Who takes part

Standard Teams: EnviroCentre Teamwalk

'EnviroCentre Teamwalk' took part in 2009, and raised a brilliant £3787 for the Scottish Community Foundation. Ably supported by Alan Kelly and Olivia Burns, the team of Wendy Shaw, Kathy Dale, Amanda Cumming, and Lucila Lantschner completed the Challenge displaying fantastic teamwork.

"A four strong team with an incredible support team behind us, we managed to complete the 54 miles in just over 23 hours. This is a team event and I firmly believe that our first time success was down to training together for 6 months, sticking together through the hell that is the last 10 miles and the efforts of our superb support team who motivated, fed and watered us throughout the event. Fundraising was another challenge in itself but again working together as a team to organise events such as a band night, race night, whisky tasting and quiz nights saw us far exceed the minimum fundraising requirements and thoroughly enjoy ourselves in the process. Thanks again to all who supported us and to EnviroCentre for paying our entrance fees and letting us use the company vehicles. Crossing the line together as a team is a fantastic feeling and one nearly worth repeating the challenge for, nearly!" Wendy Shaw, EnviroCentre Teamwalk


Company teams: Santander Champions

Santander Champions were in the top three fundraising teams in 2009, raising a staggering £10, 013 for the Scottish Community Foundation. The team, comprising Cathy Robertson, Guillermo Herrera, Arancha Sanchez, Norman Wren, Paul Harris, and Marco Mukherjee, were all colleagues from the Santander Group.


Male Teams: Hardly Athletic Running Ensemble

‘Hardly Athletic Running Ensemble', from the Royal Bank of Scotland, crossed the finish line in third place in 2009, whilst raising an amazing £3303 for the Foundation.

Derek Henderson, Crawford Allan and Kevin Greenan, assisted by David Michael and Claire Winstanley, finished the challenge in 12 hours and 58 minutes. Kevin Keenan was the first member of the team to cross the finish line and was delighted by the team's result, "The feeling of achievement at the end was amazing. The whole weekend was a great experience and sharing it with my team and all the nother people involved was great fun. Everyone who completed the Challenge should be proud of themselves."

Derek Henderson also enjoyed the experience, adding, "After nine months of intensive training, the feeling of crossing the finish line, whilst I was cheered on by my colleagues, was just brilliant. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the whole event!".


Female Teams: DunBlane Wild Women

Dunblane Wild Women are a group of friends who came together to take part in the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010 and raised a fantastic £3955 for the Foundation by using a variety of fun and original fundraising ideas. Having never thought they could undertake such a challenge, they dedicated themselves to team training and walks on a regular basis, sharing laughs and stories along the way, and completed the Challenge.

"Our team spirit got us through the 54 miles still chatting as we crossed the finish line. Having said 'never again' on June 14th, by 18th June both the support crew and three of the walkers are talking about doing the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010 again next year. We think that says it all."
Fiona Tullis, Dunblane Wild Women


Family Teams: the Cousins

The Cousins took part in the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010 in 2009 and were made up of five first cousins; Rupert Patrick, Peter Eadie, James Eadie, Tim Adams and Jonathan Patrick, and ably supported by Kate Patrick and Zara Adams. The team raised a fantastic £6941 for the Scottish Community Foundation, making them one of the top fundraising teams in 2009.

"I decided to draft up a team of cousins for the Tennents Caledonian Challenge 2010 because I thought it would be a great way for a few of my first cousins to spend some ‘quality time' together! Little did they know that we'd be comparing blisters, sharing Vaseline, smelling each others feet and generally coping with each others exhaustion and mood swings! We knew each other from childhood days, from weddings and funerals and the odd family get together where there is time only for small talk. The Cal Chall changed all that! We chatted our way along the Hampshire Downs, we laughed in the rain in the Breacon Beacons and we boasted about long-ago girlfriends as we strutted along the West Highland Way! The event brought us together again, and I'm glad to say we are still talking....aren't we team?!?"
Rupert Patrick, Team Leader, The Cousins.


Family Teams: shopaholics+One

Shopaholics+One included family members William, Claire, and Rachel Pratt plus Carol Vance. The team were supported by Edith Pratt, Gordon Vance and Helen Wilson. The team raised a superb £2962 in fundraising for the Foundation.