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The Caledonian Challenge

Past Events

Past Events

Browse through the results of last years event. Click on the headings to sort the records.

Name Company Team Time
Maurae Ian Training For Profit (UK) The Sun Seekers 23:39:01
May Darren Cazenove Cazenove 2 20:10:05
Mc Bride Chris Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Argylls 16:05:01
Mcandrew Ron Halcrow Group Ltd Halcrow Hobblers 21:57:03
Mcbean David Deutsche Bank DB Marauders 17:39:00
Mcburnie Craig Smmi Ltd Four Kinells 22:47:05
Mccabe Martin Schroder Investment Management Ltd I May Be Some Time 20:28:05
Mccall John Orange Orange 2 20:22:04
Mccann Chris Village Idiots 21:46:01
Mccarthy Jack Max's Mountaineers 19:49:02
Mccarthy Marie Vodafone Ltd The Celtic Tigers 25:12:05
McCaul Colin Iain Smith & Co 24:47:01
Mcclure Sarah Percy Arms Posers 23:44:02
Mccolm John P&O; Irish Sea P&O; Irish Sea 22:44:01
Mccombe James KPMG KPMG Dragons 22:26:02
Mcconnell Neil Old Mutual Sea Monkeys 1 23:45:05
Mccusker Frank Royal Bank Of Scotland SLS Scotland 20:32:05
Mccusker Jim We've Started So We'll Finish 27:59:05
Mccutcheon Finlay Dundas & Wilson CS Twigs Team 19:50:01
Mcdonald Wade JP Morgan The Four Martyrs 23:39:03
Mcghie Jim Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford Hi Alphas 22:20:02
Mcgowan Bill Lehman Athletes Feet 23:15:00
Mcgowan Peter Clifford Chance The Bitter Enders 23:14:05
Mcgrath Ian South Equals Down 20:03:04
Mcguire Dominic JP Morgan A Ridge Too Far 18:05:02
Mchardy Julian Brothers In Law 17:42:04
Mchardy Miranda Pink Tartan 20:51:04
Mcintosh Stuart Mellon Newton Mellon Ball Run 21:11:03
McKellar Quintin Team Bah-Hah 12:57:00
Mckendrick Charle Jones Lang Lasalle Vals & National 22:17:00
Mckenzie Greg Le Mans 24 Heures Walkers 18:40:00
Mckerrell Fiona Dundas & Wilson CS Twigs Team 19:50:01
Mclellan Michael Royal Bank Of Scotland TIT 22:29:04
Mcmenigall Andre Edinburgh Fund Managers Rock Solid 2 20:24:02
McMicking Charlie Noble & Company Nobleddygirls 14:27:00
Mcnamara Niall Royal Bank Of Scotland LFG 1 21:40:03
Mcnamee Paul James Barr James Barr 23:54:03
McNeil Alan Jones Lang Lasalle Jones Lang Lasalle Scot 2 21:35:01
Mcneish Gina TGO Challengers 24:54:02
Mcsweeny Denis Rathbones Rathbone Tortoises 23:45:01
Meek Ashley Standard Life Investment Slimers 21:52:01
Meiklejohn James The Next Presidents 22:20:00
Mellis Ronnie British Transport Police BTP Do Go All The Way 24:26:05
Mercer Rhonda Old Mutual Plc Berkeley Square 1 23:18:01
Meredith Tim Le Mans 24 Heures Walkers 24:24:00
Metson Nick The Bad Jelly Team 22:38:00
Meumann Mark Rathbones Rathbone Hares 23:50:04
Mill Peter Ardbeg er's 22:18:01
Miller Andrew Brothers In Law 19:32:00
Miller Joan State Street The Boston Thicksocks 23:11:00
Miller Joanne Advantage IT Group Advantage 2 23:50:02
Miller Kenneth State Street State Street London Legends 19:50:01
Miller Kenny Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford Pillar Boxes 22:20:01
Miller Richard State Street The Boston Thicksocks 22:14:00
Miller Sophie Fit For Nothing 27:37:01
Mills Cameron Slac Acturial 23:01:03
Milne Kevin Coflexip Stena Offshore Limited CSOL 22:05:02
Milton Karen Dundas & Wilson CS D&W; 3 21:20:02
Mitchell Philip Royal Bank Of Scotland 3 Sassenachs And A Token Jock 23:15:00
Mitchell Trevor Madness Isn't Just A Band 22:01:04
Molloy Lois Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Trim Team 28:44:02
Moniuszko Ursula Advantage IT Group Advantage 2 21:49:05
Montgomerie Jam State Street The Penrose Prowlers 21:56:00
Montgomery Hugh The Libertarians 23:39:01
Montgomery Jami Christow Consultants The Blowers 22:44:02
Moody Joseph State Street Extended Duration 19:18:04
Moon Carolyn Royal Bank Of Scotland Sweaty Socks 21:52:04
Moore Richard Business A.M. Business A.M. 2 12:36:05
Moore Sally State Street The Lost Boys 20:57:03
Moore Tercel The A Team 23:33:05
Morgan Dean Orange Orange 1 20:26:01
Morgan Mark Imperial Cancer Research Disseminating Dimblebys 22:09:01
Morgan Nick DRKW DRKW Strollers 22:51:04
Morgan Xander GNI Ltd Lambeth Hill Billies 21:34:01
