Your fundraising will make a difference

"Anybody can win, unless there happens to be a second entry." George Ade

The funds that are raised by you, our Caledonian Challenge participant, will help Foundation Scotland continue their vital work in building stronger communities.

Last year the Foundation made over 2200 grants to charities throughout Scotland. Unfortunately there are many more applications that we receive but cannot fund. 

So we need you to dig deep and continue to raise above and beyond your set target. To encourage, or reward you, we are instigating a series of COMPETITIONS to inspire and motivate you. 

And for the winners of those competitions we've got lots of lovely prizes up for grabs. 


So, how do you win? Well we currently have 4 competitions for you to enter. Hopefully there is something for everyone:

  1. Best Team Introduction Video
  2. Top Hiking Hound Picture
  3. First 3 teams past £5,000 fundraising
  4. Top Overall Fundraising Team

Check out the tabs to the left for more information on each one. 

If you have any questions then please call or email us

[email protected]

Events Team - 0131 524 0323