Team Introduction Competition

Win a pair of Bose headphones for every walker in your team!     

Introduction Video

There are already over 150 teams registered for next years Caledonian Challenge or Hike.

As there are so many of you, we've found it hard to get to know you all so we thought we'd ask you, and all our other teams to introduce themselves via the power of video! Oh yes, we are very big on 'new' technology here at the Challenge!

We're offering a nice pair of Bose headphones for each member of your team for the best video.

But we thought it might be a bit too simple to give just your name and team name. So we'd like you to include a New Years Resolution, a joke or a reason why you've entered the event as well.

This is very similar to the Christmas Joke Competition, because... well because its the same thing! With a twist! So here's my classic appearance again-

The things we do for charity! As you can see from my attempt, excuses about quality of video, joke or location will not be accepted! Anything I can do, you can surely do better!

You don't need the whole team in the video, but that would be nice. Each team member can enter a video so that none of you miss out due to geographical seperation.

If you have any questions please get in touch - 0131 524 0323 or [email protected]

Good luck!


Oh yeah, here's the boring bit, the Guidelines-

  • You must introduce yourself and provide your team name, no matter how rubbish it is!
  • You must share a New Years Resolution, joke or event story no matter how cheesy it is!
  • You have to send us the video or at least a link to the video on You Tube, or equivalent video sharing site.
  • You must be a confirmed team on the Caledonian Challenge 2013 or Caledonian Hike 2013
  • Keep it clean! 
  • The judges decision will be final. 

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