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Marshal Tips


Being a marshal is a huge responsibility as it is the walkers welfare and safety in your hands. Your areas of responsibility could include:

  • Helping to register walkers
  • Organising traffic and parking
  • Checking in walkers at different checkpoints
  • Collecting the walking wounded
  • Handing out water
  • Putting lifejackets on walkers
  • Cheering on and boosting morale
  • Assisting medics and First Aid staff
  • Being visible and available to anyone who requires assistance or help

Recommended Marshals Kit List

  • MAP - Event maps will be distributed to each checkpoint, but we advise you to have a road map in the car so you can find your checkpoint in the first place!
  • Wide-rimmed sun hat, sun cream and sunglasses
  • Waterproofs
  • Fleece
  • Towel
  • Woolly hat
  • Gloves
  • Torch
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • Comfortable shoes/trainers
  • Pillow
  • Pocket knife
  • EVERYONE is encouraged to bring sleeping bags, tents and an alarm clock!
  • Umbrella
  • Warm clothes
  • Washing kit/soap
  • Spare clothes and plenty of socks
  • Spare boots
  • Anti-midge repellent, midge net and clothes that cover all skin are essential in the early evening, the midges can be a nightmare!


At the start of June, Marshal's will receive further details of where to be and at what time.

Marshal's help is much appreciated as we have quite an operation to organise with around 1500 walkers and a further 750 plus people in support teams. This is Scotland's top charity endurance event and we hope to raise many thousands of pounds. Your help is just as necessary as the walkers taking part - it is their safety you will be in charge of, so it is vital that you pay attention to the instructions you are given now and on the day. If you are asked to get some sleep, please try and do this, as without alert marshals, accidents are just waiting to happen.

It is also vital that the marshals, despite often trying circumstances, retain a high degree of humour and competence. However tired, try to keep up morale not just for the walkers and their support teams but for the other marshals too. A simple smile is better than nothing. Remember it isn�t you that is necessarily going through a pain barrier. Tiredness is rife, emotions run high, tempers are short and everyone will be so appreciative of the smallest morale boost.


  • Remind walkers they must check in and alert the retiree marshal if they are not continuing.
  • Keep noise to a minimum in built-up areas, especially in the early hours
  • Drive with caution - you might be awake for 30 hours depending on your checkpoint's requirements, so please make sure you get some sleep before driving anywhere. Other than catching some sleep in the car at various checkpoints, there will be the opportunity to use a bunk house, tent or wigwam.
  • Fill up with petrol before the night section in Fort William, Onich, Glen Coe and Tyndrum (Tyndrum is open 7am-10pm)
  • Only walkers and event officials are allowed at the water stops, so please ask all others to move on. This is for safety reasons, as congestion at these mainly roadside venues could cause an accident. If necessary, threaten to disqualify their team if they don�t move on - that normally works!

If you think of any extra ones PLEASE click here and let the organisers know.

  • At the finish area, there are NO shower or washing facilities.
  • Disqualify any walker you find walking along the road, (unless genuinely lost or injured). Do not instruct any one to walk down the road unless specifically instructed by one of the event organisers. Under NO circumstances will this order come from anyone else.
  • If you are given a report of a walker in trouble, please inform the chief marshal at your station / checkpoint. Failing that, immediately advise the Army medics and radio communications centre at your checkpoint. If necessary, the helicopter will be sent to their rescue with a medic. The event organisers, Army medics and the officer-in-command will make this decision at the time. Do not try to influence this and please only report the facts as given.
  • Ask the walkers to carry any litter they might have to the next rubbish skip.
  • Make sure walkers display their number at all times.
  • Remind walkers to inform the retiree marshal if they decide for whatever reason to retire from the walk at any stage. If you are given this information, immediately make a note and pass this on to the retiree marshal, who will inform event HQ and the subsequent checkpoints. From a safety perspective, please ensure the necessary action has been taken. This will save sending out rescue parties and prevent the event organisers and emergency services who might waste time looking for walkers on the hillside.

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer Marshal, please do contact us on:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0131 524 0324

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