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Event Costs

Both THE 54 and THE 24 are competively priced events and offer great value for money. Event costs for 2016 are indicated below but you will also need to consider accomodation, transport and equipment costs - but as with the entry fees, the earlier you organise them, the less they will cost.

If you would like any further information please just get in touch with the Events Team on 0131 524 0350 or use our enquiry form.

We are happy to advise on transport and accommodation options.

 Entry Fee
Per person (pp) - From 18 April 2016
Per Person (pp)
Support Crew
(no charge)
THE 54

New Challenger£95pp£400ppx 2
Repeat Challenger£95pp£300ppx 2
THE 24

All Challengers£50pp£300ppIdeally 2 but 1 ok! 


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