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August 2008 Fundraising Update

August 2008 Fundraising Update

Congratulations to all teams who have matched or exceeded their minimum fundraising commitment.

We have received a fantastic £660,331.26 to date!

Special mentions to our top three fundraising teams. It was very close between the top two, Grand Canyon, just pipped the RBS E.C.O Warriors into first place by only £107.17.

  • Grand Canyon! £16,102.00
  • RBS E.C.O Warriors £15,994.83
  • S&N1 £10,329.00

Although the Fundraising deadline has passed we would encourage all teams to send in their remaining funds ASAP. There is still approximately 33% of anticipated funds outstanding.

If you require any assistance with your fundraising or have any enquiries please contact us at
[email protected]

08/08/08 09:33

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