburgh & Co Springrox 18:26:03
Savage Ed Andersens Symphomaniacs 20:20:02
Savage Robin The Vampire Slayers 25:45:01
Savage Sean State Street GSL 1 20:42:03
Schlueter Joerg Investec Securities Investec Flyers 21:16:00
Schofield Tracy Royal Bank Of Scotland The Real Bad Sores 25:46:05
Scorer Mike Financial News Financial News Flyers 22:27:01
Scott David Scottish Transport Regiment A 19:24:05
Scott Janet The Soutpielle 22:13:01
Scott Robert Dundas & Wilson CS D&W; 2 22:32:01
Selfridge Gordon Gerrard The Masochists 2 22:22:01
Seville Kathleen Coflexip Stena Offshore Limited CSOL 22:05:01
Shanks Alastair Lever Faberge More Strolling Bones 22:25:03
Shaw Julie Streamline Girles W Attitude + 2 Blokes 26:42:04
Shepherd Robert Scotsman Publications Inky Footprints 22:44:03
Sheppard Quintin Kamchatka 25:03:01
Sherman Jon State Street Fort William And Lost 19:14:03
Sheves Iain Iain Smith & Co 24:47:01
Shimmin Johnny Cornwall And Beyond 16:54:02
Shimmin Pippa Cornwall And Beyond 16:54:02
Shirrell Tracey Delaware International Advisors Delaware 21:24:04
Shirvell Warren Delaware International Advisors Delaware 21:24:04
Sim Jamie Village Idiots 21:46:01
Simons Giles Firth Ross Martin Associates Blomfield Group 21:35:00
Sinclair Iain Joslin Rowe The George Munroes 21:05:00
Sinclair Stewart Joslin Rowe The George Munroes 21:05:00
Singlehurst Thoma The A Team 23:33:05
Sivewright David Grosvenor Ltd Grosvenor 20:34:01
Slade Hannah Davidson Chalmers Davidson Chalmers 23:35:05
Slater Lee Old Mutual Sea Monkeys 1 22:04:05
Smail Fergus Royal Bank Of Scotland The Real Bad Sores 23:29:02
Smart Ernest Ernst & Young Not The Shredders 19:40:04
Smart Sarah Standard Life Investment Sarah's Slouchers 15:16:02
Smeaton Robin Noble & Company Nobleddyhope 19:03:01
Smeed Karen State Street The Secret Service 22:44:04
Smeed Stewart State Street The Secret Service 22:44:04
Smith Alistair Dundas & Wilson CS Twigs Team 19:50:00
Smith Jason Simmons & Co Simmons Slickers 20:06:00
Smith John Scotsman Publications MIB 2002 20:09:04
Smith Mike Barclays Bleeding Lizards 27:24:03
Smith Peter Are We There Yet? 23:34:01
Smith Ralph State Street The FX Flyers 19:18:03
Smith Tim Rathbones Rathbone Tortoises 23:45:01
Smith Will Hoare Govett Ltd The Rambling Hoares 22:08:04
Snell Paul Old Mutual Oily Rags 19:48:00
Snow David State Street The State Street Snowmen 19:28:04
Somers Mark Norman Broadbent Only Fools And Supporters 21:34:01
Somerville Alan Grosvenor Ltd Grosvenor 20:34:01
Sorrell Ron Band Of Brothers 23:33:04
Sortwell Andrew Old Mutual Fund Maniacs 2 22:59:01
Sortwell Robert Old Mutual Fund Maniacs 1 22:59:00
Southwick George Scottish Courage Brewing McEwans Is The Best 26:06:01
Sparrow Brian Royal Bank Of Scotland Global Trekkers 22:23:03
Spary Alexandra Training For Profit (UK) The Sun Seekers 23:39:01
Spence Michael Team Bah-Hah 12:57:00
Spiller Jo Scotsman Publications Monsters P (Inc) 23:49:05
Spring Peter The Maitland Consultancy Maitland 21:39:03
St Clair Matthew Saint Property Everest Saints 17:55:02
Stacey Sam The Clandestines 14:35:03
Stair Jamie The South West Wanderers 20:52:01
Stebbing Amber Scottish Courage Brewing Kronenburg 26:04:05
Stephen Stuart Bank Of New York Bank Of New York 2 22:07:05
Steven Ewen Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Roving Ramblers 22:07:02
Stevenson Karen Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Roving Ramblers 22:45:02
Stewart Bob Scottish Courage Brewing SCL Miller Genuine Draft 20:56:04
Stewart Cameron Noble & Company Nobleddygirls 11:15:01
Stewart Cameron Joslin Rowe The George Munroes 21:05:00
Stewart Ewan Jones Lang Lasalle Billy Goat And Friends 21:30:02
Stewart James Schroders Schroders Sloths 15:32:01
Stewart Mark KPMG Misfits 21:14:00
Stirling Graeme Scottish Courage Brewing McEwans Is The Best 19:33:04
Struthers Douglas Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Struthers Hugo The Next Presidents 20:37:05
Struthers Stewart Blisters Inc. 21:23:05
Sullivan Paul Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 3 21:52:00
Sullivan Sam General Cologne re UK Ltd Norfolk And Chance 23:35:01
Sutherland Alan Maclay Murray & Spens MMS 2 22:00:00

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