Morrison Alison Christow Consultants The Blowers 22:44:01
Morrison Forbes State Street The State Street Cutdownes 24:34:02
Morton Douglas Scottish Power SP Power Walkers 23:29:05
Morton Gavin Madness Isn't Just A Band 22:05:04
Morton Jacqui Scottish Power SP Power Walkers 23:30:00
Morton Rick KPMG KPMG Migrant Bankers 23:13:01
Moser Jim Dundas & Wilson CS D&W; 1 21:20:02
Mowat Adrian Martin Currie Martin Currie 5 20:20:03
Muir Alistair Halcrow Group Ltd Halcrow Blisters 22:36:00
Mulcare James Jones Lang Lasalle Vals & National 21:10:02
Mulholland Marcus James Barr James Barr 22:39:02
Mungall Rab Royal Bank Of Scotland Sweaty Socks 21:52:04
Munn Kenneth Strutt & Parker The Masochists 19:38:01
Murphy Richard State Street The Secret Service 22:33:01
Murphy Samuel Tantalus 18:53:00
Murphy Stephan Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs 20:04:00
Murray Stuart Village Idiots 21:46:02
Muspratt Paul Ernst & Young The Junior Shredders 19:36:00
Myles Grant Scottish Courage Brewing Kronenburg 19:38:04
Nelson David Deloitte And Touche Touche Tone 20:22:05
Neville Patrick More Appetite Than Ability 23:45:01
Neville Richard Business A.M. Business A.M. 1 21:17:04
Newton Bill Orange Orange 2 24:01:01
Nichol Freda The Haggis Hunters 22:06:00
Nicholson Ken Standard Life Investment Sarah's Slouchers 15:18:00
Nicholson Steve Royal Bank Of Scotland Preston Plodders 23:41:02
Nicol Vic Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Argylls 16:05:01
Nicolls Andrew State Street The Penrose Prowlers 21:56:00
Nimmo Ian Lords Of The Ring 20:30:05
Nimmo Rachel Martin Currie Martin Currie 2 21:58:02
Niulala Debbie Deloitte & Touche Draggin Our Touche 20:20:04
Nottingham Edwar Cornwall And Beyond 16:54:02
Nystrom John Imperial Cancer Research The Lost Soles 23:09:01
Nystrom Maria Imperial Cancer Research The Lost Soles 23:10:03
O'brien Rob UK Custody 21:29:04
O'kane Martin Royal Bank Of Scotland SLS Scotland 20:32:05
O'leary Owen Scotsman Publications Transformers 23:50:02
O'mahony Eugene Cazenove Cazenove 2 20:11:00
O'neil Colin Royal Bank Of Scotland Ardlui Or Bust 2 21:39:05
O'reilly Dawn Dundas & Wilson CS D&W; 3 22:07:01
Ochman Richard State Street The Fx Flyers 22:54:04
Ogilvie-Gran Alex The Libertarians 23:39:01
Oldham Andrew Castle Veterans 16:58:04
Oldroyd Paul Royal Bank Of Scotland Sole Destroyers 22:33:02
Orejas Lindsay General Cologne Re UK Norfolk And Chance 26:04:03
Osborne Andrew Not Retired 21:47:05
Osborne Ian Not Retired 20:28:01
Osyf Mark State Street State Street London Legends 19:50:01
Page Heidi Barclays R We Nearly There Yet? 27:24:03
Park Garry Martin Currie Martin Currie 5 26:36:01
Parker Barnaby Project Partners Ltd Project Partners 20:07:04
Parker James Team Hyposport 22:48:01
Parkin Andrew Incredibly Painful Feet 22:18:03
Partridge Glyn Scottish Widows Investment Partnership FOM 22:54:05
Paton Harry Milne, Craig & Corson Milne Craig Mile Bashers 23:42:00
Patty Justin KPMG KPMG B 27:15:03
Pearce Richard Luther Pengragon The Luthers 22:21:00
Peck Simon Noble & Company Nobleddygirls 10:25:05
Peirce Dan State Street The Proclaimers 22:07:00
Pelham Burn Lucy Pink Tartan 20:51:04
Pennell Daniel State Street The Lost Boys 17:05:04
Penter Graham State Street SSGM Operations & Tech 19:56:03
Perrett Morag Andrew Hamilton & Co Cornham Crankies 23:02:01
Peterkin Henry Village Idiots 21:46:00
Peters Rob JVA Grimley The Grimley Reapers 18:59:01
Peters Sarah-Ann RSK Environment Ltd RSK Roamers 23:20:01
Petrie Roy The Company Creators The Blanefield Bootleggers 22:47:03
Phillips Stephen Henderson Global Invesment Westwoods Walkers 26:11:03
Pickin Peter Georgeson Shareholder Georgeson Shareholder 24:06:05
Pilson Michael State Street The Dupont Drifters 21:26:05
Pink Jo Scotsman Publications Monsters P (Inc) 23:55:04
Pink Simon IBM (UK) Ltd IBM 24:32:04
Pitfield Laz UBS Warburg UBS Warburg - Equity Finance 24:06:02
Pollock John Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Porteous Alex Martin Currie Martin Currie 2 20:20:03
Powell Alison Big Strawberry 12:44:05

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