Training and being properly prepared - both mentally and physically - is fundamental to your team's success in THE 54 and THE 24. Because of this, as soon as your team is confirmed as participating in the event, we will provide you with training guidance developed to maximise your success.

We get asked more questions about training than almost anything else. In particular: 

How much training will I have to do?

Don't worry - you won't have to spend all of your free time between now and June in the gym. In fact, while the gym is a good place for putting a fitness regime in place if you are starting from scratch, or for maintaining your fitness levels on an ongoing basis, we advise that there is no better means of preparing for the Challenge than getting out into the fresh air and walking whenever possible. 

Walking is wonderful training. Many of our challengers incorporate it into their daily routines as an easy way to use up what might otherwise be "dead time". 

We recommend that you set yourself a target of being able, approximately three weeks before the event, to complete a 20-mile multi-terrain hike in one day. If you are undertaking THE 54 you should then rest overnight, before doing another 20 miles the next day. The speed at which you complete this depends of course on your aspirations and targeted completion time.

Once you sign up to take part in either event you will have access to far more information relating to training.

Can I train on my own?

Of course - and your regular training will most likely be undertaken alone.

However, a central element to THE 54 and THE 24 is that they are team events - a factor which will leave you and walking-mates with incredible, enduring memories.

It is our experience that participants are much more likely to complete the course in their targeted time if they and their team-mates stick together during the event. However, for teamwork to take root properly and carry you through the events, it's important that it starts during your training and preparation.

Consequently, we recommend that you train together as a team at least once a month in the three months leading up to the event.

Simply put: teams that train together, remain together.

I'm not sure I can do it...

As we tell all would-be challengers, THE 54 and THE 24 - and their training -  is tough, but definitely achievable - and definitely worthwhile.

Training with your team from time to time will motivate you and help you to stick to your development plan. Furthermore, since the fundamental aim of the event is to help others, you will have every motivation to properly prepare and to succeed.

Finally, since the event's inception in 1996, more than 17,000 people have successfully taken part in the Caledonian Challenge.

Believe in yourself.  You can do it. 

Give our events team a call on 0131 524 0350 or share your concerns via our enquiry form and we'll talk you through the challenges.


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