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The Caledonian Challenge

2003 Results

The results of this years Caledonian Challenge are shown below.
Prizes awarded can be viewed here
Congratulations to all who finished!

# Competitor (Race No.) Team (Company) Time Award
N/A Elfi Garthe
The Germans
(Jones Lang Lasalle)
11:50:12 Bronze
N/A Russell Hall
The Cost Cutters
(State Street)
11:52:07 Bronze
N/A John Hamrock
The Dementors
(State Street)
12:01:15 Bronze
N/A Lorna Murphy
The Loonies Return
(The Royal Bank of Scotland)
12:30:56 Bronze
N/A Andy Lett
The Lombard Highlanders
(Lombard (Royal Bank of Scotland))
12:41:48 Bronze
N/A Anna Ross
Tipsy Mcstaggers
(Shepherd+ Wedderburn)
12:44:22 Bronze
N/A Gary Mcintyre
Trustee & Depositary Services
(The Royal Bank Of Scotland)
12:55:36 Bronze
N/A Sanna Ratilainen
UK Desiros
(Angel Trains)
13:06:35 Bronze
N/A Louise Moisejevs
The Reed Ramblers
13:36:11 Bronze
N/A Graeme Bannister
Argyll And Sutherland Highlan
(1st Bn Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders)
02:01:36 CP2
N/A Kellie Hamilton
Any Which Way we Can
(State Street)
04:28:23 CP2
N/A Robin Smeaton
Nobles Team 2
(Noble & Company Ltd)
05:50:59 CP2
N/A Craig Cosham
Draggin' Our Touche Again
06:01:26 CP2
N/A Alex Glover
Mumblers 07:18:03 CP2
N/A Malcolm Gunnyeon
(Maclay Murray & Spens)
07:37:20 CP2
N/A Stuart Clenaghan
07:51:29 CP2
N/A David Ford
Road Runners
(Goldman Sachs)
07:53:11 CP2
N/A Krzysztof Bobryk
Strangers Unite 08:07:33 CP2
N/A Alan Cheghall
Slightly Athletic
(Norwich Union Corporate Partnerships)
08:15:03 CP2
N/A Chris Phillips
(Maclay Murray & Spens)
08:22:25 CP2
N/A Michael Green
Maxxium Men
(Maxxium Uk Ltd)
08:22:50 CP2
N/A Neil Gregson
Maxxium Men
(Maxxium Uk Ltd)
08:22:51 CP2
First Engineering
(First Engineering)
08:25:11 CP2
N/A Mike Karpik
The Beauties and the Beast
(State Street)
08:28:41 CP2
N/A Steve Godfry
08:34:25 CP2
N/A Nigel Tucker
Rbs Birmingham
(The Royal Bank Of Scotland)
08:45:18 CP2
N/A Erik Huigen
The Germans
(Jones Lang Lasalle)
09:04:57 CP2
N/A Nicola MacPhail
3 Wilsons and a Funeral
(State Street)
09:09:51 CP2
N/A Janine McLeod
The Media Allstars
(State Street)
09:10:29 CP2
N/A Ciara Mcgarrity
WIMCS Steppers
(State Street)
09:15:02 CP2
N/A Bradley Walker
Walker's Walkers
(State Street)
09:26:36 CP2
N/A Dean Morgan
Orange 2
09:29:16 CP2
N/A Amanda Owens
Girlies With Attitude
09:42:13 CP2
N/A Colin Clayton
Big Midlife Crisis
(BMC Software Ltd)
09:46:34 CP2
N/A Lesley Clark
The Bobbettes Are Back
(The Royal Bank of Scotland)
10:07:19 CP2
N/A Megan Mckechnie
The Reed Ramblers
10:07:25 CP2
N/A Fiona Tomlinson
The Reed Ramblers
10:07:29 CP2
N/A Deborah Mehmet
The Reed Ramblers
10:08:37 CP2
N/A Tim Vale
(The Royal Bank Of Scotland)
10:27:17 CP2
N/A Alison Houghton
Nice Legs....Shame About The 11:13:04 CP2
N/A Sarah Mcaleavey
JP Morgan Fleming Asset Management 5
(JP Morgan Fleming Asset Management)
11:39:57 CP2
N/A Michael Dickie
Team Baha
(K Legal)
02:24:41 CP1
N/A John Carty
(The Royal Bank Of Scotland)
03:14:32 CP1
N/A Phil Crayford
Even More Bankers!
(The Royal Bank Of Scotland)
03:15:00 CP1
N/A Sandy Luke
Tufty's Troopers
(Dunfermline Building Society)
03:20:20 CP1
N/A Elaine Morris
DBS Exec
(Dunfermline Building Society)
03:22:56 CP1
N/A David Legrande
Duffs Diehards
(Sieger Group)
03:51:01 CP1
N/A Gen Cleere
The City Jitters
(Jones Lang Lasalle)
03:52:52 CP1
N/A Yvonne Harrow
T.walkers 03:53:36 CP1
N/A Jason Hewett
No Hopers 03:58:02 CP1

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