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  • Gaynor Simpson

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Phoenix Car Company Ltd £400 14/05/2013 Well done Scott and the rest of the team, fantastic cause! You were looking like an athlete on Thursday night!
Jean's Lunch - Colintraive £250 13/06/2013 Hi Scott. Every month my wee community do a fundraising lunch for Cancer charities and we would like to support your efforts. Good luck to you and the team
Craig Lemmon £250 21/05/2013 Good luck on the day Scott.
Ewan Campbell ( Campbell Properties) £250 12/05/2013 Keep the training up and good luck on the challenge
Gaynor Simpson £108 10/05/2013 £2 for every mile guys! We will be there to cheer you on. GOOD LUCK TEAM VOLTAGE!
Yosof Ewing £100 12/06/2013 Well done Scott, great cause. Good luck for the day mate :-)
Lead On Dog Walking £100 12/06/2013 good luck guys :-) xXx
Iain MacRitchie £100 12/06/2013 I hope the 54 miles flies by. Good luck
KK £100 11/06/2013  
Revolution Sports Management £100 11/06/2013 Scott, having lost my own mother to cancer i know how vital it is to have good care and we wish you good luck. Tony Asghar
David Frame £100 10/06/2013 Best of luck Scott and Team Voltage
Procom Connections Ltd £100 20/05/2013 Best of luck Scott.
Bob Keiller £100 10/05/2013 Great cause - well done
Chris & Jen £54 13/06/2013 Challenges make life interesting, overcoming them make life worthwhile.
The McCareys £54 10/06/2013 Well done Scott, great effort! Here's to Stan!
Alastair Balfour £54 15/05/2013 Hope you have a blister-free, midge-free, rain-free Challenge!
Davie Gowans £50 13/06/2013 Well done guys! Hope it all goes fantastic at the weekend. A heartwarming story and a great charity cause. Good Luck! Davie
Brian Williamson £50 13/06/2013 Go climb
Michael Bishop £50 13/06/2013 Wishing you all the best and hope all goes well
Ian £50 13/06/2013  
Gordon Campbell £50 12/06/2013 A great effort for a great cause, good luck Scott & Team Voltage
Nic and Gary Brown £50 12/06/2013 Wishing you all the best of luck.......GO TEAM VOLTAGE!!!!!
Joyce Russell £50 12/06/2013 Good luck Scott. Chocolate fudge squares await you!
AN £50 12/06/2013 Good luck on the day Iain.
Gary Brown £50 12/06/2013 Well done guys, a worthy cause.
Lynn & Jim, Nairnbrook £50 12/06/2013 A fitting tribute to your Dad and the marvellous work of Marie Curie Cancer Care. x x
Andy, Sall & Heather Murray £50 12/06/2013 Best of luck team voltage! Will be thinking of you on the day! Hope it's nice but cool. The Murrays xx
Wishing you all the best in your campaign. £50 11/06/2013 Scott - I applaude your efforts for such a cause and sympathise with the passing of your dad. - jim
Rockline Accountancy £50 11/06/2013 Best of luck, hope the midges are kind
Keenan Recycling ltd £50 11/06/2013 Good luck Scott
The Cricks £50 10/06/2013 Great job Scott Gaynor and all the team. All best Ed & Natalie
Tony Banks £50 10/06/2013 Good Luck -Tony Banks
Kite IT £50 10/06/2013  
Anne and Lewis £50 10/06/2013 Good luck, hope all goes well!
John Anderson £50 10/06/2013 Good luck Scott and team!
Accy Business Consultancy Limited £50 10/06/2013 All the best Scott. Admiral cause
Graeme Findlay £50 10/06/2013 Good luck Scott, Stan would be proud, Millie will be proud, Graeme,Christine, Rachel and Adam
James Cartwright £50 03/06/2013  
Douglas Mitchell £50 28/05/2013 Scott, when you're 3/4 of the way through, wondering why you ever did this, and screaming in agony, just remember 'pain is just weakness leaving the body'. And/or, there's a bloody monster bottle of wine at the finish line with your name all over it! We
Wendy Kerr £50 22/05/2013 Godd Luck team Scott xx
The Cruickshanks £50 22/05/2013 All the best to Team Voltage!
Tony & Siobhan £50 19/05/2013 do you remember the lyrics to 'walk tall' by Val Doonican? Now try and get them out your head before you have finished the trek:)
Wise Property Care Ltd £50 16/05/2013 Scott/all, great cause, best wishes for the event when it comes. Les.
