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The Caledonian Challenge

Past Events

Past Events

Browse through the results of last years event. Click on the headings to sort the records.

Name Company Team Time
Powell Karen Big Strawberry 10:22:04
Rushby Rob Big Strawberry 11:14:04
Ruck Giles Big Strawberry 11:45:05
Powell Alison Big Strawberry 12:44:05
Spence Michael Team Bah-Hah 12:57:00
McKellar Quintin Team Bah-Hah 12:57:00
Duncan Andy Hillbillies 13:41:03
Santosh Jamie Hillbillies 13:41:04
Davenport Mark Hillbillies 13:41:04
Evans John Team Bah-Hah 13:46:01
Stacey Sam The Clandestines 14:35:03
Kemp David Team Bah-Hah 15:35:00
Aitken Chris The Smokies 16:53:05
Shimmin Pippa Cornwall And Beyond 16:54:02
Shimmin Johnny Cornwall And Beyond 16:54:02
Nottingham Edwar Cornwall And Beyond 16:54:02
Oldham Andrew Castle Veterans 16:58:04
Durie Robin Castle Veterans 17:02:00
Burton Gwyn Castle Veterans 17:02:01
Pollock John Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Wright Neil Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Edlmann Richrd Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Carrick Paddy Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Busby Ali Absolut Chambulls 2 17:22:01
Swallow Richard The Clandestines 17:29:00
Robson Rupert The Clandestines 17:40:03
Mchardy Julian Brothers In Law 17:42:04
Campbell Douglas Everest Saints 17:55:01
Campbell Murray Everest Saints 17:55:01
Zank Dietrich Everest Saints 17:55:02
Mckenzie Greg Le Mans 24 Heures Walkers 18:40:00
Rodgers Glen Old Gits 18:46:00
Telfer John Old Gits 18:46:00
Murphy Samuel Tantalus 18:53:00
Kendall Peter The Flasks 18:59:01
Jordan Godfrey The Flasks 18:59:01
Hutchison Rory Scottish Transport Regiment A 19:13:01
Farquhar Dougie Scottish Transport Regiment A 19:13:01
Reed James The Clandestines 19:13:02
Galt Robbie Scottish Transport Regiment A 19:24:05
Scott David Scottish Transport Regiment A 19:24:05
Miller Andrew Brothers In Law 19:32:00
Black Ben Strugglers 19:44:05
Henderson Sheen The Chicks 19:45:01
Lloyd David The Flasks 19:47:04
Kelly Liam South Equals Down 19:49:00
Kenna Max Max's Mountaineers 19:49:01
Walters Bullet Max's Mountaineers 19:49:01
Dawe Luke Max's Mountaineers 19:49:02
Mccarthy Jack Max's Mountaineers 19:49:02
Lloyd Gareth Figawe 19:56:03
Cowden Janet The Chicks 19:57:00
Gillard Helen The Chicks 19:58:01
Colliston Stephen South Equals Down 20:03:04
Mcgrath Ian South Equals Down 20:03:04
Kennedy Charlotte Fit Chicks 20:04:05
Sands Allen Avast Behind 20:09:04
Crosthwaite Mick Squids 20:24:01
Davies Ed Squids 20:24:01
Crosthwaite Lucy Squids 20:24:01
Osborne Ian Not Retired 20:28:01
Hill Piers Lords Of The Ring 20:30:05
Nimmo Ian Lords Of The Ring 20:30:05
Black Oliver Strugglers 20:35:03
Webb Samantha Strugglers 20:35:03
Hunt Andy Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Lill Andrew Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Struthers Douglas Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Bentley Thom Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Jackson Richard Muzzle Velocity 20:36:02
Conley Ben A Company Of Gentlemen 20:37:05
