Standard entry package

So, you want to take part in the Caledonian Challenge 2010 but you’re not too sure where to begin or what’s involved? Below are the key requirements for entering a standard team for the Challenge in 2010.

  • Entry Fee – The standard fee to take part is £125 but please check our homepage for details of any early bird fee we may be offering. Entry deadline is 31st March 2010.
  • Support Crew – You need to have one vehicle and two drivers to meet you at Checkpoints along the way.
  • Team Size – Your team size will consist of 4-6 members to undertake the 54 miles in 24 hours.
  • Fundraising – You will be required to raise a minimum of £2,000 per team which will increase by £500 for every extra team member over the minimum of four (e.g. 5 walkers = £2,500, 6 walkers = £3,000). The fundraising deadline is 30th July 2010.
  • You understand that this is a team event and we expect all teams to start together, stick together and finish together. We find that team that stick together have a much better chance of finishing the course and collecting a gold medal.

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If all this sound good and you wish to reserve your team place then reserve your team place now!