Company Teams Entry Package

Do you want to enter the Caledonian Challenge as part of a company team? Many enlightened employers recognise the personal development, team-building and the staff health & welfare benefits participation in the Challenge offers. They may be therefore willing to support your participation, possibly by covering your entry fee? If so, it may be worth you entering the Challenge under the Company Team Entry Package.

Benefits for You

  • Entry free of charge - your employer covers your Entry Fee in recognition of personal development and team-building benefits that participation offers.
  • Double the funds you raise – your employer match funds your fundraising achievements. Please note that this is once you have reached your minimum fundraising commitment.
  • £250 one-off Fundraising Credit towards your fundraising target as a finder’s reward for initiating the relationship.
  • Bespoke training and information presentation at your company premises to help you prepare for the Challenge.
  • A post event 'Thank You 'presentation at your company's premises.
  • Minimum fundraising can be grouped between the number of teams you enter.
  • Reduced event costs – company teams can share Support Crews.


Benefits for your Employer

  • Easy administration – company invoiced once per year.
  • Simple agreement – we will produce a straight-forward agreement for a senior company representative to sign.
  • Reduced costs - Entry Fee of £100 per participant (£25 off standard  price). In order to benefit from this price teams must be registered and paid for by 1st December 2009.
  • Cost-effective acknowledgement of support e.g. company name included in team name, online branding on our website and on team fundraising page, right to wear company branded livery across finish line so that company logo appears in photos, branded ‘support zone’ at most Checkpoints, and news release issued to local and trade media.
  • Opportunity to promote to clients and suppliers.
  • Opportunity to integrate with Corporate Social Responsibility strategy including the opportunity to establish a named fund with the Scottish Community Foundation. All team fundraising and company matching goes to the company’s fund. Company can select theme and staff panel can select which Foundation projects are funded within that theme.
  • Guaranteed places for the next few years – we will automatically reserve places for your company until Christmas each year.


The Requirements

  • The company pays your Entry Fee.
  • Company teams commit to raise a minimum amount of £600 per participant.
  • The company commits to entering a minimum of 3 teams this year or at least two teams on an annual basis for a minimum term of 3 years.
  • The company matches the funds you raise – once you have met the minimum commitment of £600 per participant.
  • Costs of corporate branded banners, livery, logos etc to be agreed between company and employees.

View Company Teams Terms & Conditions
If you wish to take part by entering into the Company Teams Entry Package, and you and your company are happy to adhere to these requirements, then please reserve your team now