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The RBS Caledonian Challenge is a gruelling 54 mile walk that around 1,500 participants from all over the world aim to do in just 24 hours. They do it to raise sponsorship for the Scottish Community Foundation, which gives out grants to small Scottish charities all over Scotland, from a disabled creche in Skye to the homeless in Glasgow.

However, the walkers would not get very far without the much-needed and valuable marshals we have along the way. These marshals are usually groups of beneficiaries from grants given by the Scottish Community Foundation, who work in order to raise further funds for their charity and also be able to give back to the charity that gave them their grant.

The marshal�s job is long and tiring but very rewarding. You have the chance of working in the most beautiful Highlands of Scotland, aiding the walkers from beginning to end. You would be working alongside 300 support teams, 80 massage therapists, the Army and 200 other volunteer marshals.

The role of a marshal varies from covering registration on the Friday, starting the walkers off on the Saturday, giving them water, directing walkers, car park attendants, taking them to first aid, checking them into checkpoints, helping with lifejackets, generally cheering walkers along and boosting morale.

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