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SCF (Events) Ltd Terms and Conditions of Reservation onto Challenge Caledonian 2010

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS & CONDITIONS CAREFULLY.  These terms & conditions govern the relationship between you and the organiser of the Caledonian Challenge 2010.  As a condition of reservation, you must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions in their entirety.

The Event

1.1 These terms and conditions of entry relate to the ‘Caledonian Challenge 2010’ hereonin referred to as ‘the Event’ or ‘this Event’

1.2 The Event is a sponsored walk which takes place along the West Highland Way and scheduled to take place over the weekend of 12th and 13th June 2010.

2.0 The Event Organiser

2.1 The organiser of the Event is SCF (Events) Ltd of Edinburgh, Scotland, a company registered in Scotland (No. SC308253),  having its registered offices at 22 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP. SCF (Events) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Scottish Community Foundation, a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland (No. SC152949) and Scottish Charity (No. SC022910), here on in referred to as 'the Foundation'.

2.2 The organiser promotes and organises the Challenge Caledonian 2010under agreement with the Foundation who shall be registering the ‘Challenge Caledonian 2010’ as a trade-mark.

2.3  In organising the Event, the organiser is not acting as agent for the Foundation and the Foundation is not a party to these terms and conditions.   The Foundation assumes no responsibility for the Challenge Caledonian 2010 and is not a guarantor for the liabilities of the organiser.

3.0 The Contract

3.1 You are choosing to reserve a team place of your own free will and fully understand and agree with these terms and conditions of reservation in their entirety.

3.0 Reservation Fee:

3.1 The standard reservation fee for the Caledonian Challenge 2010 is £25 per team.

3.2 Payment of the reservation fee is different to, and in addition to, your Entry Fee.

3.3 Payment of the Reservation Fee will hold a place on the Event for your team for 28 days only, commencing immediately from the time and date of payment.

3.4 To secure your place on the Event, your team must confirm its participation within this 28 day period. (see 5.0)

3.5 If your team has not confirmed its participation within the 28 period, your reservation will expire and your team place will be at risk.

3.6 Subject to availability, you may re-reserve your team place by paying a second reservation fee. This will secure your team place for a further 28 days or up to the Entry Deadline, whichever is the shorter.

4.0 The Entry Deadline

4.1 The Entry Deadline for this Event is 31 March 2010.

5.0 Team Confirmation

3.5 Your team place will not be confirmed until your entry fees are paid in full and all mandatory information requested has been supplied.

3.6 To confirm your team place, you must:

  • Pay your own entry fee, or have it paid for you
  • Nominate at least three team-mates
  • Ensure your team-mates activate their account and pay their entry fees in full

6.0 Entry Fee Discount

6.1 To encourage prompt payment of your Entry Fee, upon payment of the Reservation Fee, your team will be eligible to claim a £25 discount on its entry fees for a limited period only.

6.2 To claim this discount, at least one team member must pay an entry fee for at least one team member within 14 days of paying the reservation fee.

6.3 If no entry fee is paid within this period, the discount will expire and the team entry fee will need to be paid in full.

7.0 Acknowledgement of Receipt

7.1 Upon receipt of your Reservation Fee, we will issue you with a written acknowledgement of receipt. This will be sent via email to the address you supplied.

7.2 If you have not received this acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.

8.0 Cancellation of Reservation

8.1 If you decide to cancel your reservation, please inform us in writing by completing the withdrawal form. Your cancellation will be acknowledged in writing (email) within two days.

8.2 If you cancel your reservation within 7 days of paying the Reservation Fee, we will refund your Reservation Fee, minus a ten pound administration charge (£10). All refunds will be made directly back to the originating account within 28 days of cancellation.

8.3 If you cancel your reservation after 7 days of paying the Reservation Fee, it will not be refunded.

19.2 If you withdraw within 14 days of paying your entry fee, your entry fee will be refunded minus a £25 administration fee. The refund will be made to the originating account within 28 days.

19.3 After the above period, your entry fee will not be refunded. Your place, however, may be taken by a substitute free of charge.

19.4 Withdrawal prior to 2 April 2010 will reduce the team Fundraising Commitment by £500 down to a minimum for the team’s entry package, thereafter, the team commitment will be reduced by £500 less £60 per 7 days following on from 2 April 2010.

19.5 Any entry fee refunds, or part refunds, will be made to the originating account within 28 days of cancellation.

21.0 Complaints and Appeals

If a complaint arises against the organiser, this should be made in writing to the organiser who will respond accordingly. Please note that the Event Director’s decision is final.

22.0 Data Protection & Marketing Release:

22.1 In the course of registering and participating in the Caledonian Challenge 2010 we will collect personal data from you. We may process and use the personal data collected for administrative, research and publicity purposes.

22.2 By entering the event, you give us permission to use your name (and that of your team, team members and organisation that you represent), voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising material, promotion or other account of the Caledonian Challenge 2010.

22.3 We may also pass your details on to our PR agency who may contact you for promotional purposes.

22.4 We may also use the information for our marketing purposes to send you information about products and services (including those of our sponsors) and future events which we think may be of interest to you, including via electronic communication methods such as telephone, text and email.

22.5 We may also pass on your details to the Foundation who may also choose to contact you for similar reasons and via similar media.

22.6 You are entitled to request access to, and correction of, all your personal data collected by us as well as to require us to delete your data if you no longer want us to use it after having taken part in the event and completed your fundraising. To make such a request, please email us on [email protected]

22.7 It is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct phone number, email and postal address which will be used for the delivery of essential event information prior to the event.

23.0 Severability

In the event that any term or condition contained herein is unenforceable or void by operation of law or as being against public policy or for any other reason then such term or condition shall be deemed to be severed from this Agreement or amended accordingly only to such extent necessary to allow all remaining Terms & Conditions to survive and continue as binding.

24.0 Successors & Assigns

24.1 These Terms & Conditions shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the Foundation and the Participant and their respective heirs, legal personal representatives, successors and assigns.

24.2 You may not assign any of your rights or obligations under these Terms & Conditions without the consent of the organiser.

25.0 Errors & Omissions

Although the organiser has made a concerted attempt to verify the accuracy of statements made herein the organiser cannot be held responsible for any error, omission or unintentional misrepresentation that may appear in their published literature.

26.0 Applicable Law

The contract including all matters arising from it is subject to Scottish Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.