support crews

“Our Support Crew were awesome!! I can't thank them enough for their support"This your chance to play a crucial role in supporting your team's efforts during the event. The role of the Support Crew cannot be understated. They are key members of the team, providing motivation, energy and enthusiasm when you need it most.

What's involved?

As a Support Crew member, you will:

  • Drive your team to Fort William on the eve of the Event and Register with them
  • Transport your team to the NEW Start Line on the Saturday morning and give them a rousing send-off
  • Transport your team-mates' kit, equipment and clothing between Checkpoints 1,2,3 and the Finish
  • Prepare and provide food, refreshments and supplies for your team at Checkpoints 1,2,3.
  • Cheer your team-mates' arrival at Checkpoints 1,2,3, attend to their every need, cater for their every wish and check on their welfare
  • Provide ethusiastic support, motivation and encouragement to your team of walkers at each Checkpoint
  • Provide plenty of TLC to anyone who retires before the Finish
  • Rest up whilst we look after your team at Checkpoint 4
  • Give them a Hero's welcome at the Finish Line and celebrate their success
  • Drive everyone safely home again

As a Support Crew member, you can also play an integral role in your team's fundraising efforts and we would encourage you to chip in and help your team members to raise as much funds as you can.

What Support do we get?

In order to prepare you for your Challenge, we will provide you with the following support

  • Online guidance
  • Map and Road Directions
  • Key timings to consider
  • Monthly email e-newsletters
  • Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable email and telephone support: 9-5, Mon-Fri.

How do I become a Support Crew member?

It's easy! Please give your team leader your email address. S/He will then need to log-in, visit the Team Profile section and nominate you as a Support Crew member. You will then receive an email containing a few simple joining instructions.

Don't have a team to support?

If you don't know anyone taking part but would still like to support a team, we would love to hear from you! We have a number of international teams who would welcome some local support. Please visit our volunteer section for further details.

Support Crew Regulations

Please note that every team needs a Support Crew of:

  • a MINIMUM of 2 drivers, and;
  • a MAXIMUM of 1 vehicle per team.

Due to vehicle capacity limits at our Checkpoints, you must strictly adhere to having only 1 vehicle per team i.e. a car, people carrier, mini bus or camper van.

Your team's Entry Fee includes the use free of charge of facilities at the Checkpoints for 2 Support Crew members only. Your Support Crew may comprise up to four Support Crew members but there is an additional service charge of £20 per additional supporter as a contribution to the additional costs.