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Thank you for your willingness to walk 54 miles in 24 hours non-stop, as part of the RBS Caledonian Challenge. Now for the really hard bit - fundraising. By entering and taking part in the RBS Caledonian Challenge, you are making a commitment to raising a minimum of £500 per person for the Scottish Community Foundation.

You will receive a Fundraising Guide once you are registered and paid for the RBS Caledonian Challenge. Please refer to your Fundraising Guide for more guidance and comprehensive information, sponsorship tips and advice on how to reach and exceed your fundraising targets. You can access the Fundraising Guide via the Team Login Area

We have an ambitious target of £1m to raise for the Scottish Community Foundation. This can easily be reached if each team member raises and exceeds their minimum of £500 (for example a team of six is required to raise £3000).

Here are some very brief tips below:

Start Early!

The best tip we can give you for fundraising is to start early and as soon as possible. If you are well organised and have a plan in mind for your fundraising efforts, you will find meeting and exceeding your minimum of £500 fundraising target much easier and less stressful.

There are of course many ways to raise your sponsorship for taking part in the RBS Caledonian Challenge; choose what is right for you and what you think will work for you and your sponsors. We suggest that you think of an action plan or checklist to set out how you are going to raise your sponsorship funds.

Who to Approach?

You will find that when you tell your family and friends that you will be trekking 54 miles along the West Highland Way in 24 hours, they will be extremely supportive of your participation in the RBS Caledonian Challenge and your efforts to raise funds for the Scottish Community Foundation.

Additionally, your work colleagues, business contacts, suppliers or clients are also great people to approach to gather support and sponsorship. Create an email asking them to sponsor you for the RBS Caledonian Challenge and a link to the website sponsorship page. Tell them why you are doing the Challenge and where your money will go.

Gift Aid

The Scottish Community Foundation can increase the value of your donation through the Gift Aid scheme and hence the amount available to the charity. Higher rate taxpayers are also entitled to tax relief.

Please click here for more information on Gift Aid

Company Match Funding

Many companies have introduced �Match Funding� or �Match Giving� schemes, whereby employers are committing to match amounts raised by their employees and include this as part of a sponsorship total raised by an individual or team for charity.

Matching sponsorship funds raised by employees on the RBS Caledonian Challenge is also a great incentive for people to give fundraising efforts their all. Match funding also demonstrates your company's commitment to giving back to Scottish communities through funds raised for the Scottish Community Foundation. There also benefits to the company that can be derived from employees taking part in the RBS Caledonian Challenge and from the �Match Funding� initiative:

- Increased staff morale and camaraderie
- Build new friendships across different departments and levels of the company
- Opportunities for positive PR and media exposure
- Positive investment in local and national areas

If your employer already has such a scheme in place, or if you think that your employer could be approached and convinced to offer match funding for your efforts on the RBS Caledonian Challenge, you could instantly double the money you raise for the Scottish Community Foundation.

Please consult your employer for more information about how to �Match Fund�.

Sponsorship Form

In addition, the 2008 RBS Caledonian Challenge sponsorship form will be available for download shortly, it will also be available via the Team Login Area

If you have any further questions about raising your sponsorship, please refer to your Fundraising Guide or contact a member of the events team on +44(0)131 524 0350 or email [email protected]

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