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The Caledonian Challenge

Challenge Event Tips

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   Support Teams

How will my progress be recorded?

Is food supplied at the start?

When and where are any safety briefings ?

Does a support team need a car?

What advice is there for support teams?

What should support teams do on arrival at each check point?

How does a support team find checkpoints

What time should the support teams expect walkers to arrive

Can a support vehicle meet walkers at the water stops?

Where do we park at the Start and Check Points?

Can we just turn up to the Pasta Party?

What happens if someone drops-out before the day?

Is it possible to swap team members?

Is it possible to turn up and register to compete in the eve

When and where are the safety briefings?

What should walkers do on the day?

Which route does a walker take?

Can our support team stay to watch the team start?

Where is the Finish?

Does a walker have to check-in and out of each checkpoint?

Is food supplied for the support teams en route?

Who provides the walkers with 'Tender Loving Care'?

What sleeping arrangements are there for walkers and support

Can walkers and support teams get to Fort William by train?

Can walkers or support teams bring dogs?

What should we do in case of an emergency?

How much money do walkers need to fundraise?

What can we do if we want to help but don't want to walk?

Where and when is the Pasta Party?

Is it possible to register on the day of the event?

Where and when do we register?

What time can walkers start?

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