What do you get?

We pride ourselves on the excellence of the organisation of the Caledonian Challenge; indeed, it's something we receive particular feedback and compliments upon from challengers, time and time again. At the core of the our events lie our dedicated Events Team, who inspire and assist challengers - and would-be-challengers - every step of the way.

What Do I Get For My Money?

Pre-Event Support

We offer the following pre-event support facilities:

  • Great value for a fantastic and well established fundraising event
  • Access to recruitment resources including leaflets, adverts, logos, images and text to help recruit a team and publicise your team's participation in the Challenge
  • Smooth and easy entry onto the event via our website
  • Commitment-free, cost-free, bespoke work place presentations
  • Downloadable and hard copy Maps and Trail Directions for your team and support crew
  • Free one-to-one telephone support during office hours
  • Exceptional online amenities, including comprehensive guidance on training, fundraising, Support Crew logistics and kit & equipment.
  • Essential preparation briefings throughout the country (online webinar option available)
  • Online fundraising facilities for managing your fundraising and encouraging - and facilitating - your donors to give generously
  • Your team's own free fundraising page which you can personalise with comments and images
  • Downloadable Sponsor Form

Logistical excellence during the Challenges

It's not enough for us to have systems in place during the organisation of, and run-up to, the events to ensure their success; we are also committed to ensuring that THE 54 and THE 24 are the best they can be on the day, to maximise challengers' enjoyment. To this end we provide:

  • A smooth, hassle-free registration on the Friday night before the events
  • Live online tracking of you and your team, so your friends and family can monitor your progress during the event
  • A stunning way-marked trail
  • Six (three on THE 24) strategically located Checkpoints (including the Start and Finish) along the way including water, hot drinks, medical support including first aid and toilets
  • Intermediate drink stations with water and isotonic drinks on most legs
  • Access to your Support Crew at three of the four Checkpoints on THE 54 and all checkpoints on THE 24
  • Over 300 enthusiastic and friendly volunteers to assist, support, and cheer you on
  • First aid and medical support throughout the weekend
  • A 'Hero's Welcome' at the finish including a Gold Medal 

What do we ask of you?

In return for the above, we ask for:

  • Commitments from you which support us; and
  • Commitments from you which support you and your team.

Supporting Us

Our fundamental goal is to raise as much funds for, and awareness of, Foundation Scotland as possible, while simultaneously providing one of the UK's greatest team endurance/fundraising events. To this end, we ask the following of you:

  • Payment of an entry fee;
  • A commitment to raise minimum sponsorship funds for Foundation Scotland only;
  • Undertaking your own administration before the event;
  • Promoting yourself and the Foundation, as much as possible, in the run up to THE 54/THE 24; and
  • Respect for the courses and the environment throughout the event

We have systems in place to support and assist you throughout your fundraising and promotional efforts - from giving you practical advice and guidance, to offering incentives and suggestions.

Supporting yourself / your Team

For the Challenges to be a success - in general, as well as for each individual - we ask each challenger to commit to the following:

  • To undertake the fitness and endurance training necessary for your fitness level
  • To have a proper and comprehensive kit pack, suitable for the course (which you have tested and used during training);
  • To organise your own support crew (or, if necessary, make use of our support package);
  • To work and train as part of a team, and to appreciate and acknowledge the importance of teamwork to the success of your team, and the Challenges as a whole; and
  • To read and accept our T&Cs

Any questions? Drop us a line and we'll help you out!

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