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Past Events

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Name Company Team Time
Adam David Scottish Power SP Power Walkers 23:30:00
Adam Stephen State Street The Lost Boys 20:58:05
Aitken Chris The Smokies 16:53:05
Al-Sadie Samir Orange Orange 2
Alexander Tommy Royal Bank Of Scotland 2 Marathons + A Mars Bar 22:27:01
Allan Crawford SFA Referees Edinburgh & District 22:08:05
Allen Jim Royal Bank Of Scotland Jockular 21:51:01
Allman Stewart Old Mutual Sea Monkeys 2 23:30:02
Allsop Alexander Kinsey Craig Executive Se We Love Kylie
Almeleh Rael Ernst & Young Not The Shredders
Anderson Charles Baker Tilly Fabulous Baker Boys & Girls 21:43:00
Anderson Katherin Advantage IT Group Advantage 1 23:50:01
Anderson Nigel Edinburgh Fund Managers Rock Solid 1 20:24:01
Angell Jonathan State Street The Proclaimers 23:11:04
Anley Marc Ernst & Young The Junior Shredders 19:36:00
Arcella Connie KPMG KPMG A 22:31:04
Archibald Mhairi Jones Lang Lasalle Jones Lang Lasalle Scot 4 22:42:03
Armitage Will The Shopping & Pleasure Tea
Armstrong Rachel Fyfe Ireland W.S. Peak Panthers 24:33:03
Arpas Alexander State Street State Street London Legends 19:50:01
Arthur Stephen Royal Bank Of Scotland Ardlui Or Bust 1 26:59:02
Ash Bob State Street GSL 1 17:25:01
Athanas Nick Noble & Company Nobleddyway 14:31:02
Bachatene Leas Financial News Financial News Flyers 23:30:01
Bailey Ric Legs 11 23:02:03
Baillie James A Company Of Gentlemen 22:19:05
Baker Matthew Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 4 24:14:05
Baker Ray Scottish Courage Brewing Scl Fosters 21:22:02
Balfour Alastair The Company Creators The Blanefield Bootleggers 22:47:04
Barker Ashley Blisters Inc. 21:13:05
Barnes Chris Lever Faberge More Strolling Bones 22:13:01
Barrett John Delaware International Advisors Delaware 21:24:04
Bartsch Holger Business A.M. Business A.M. Continentals 20:22:01
Batchelor Neil Dunfermline Building Society N.S.P.C. 20:53:00
Bateman Craig Cazenove Cazenove 2 20:11:00
Bateman Maureen State Street The Walkie Talkies 21:59:01
Bates Luke Dunfermline Building Society Snobs 20:52:05
Baxter Paul Royal Bank Of Scotland Esp&drilles; 25:15:04
Bayne-Jardin Tom Manic Morons 21:30:02
Beaton Lesley Simmons & Company Simmons Slickers 21:12:01
Bell Keith Scottish Equitable Golden Boys 20:22:01
Bell Kenneth Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford Pillar Boxes 22:45:03
Bentley Thom Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Benwell Nick Athletes Feet 23:14:05
Berdugo Paul Angel Trains Limited Angels Without Charlies 22:05:00
Berger Maggie TGO Challengers 24:54:03
Berger Sabine Business A.M. Business A.M. Continentals 22:29:00
Bergius Katie Freaks 22:57:05
Beveridge Iain More Appetite Than Ability 23:45:01
Bickle Colin Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 5 19:50:05
Biffen Richard Strutt & Parker The Masochists 19:21:05
Biggart Stuart Gerrard The Masochists 2 23:02:05
Biggs Graham BMW GB Insanity 22:55:00
Binnie John SFA Referees Edinburgh & District 22:42:03
Birse Neil Natwest Bank Plc West Country Boyz 22:20:03
Black Ben Strugglers 19:44:05
Black David Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford Pillar Boxes 22:45:04
Black Oliver Strugglers 20:35:03
Blake Edan Jones Lang Lasalle Vals & National 22:14:01
Blanc Paul Royal Bank Of Scotland Ardlui Or Bust 2 19:56:01
Bloomfield Darren JP Morgan Financial Massive 21:33:01
Bloor Jim Maxxium Uk Ltd Maxxium 2 23:34:01
Blyth Alex Financial News Financial News Boiler Room 17:53:04
Bond Matthew Scottish Courage Brewing SCL Miller Genuine Draft 19:14:01
Bondergaard Mad Hoare Govett Ltd The Rambling Hoares 22:08:04
Bonwell Robert Jones Lang Lasalle Manic Morons 21:14:03
Booth Gavin Jones Lang Lasalle Vals & National 19:01:02
Booth Ian Georgeson Shareholder Georgeson Shareholder 23:57:02
Borrie Gregor James Barr James Barr 22:39:02
Borthwick Carol Scotsman Publications Inky Footprints 23:11:01
Bowden Martin Royal Bank Of Scotland RBS Group Purchasing 2 23:49:02
Bowden Paul Bringing Up The Rear 23:44:03
Boylen James Chemical Brothers 22:14:01
Brady James Accenture The Powder Hounds 17:26:01
