Every team needs individuals to help at the checkpoints, provide food, refreshment and supplies, transport kit and clothing, and of course buoy it along with emotional and moral support over the course of the 24 and 54 miles. 

This is the role of each team's Support Crew, the importance of which cannot be overstated. 

Fundamentally, your team's success will rest on the practical support it receives during the Challenge/Hike from your Support Crew.

You will need:

  • A maximum of one vehicle (eg: people carrier, mini-van, SUV, campervan or similar)
  • A minimum of two drivers

(You can opt to have up to two further crew members, enabling you to have a maximum of four support crew members.  Please note however that only one vehicle per team is permitted, and that there is a service charge of £20 for each crew member in addition to the minimum two drivers.)

What is their role?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of your Support Crew.  During the Challenge, they will:

  • Drive the team and all the supplies to Fort William the evening before the event
  • Transport you to the Challenge's starting point the next morning - and give you a rousing send off!
  • Transport the team's kit, equipment and clothing between Checkpoints 1, 2 & 3, and the finish line*
  • Greet you at Checkpoints 1, 2 & 3, with food and refreshments - and good cheer! - and then send you on your way, restored, revived, and energised*
  • Support and buoy up any team member who retires before the finish line
  • Provide a hero's welcome at the finish line, attend to the team's requirements, and celebrate its success, before driving everyone home safely again

Support crew members can also play an integral role in the team's fundraising efforts, and are strongly encouraged to assist in this vital component of participation in Challenge/Hike. 

(*Note that Support Crew members do not attend the teams at Checkpoint 4 on the Caledonian Challenge, where the organisers will be present to assist).


Support Packages

For many teams, finding, organising and managing a support crew isn't feasible, or the logistics involved is too time-consuming. (Companies entering a number of teams in particular often find that co-ordinating individual support crews for each team can be an unwelcome administrative burden.)

Because of this, we introduced a successful programme to the Challenge in 2012 whereby we offer teams bespoke support services over the weekend.

We plan to offer a limited amount of places for 2013. We have created three package categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze (the key difference being the type of accommodation available with each option - contact us for more information).

Each category offers the following services:

  • Organisation and booking of accommodation
  • Team collection from an agreed pick-up point in Scotland, and transport to Fort William for registration the evening before the event
  • Transfer from registration to your pre-booked accommodation
  • Transfer from your accommodation the morning of the event, to the Challenge's starting point
  • Transfer of all team members' kit between the Checkpoints
  • Provision of food, refreshments, support and assistance (including medical staff) at all the Checkpoints
  • Access to rest / lit / heated areas with marquees at each Checkpoint
  • Logistics organisation at each Checkpoint
  • Transport to the finish line for any team member who retires during the Challenge

Transport from the finish line to your initial collection point on the Sunday afternoon.

How much does the Support Package cost?

The packages offer incredible value for the level of support given.  As noted previously the difference in price for package arises from the different accommodation offered.

  • Gold Package (Hotel accommodation): in the region of £300 per person
  • Silver Package (B&B accommodation): in the region of £250 per person
  • Bronze Package (Hostel accommodation): in the region of £200 per person

How can we book it?

Please contact us to discuss your options, and we can arrange your choice for you.  Packages can be booked only on a team-by-team basis, however payment can be made either individually or for the team as a whole. Final confirmation cant be made until we have recieved full payment