Struthers Hugo The Next Presidents 20:37:05
Dobson Mike The Flasks 20:41:05
Findlay Stuart Scottish Transport Regiment B 20:49:02
Mchardy Miranda Pink Tartan 20:51:04
Pelham Burn Lucy Pink Tartan 20:51:04
Leader Louisa Pink Tartan 20:51:04
Troup Cally Pink Tartan 20:51:04
Fergusson Jenny The South West Wanderers 20:52:01
Stair Jamie The South West Wanderers 20:52:01
Craig Angus The South West Wanderers 20:52:01
Fergusson Adam The South West Wanderers 20:52:01
Gibson Edward Reg Raiders 20:54:02
Wishart Claire The Fyne Four 21:01:02
Kenna Louis Avast Behind 21:01:03
Buckingham Philip The Fyne Four 21:04:03
Barker Ashley Blisters Inc. 21:13:05
Galloway Phillip Avast Behind 21:20:05
Struthers Stewart Blisters Inc. 21:23:05
Turner Andrew Blisters Inc. 21:23:05
Cockburn Neil Old Gits 21:28:04
Hamilton Miles Old Gits 21:28:04
Travers Eddie Blisters Inc. 21:29:04
O'brien Rob UK Custody 21:29:04
Logan David A Bit Of Everything 21:29:04
Costa Tony UK Custody 21:29:05
Clark Brett UK Custody 21:29:05
Kendrick Elena UK Custody 21:29:05
Jagger Mark Manic Morons 21:30:02
Bayne-Jardin Tom Manic Morons 21:30:02
Turton Andrew Reg Raiders 21:30:03
Dobbie Joss Reg Raiders 21:30:03
Wilson Oliver Reg Raiders 21:30:03
Lipscomb Steven I May Be Some Time 21:32:03
Wood Jason A Bit Of Everything 21:32:03
Walker Bruce Avast Behind 21:33:00
Burlington William Lords Of The Ring 21:42:03
Dunne Nicky Lords Of The Ring 21:42:03
Dawson James Team Pentland 21:46:03
Wellwood Tinky Team Pentland 21:46:03
Marshall Wilson Team Pentland 21:47:04
Douglas Mill Judy Team Pentland 21:47:04
Osborne Andrew Not Retired 21:47:05
Wrench Robin Not Retired 21:47:05
Deans Malcolm Tivanos 21:51:01
Keith Murray Tivanos 21:51:01
Hunter Gordon Tivanos 21:51:01
Tudhope Ian Tivanos 21:51:01
Davis Gavin South Equals Down 22:00:01
Mitchell Trevor Madness Isn't Just A Band 22:01:04
Reid Tom Not Retired 22:03:01
Wenzel Rick Lambeth Hill Billies 22:04:01
Kerr Dougal A Company Of Gentlemen 22:05:01
Gordon Duncan The Next Presidents 22:05:01
Morton Gavin Madness Isn't Just A Band 22:05:04
Forrest Andrew Madness Isn't Just A Band 22:05:05
Nichol Freda The Haggis Hunters 22:06:00
Salmond George SFA Referees Edinburgh & District 22:08:05
Allan Crawford SFA Referees Edinburgh & District 22:08:05
Turnbull Gail The Smokies 22:10:05
Scott Janet The Soutpielle 22:13:01
Boylen James Chemical Brothers 22:14:01
Kane Pat Chemical Brothers 22:14:01
Mill Peter Ardbeg er's 22:18:01
Gadston Roland Ardbeg er's 22:18:01
Templeman Shau Ardbeg er's 22:18:01
Parkin Andrew Incredibly Painful Feet 22:18:03
Hayman Mark Clacknockater 22:19:01
Duff Andrew Clacknockater 22:19:01
Rehman Kalim Clacknockater 22:19:01
Baillie James A Company Of Gentlemen 22:19:05
Dumas Christophe The Next Presidents 22:19:05
Meiklejohn James The Next Presidents 22:20:00
Martin Michelle 2 Blokes, 1 Bird & A Pantomine Horse 22:33:02
Raymond Charlie Remarkable Rutters 22:33:05
Holmes Nick Remarkable Rutters 22:33:05
Tweedie Esmond Freaks 22:35:05
Hale Robbie Freaks 22:35:05
Metson Nick The Bad Jelly Team 22:38:00
Binnie John SFA Referees Edinburgh & District 22:42:03

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