Brattle Jeremy Firth Ross Martin Associates Blomfield Group 21:35:00
Breen Alan State Street Tus Maith 22:53:04
Breen Conor State Street Tus Maith 22:31:05
Breen Deirdre State Street Tus Maith 22:53:04
Breen Joanne Deutsche Bank Product Athletes 23:42:02
Brims Martin Mellon Newton Mellon Ball Run 22:17:01
Brinklow Mark State Street The Lost Boys 17:05:04
Britton Kelvin Scottish Courage SCL Fosters 23:07:04
Britton Matthew Lever Faberge More Strolling Bones 22:42:03
Brodie Craig Martin Currie Martin Currie 3 24:05:03
Brown George Deutsche Bank DB Marauders 16:32:02
Brown Karl State Street You'll Never Walk Alone 22:32:03
Brown Paul Davidson Chalmers Davidson Chalmers 23:38:03
Brown Steven Royal Bank Of Scotland MCS 22:29:02
Brownlow Peter Athletes Feet 23:15:00
Bruce Ian Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford Hi Alphas 22:20:02
Bruce Robert P&O; Irish Sea P&O; Irish Sea 22:44:01
Bruhl Peter Financial News Financial News 2 21:29:03
Brunet Maurice Scottish Equitable Golden Boys 20:22:01
Buchan Gavin Davidson Chalmers 23:21:00
Buchan Michael Village Idiots 21:46:01
Buchan Robert Maclay Murray & Spens MM&S; 13:38:01
Buchanan Camero Alfa Romeo 25:45:01
Buchanan Malcol Royal Bank Of Scotland The Winers 22:53:03
Buckingham Philip The Fyne Four 21:04:03
Bunker David Royal Bank Of Scotland Boys In Corporate 23:23:03
Burlington William Lords Of The Ring 21:42:03
Burton Gwyn Castle Veterans 17:02:01
Busby Ali Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Bushby Fiona Raging Bike Raging Bike 20:39:01
Butlin Lucy Martin Currie Martin Currie 3 24:05:02
Butt Marcus UBS Warburg UBS Warburg - Equity Finance 24:06:02
Buys Paul Royal Bank Of Scotland RBS Bravehearts 23:53:00
Cairney Mairi IBM (UK) Ltd IBM 23:53:01
Callis Mandi Old Mutual Sea Monkeys 1 22:04:05
Callow Bob Scottish Courage SCL Fosters 25:04:01
Callum Angro Dunfermline Building Society N.S.P.C. 21:37:04
Cameron Juliet PricewaterhouseCoopers Pwc U Much L8r 22:52:05
Cameron Mhairi The Scottish Executive Sherpa Tensing's Comedy 26:07:02
Campagnola Julia Old Mutual Sea Monkeys 1 23:45:05
Campbell Adrian KPMG KPMG A 26:43:04
Campbell Douglas Fyfe Ireland W.S. Peak Panthers 24:39:04
Campbell Douglas Everest Saints 17:55:01
Campbell Helen KPMG KPMG Warriors 1 21:29:05
Campbell Lisa Training For Profit (UK) The Sun Seekers 23:41:03
Campbell Murray Everest Saints 17:55:01
Campbell Neil Freaks 22:57:05
Campbell Simon Training For Profit (UK) The Sun Seekers 23:41:03
Caplan Katharine Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy MCBD Chicks 20:44:01
Carlyle Paul Shepherd & Wedderbu Forever Young 22:50:00
Carrick Paddy Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Carroll John Kinsey Craig Executive We Love Kylie! 26:06:00
Carroll Mark Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs 20:04:00
Cartwright Linda Angel Trains Champagne Champs 24:00:05
Cartwright Steve JVA Grimley The Grimley Reapers 19:47:04
Caveney Craig Andersens Symphomaniacs 20:20:02
Cavens Seona Martin Currie Martin Currie 2 21:08:00
Cernessen Cather State Street The Walkie Talkies 16:44:01
Chalmers E Scottish Power SP Power Walkers 23:29:05
Chalmers Ken Chiene & Tait C&T; First Floor 13:53:02
Chalmers Lindsey Royal Bank Of Scotland P&D; Crawlers 23:11:02
Chaplin Henry Noble & Company Nobleddygirls 12:43:02
Chau Nelson State Street The Dupont Drifters 21:27:00
Cheaney Nick JP Morgan A Ridge Too Far 18:05:02
Chesney Graham Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Rappers With Sin 18:56:03
Chisholm Colin State Street The State Street Snowmen 19:28:04
Chiverton Ruth Jones Lang Lasalle Suits And Boots 22:31:03
Christian Adam Angel Trains Limited Angelic Upstarts 24:31:02
Christianson Micha Bank Of New York The Rhythm Method 17:39:00
Christmas Danny Deutsche Bank Product Athletes 23:42:02
Clark Angus VPM VPM 20:41:04
Clark Brett UK Custody 21:29:05
Clark Kathy Scottish Equitable The Beauties 26:59:01
Clark Paul Jones Lang Lasalle Monarch Of The Munros 20:58:05
Clayson Jon Bringing Up The Rear 24:05:05
Clinton Chris State Street The Boston Thicksocks 22:18:05

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