The Munro family £50 11/05/2013 Scott.. Stan would be very proud. Enjoy the day, you've trained so hard.
Kath £45 11/06/2013  
Martin Smith £45 11/06/2013 Hope it all goes as planned on the day... Great challenge and a Great Charity. Martin, Joyce, Cameron & Lauren.
Central Investment Services (Scotland) Ltd £45 10/06/2013 Good Luck and have a great day.
Kevin Lyon £45 20/05/2013  
Gavin Kerr £40 14/05/2013  
Elie Chilton £30 11/06/2013 Good luck!
Martin Forbes £30 11/06/2013 Good luck Scott hope the weather is kind!
James and Sarah £30 11/06/2013 Good luck Guys !!
The Williams Family £30 11/06/2013 Good luck Team Voltage from Aline, Conway, Julie, Scott & Emma
Kirsty £30 10/06/2013 Good luck Scott, Kirsty,Umberto, Vito & Luca
anonymous £30 10/06/2013 good luck to team voltage i know you can do this .
Tom, Pauline and Jamie £30 06/06/2013 good luck to all
Wendy McDougall £30 29/05/2013 Good Luck team Voltage !
Michael Pagliari £30 14/05/2013 THe very best of luck! Michael
Linda Tan £30 13/05/2013 Good luck, Scott! Linda and Soong
Bruce Mann £25 13/06/2013  
Team Thomson £25 06/06/2013 Great cause - hope its great fun! Love Team Thomson
From the Campbell Clan. £25 15/05/2013 Good luck Scott and the crew. Dad would be so proud!
Catherine Wright £25 10/05/2013 Good luck Scott and team - certainly all for an excellent cause!
E2Exchange £21 29/05/2013 Good luck Scott from ShalinI and the team at E2exchange
Judith Cumming £20 13/06/2013 Good luck Scott, from Judith, Gordon and Sophie Cumming xx
ONeil Family £20 12/06/2013 Great cause well done
Safehinge £20 11/06/2013 Best of luck Scott
Bruce & Nikki £20 11/06/2013 Fantastic effort Scott, good luck with the challenge! Very proud of you and your Dad will be very proud of you too! Enjoy the wee dram when it happens! Bruce, Nikki & the girls x
Dawn Glanville £20 11/06/2013 Good luck from the Glanvilles :-)
Julie Kelly £20 10/06/2013 Best of luck and hope the sun shines (but not too hot!) Chris, Julie Alexander and Melissa
Rob £20 10/06/2013 Good luck dudes.
Mme. B £20 09/06/2013  
Kenny Macpherson £20 03/06/2013 Will never forget you Stan. Thank you Marie Curie Cancer Care. Good luck Soapy!
Angela Bell £20 03/06/2013 Good luck Team Voltage! 2 great causes! Angela
Jill and Sophie Coyle £20 28/05/2013 Good luck Scott
Spicey £20 22/05/2013 Scott, good luck to you & all the team...go Soapy!
Rebecca £20 17/05/2013 Hope it goes well!
Crawford clan CS £20 10/05/2013 Good luck; tough challenge but very worthy cause. Iain, Lesley and the kids
Alan McCafferty £20 10/05/2013 Good Luck, go for it, have fun....
Lorna Campbell £15 12/06/2013 amazing challenge, Scott! Good luck! xx
Nikki McLenahan £10 13/06/2013 Best of luck with your challenge
Colin McGourty £10 12/06/2013  
Kirsty £10 12/06/2013 Good luck! Great cause.
Lesley Noble £10 11/06/2013 Good Luck guys, fantastic cause!!
Imogen £10 11/06/2013  
Barbara McLaughlin (mum of Sharon) £10 10/06/2013 good luck
Georgette £10 10/06/2013 Go on Maximus, please don't do a poo in your pants in manner of Paula Radcliffe.
Ailsa £10 10/06/2013 Good luck to all of you!
Graham & Stephanie Cantlay £10 07/06/2013 Good Luck!!
Christian Chan said Good Luck £10 03/06/2013 Good Luck from Christian, Stuarts Friend!
Matt Graydon £10 03/06/2013 Best wishes, Matt
Caroline Greig £10 17/05/2013 Good luck to you and your team Scott!
Kirsty Campbell (EE) £10 14/05/2013 Good luck Scott, I'm sure you will smash your target!! Kirsty x
Jacqueline Walker £10 14/05/2013 Great cause Scott, good luck Jack x
Yvonne £10 13/05/2013 Go gor it Scott!
Alex Fairfield £10 13/05/2013 Good luck Team Voltage!