Company supported teams entry package

The Company-Supported Teams Entry Package is for teams whose Entry Fees will be paid for by their employer and whose funds raised will be matched £ for £ by their employer using the company's matched funding policy. The benefits of entering teams under this Entry Package is that the Entry Fees are lower as a result of the company's commitment to matched funding. Company matched funds can also be directed to a Foundation's fund of the company's choice.

All teams taking part will be entered into our Trailblazer Leagues, which pitches companies from the same business sector against each other in a friendly points-based competition.

For companies entering two or more teams, we can provide an in-house Essential Safety Briefing. For companies entering three teams or more, they can also share a Support Crew.

Finally, we will invite senior members of the company to take part in our Executive Stretch, where they can meet their employees taking part during the Challenge weekend.

terms and conditions of entry

  • All team members are part of the same organisation.
  • Minimum fundraising commitment of £500 per team member.
  • Employer also commits to matched funding and providing an additional £500 per team member in matched funds.
  • Employer makes one payment for all teams and team members taking part. This can be made via credit card, cheque or by requesting an invoice from us.
  • Adhere to the Standard Terms & Conditions of Entry.