entry packages

There are a number of ways you can take part. Please find a package which best suits you:

Standard Teams

If you wish to enter a of 4-6 participants for the 2010 event and take advantage of any current Entry Fee offers as advertised on our website then please see our Standard Teams Entry Package for more information.

Company Teams

If your company or employer would like to enter a number of employee teams then we have a Company Teams Entry Package that we can tailor for you.

Elite Teams

We appreciate that there are some participants who wish to challenge themselves even further and run the 54 mile course. As a result, we have introduced an Elite Team Entry Package for 2010.

If you are a fit Past Participant, an experienced endurance athlete or an adventure racer, we understand that you may not be able to find three people who can keep up with you over this terrain. In which case this is the package for you!.

What's included in my entry fee?

Your Entry Fee contributes less than 50% to your share of the costs of the Caledonian Challenge. It therefore represents excellent value. In return for paying the Entry Fee and committing to raise your funds, you will receive the following:

  • Monthly email newsletters with useful tips, information and support
  • 9-5 Telephone and Email support
  • Online support, including Training/Fundraising/Support Crew/Equipment Guides
  • Online fundraising facility for managing your fundraising and encouraging your donors to give generously
  • 1 x Road Map and Directions for Support Crew
  • 1 x Trail Map per team
  • 1 x Sponsor Form
  • Pre-Event Pack
  • A fully dedicated Events Team who will inspire and assist you every step of the way
  • A quality run event, including Registration, Medical Support, Checkpoint facilities (water, toilets, therapists and marquees), Goody Bags, Bronze/Silver/Gold Medal and entertainment at the Finish

We are able to stage the event thanks to the fantastic support of our sponsors and funding from the Scottish Community Foundation. The charity supports the event by investing its donors money into the operational costs and in the expectation of a good return on this investment. This is why we expect you to fulfil your fundraising commitment and so we can maximise the funds raised for the Foundation.