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The Caledonian Challenge

2003 Results

The results of this years Caledonian Challenge are shown below.
Prizes awarded can be viewed here
Congratulations to all who finished!

# Competitor (Race No.) Team (Company) Time Award
N/A Jim Hawker
3 Englishmen And A Real Perso 03:58:08 CP1
N/A Paul Hunt
The Lost Boys
(State Street)
04:09:30 CP1
N/A John Harrington
Better Than
(British Transport Police)
04:11:42 CP1
N/A Stewart Poynter
Stupid Bankers Meandering Hom
(The Royal Bank of Scotland)
04:20:35 CP1
N/A Victoria Mercer
4 Wee Monsters
(State Street)
04:26:18 CP1
N/A Katrina Watson
Morgan Stanley 2
(Morgan Stanley)
04:44:15 CP1
N/A Hazel Aird
Morgan Stanley 2
(Morgan Stanley)
04:44:16 CP1
N/A Patricia Brown
Loch Lomond or Bust
(The Royal Bank of Scotland)
04:48:28 CP1
N/A Emma Andrews
Just Popping out for a Pint of Milk
04:52:22 CP1
N/A Helena Rubinstein
Brunswick Buglers One
(Brunswick Group Ltd)
04:52:33 CP1
N/A Susan Taylor
Attila II 04:56:04 CP1
N/A Richard Lilleycrop
(The Royal Bank Of Scotland)
05:15:54 CP1
N/A Denise Brightman
JP Morgan Fleming Asset Management 5
(JP Morgan Fleming Asset Management)
05:40:41 CP1

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