Trailblazer League Summary

The Trailblazer League tables draw together the key elements of the RBS Caledonian Challenge into a fun, points-based competition. It is an opportunity to test yourself against your industry peers, as well as collaborate with them, to outperform the teams in other sectors

Three Challenges in One!

Points will be awarded to each team for performance in the 3 integral challenges of the event:

  • Physical Challenge - how quickly can your team complete the course.
  • Team Challenge - how well does your team work together, to get as many people as possible to the finish line.
  • Fundraising Challenge - how much can your team raise and how soon can it raise it.

The better you perform in each category the more points your team gains. The top three teams in each sector will qualify for great prizes, including:

1.  Entry free of charge for one team into next year's event
2.  50% Discounted Entry for one team into next year's event
3.  25% Discounted entry for one team into next year's event.

Of course, competition creates benefits for all and the better the competition the better benefits for you. Teams in the top performing league table will qualify for a £25 discount off the published entry fee into next years event.

Contenders are you ready...? Let competition commence!

Terms and conditions apply.