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RBS Caledonian Challenge 2009

August 2008 Fundraising Update

Event Info

Event Format

Please note that we are currently in the process of reviewing the 2008 event and the event format for RBS Caledonian Challenge 2009 will be published here in greater detail over the coming months. If you have any queries please contact the Events Team on +44(0)131 524 0350 or Email: [email protected]

Team Size

Please note that for the RBS Caledonian Challenge 2009, the minimum number of walkers for a team will be 4 and the maximum will be 6. You will still require a Support Team with one vehicle and minimum of two members.

Friday 12th June

You will register on Friday 12th June in the Nevis Centre, Fort William.

Saturday 13th June

Start of the RBS Caledonian Challenge.

Start Times will be between 7am and 12pm.

Start Times will be allocated at the beginning of May 2009.

There will be four designated Checkpoints en route along the West Highland Way.

Sunday 14th June

Walkers will finish the RBS Caledonian Challenge 24 hours later on Sunday 14th June.

Last Updated: 19th June 2008.

The RBS Caledonian Challenge

Event Format

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