How to take part

To take part in the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010, you will need a team with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 people. Elite Runners can take part in teams of 2.

You will also need a Support Crew by the time of the event, comprising two individuals who will drop you off at the Start, meet you at Checkpoints to provide you with support and encouragement, and cheer you over the Finish Line. You can nominate Support Crew members online too.

We can support you with the recruitment of your team-mates by helping you spread the word and encouraging your work colleagues, friends or family members to sign up with you too. The Login Area of the website will give you access to e-Postcards, promotional posters, web resources, adverts, images and leaflets that you can use to publicise your participation in the Challenge. You can also invite friends or family to come to a short presentation about the event, or invite us to give a presentation in your workplace or community group.

Reserving a team place on the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010 couldn't be easier and we require you to take the following simple steps to creating your team by 31 March 2010.

Step 1: reserving a team place

  • The first step to reserving a Team Place is to go to the first stage of the TEAM RESERVATION FORM , enter your personal details and click to accept the Terms and Conditions. You are now the Team Leader.
  • The second stage of the Team Reservation Form requires you, as the Team Leader, to enter the Team Details, including Team Name, Team Profile and Team Type. You may change this information as necessary in the lead up to the event.
  • At this stage you will also be asked to select an Entry Package from the options provided, the team's anticipated number of team members, and anticipated number of Support Crew members. Finally, you will then be asked to set your team's minimum fundraising commitment and also provide a team fundraising target for you to aim for.

Step Two: entry fees and payment options

  • The third stage of the Team Reservation Form will provide you with a series of payment options. You may either reserven a team place or enter your team into the event. There are a limited number of team places on the event and we encourage you to book your team place as soon as possible.

option 1: RESErvation

  • If you still have some work to do to recruit your all your team members, it is recommended that you reserve your team place for just £25. We will hold the place open for you for 28 days.
  • The reservation fee is not refundable but it is an incentive to encourage you to pay the Entry Fee within 14 days. We will add this fee to your overall Entry Fee.
  • If, however, you have not completed entry by the end of 28 days, your reservation will expire and your place on the event may be at risk. To keep your place you will need to pay another reservation fee or the Entry Fee in full.

option 2: Pay Entry Fees

  • As soon as younare ready to enter your team into the event, you should pay your entry fee. This is your contribution to the running costs of the event. These costs are subsidised by the Scottish Community Foundation and therefore your Entry Fee is very good value.
  • You may pay the Entry Fee for yourself, you and a number of team-mates or for the whole team. If you pay your own Entry Fee or for a number of team mates, you will be charged the standard rate for your chosen entry package. Alternatively, you may pay the Entry Fee for the whole team at the current early bird discount rate. This option obviously gives you the best value for money.
  • There is a 14 day ‘cooling off' period for all Entry Fee payments, during which you may request a refund, minus a small administrative charge. After this time, all Entry Feesnare are non-refundable. See the terms and conditions for more details.


  • You may be entitled to a discounted Entry Fee and/or fundraising commitment. If so, please quote the relevant promotional code in the relevant field and we will automatically adjust the relevant values.

Step Three: Making Payment

  • The fourth stage of the Team Reservation Form will take you to the Entry Fee payment screen. If you have selected payment by credit/debit card, you will be asked to enter your details using the secure World Pay Payment Page. If you have requested an invoice for making payment of Entry Fee(s), you will be asked to fill in the appropriate details and we will send this out.
  • You will recieve two confirmation emails, one from World Pay confirming reciept of the instructions to make payment and one from us confirming reciept of the funds.

step four: nominating your team mates

  • Once you have made payment for the Entry Fee(s), the last stage of the Team Reservation Form allows you to nominate your team mates who will be joining you on the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010. At this stage, all you require to enter is their First Name, Surname and Email Address. Don't worry if you don't have any team mates to nominate at this stage, you can access the Login Area later and nominate new team members.
  • Once you have entered these details, we will send an automatically generated email to the nominated individuals inviting them to accept their nomination by clicking on a unique weblink contained in the email and completing the resulting form.
  • Once they have provided their personaln details and accepted the Terms and Conditions, they will become active inn our system and will show up as a Team Member on your 'My Team Profile'n page in the Login Area.
  • Please take care to enter their email addressn correctly. If your team-mates do not receive the nomination email, pleasen ask them to check their spam folder. For good measure, we will send you an copy to forward on too.
  • Please note that your whole team needs ton fully complete the entry process by the end of your reservation period orn the discounted entry deadline. Failure to complete the entry proces by the end of then reservation period may put your team place at risk. Failure to completen entry by a discount deadline may result in increased Entry Fees.

Step five: Team Confirmation

  • Your team will only be confirmed on the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010 once each team is quorate i.e. it meets the minimum number of people required for your entry package; each team member has activated their account, providing all the required information; and your team's Entry Fees have been paid in full in accordance with your chosen entry package.
  • Once your team is confirmed, you will then have full access to all the online resources and information in the Login Area. Your team's Fundraising Page will also be activated and you can start personalising this page with information about the team, but most importantly start generating donations from your friends, family and work colleagues.