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  • Mike Coutts
    Team Leader

  • Roy David Murray
    Team Member

  • John Ogston
    Team Member

  • Craig Robertson
    Team Member

  • Chris Gillies
    Team Member

Support Crew

  • Jackie Coutts

  • Penny Gillies

  • Diane Ogston

  • Kelly Murray

  • Bev Robertson

Team Supporters

  • Kelly Ogston

Funds Raised So Far

Balance £10469   Outstanding £-2469
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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
The Strollers £2788 16/05/2013 Money raised from fundraising event. Thanks to all who helped raise this
Precision Oiltools £500 20/03/2013 Good luck boys, keep training hard
Wellahead Engineering Ltd £300 19/04/2013 Good luck to all you guys ,it will be a walk in the park
Central Investment Services (Scotland) Ltd £250 15/04/2013 Good Luck and have a great day.
Tuboscope £200 21/05/2013 Good Luck!
Red Spider Halliburton £200 27/03/2013 Big cheers to The Strollers - 1 step beyond madness, but good on you all!
GeoKey Limited £150 30/05/2013 Good Luck Guys!!!
Linda & Michael £117 18/05/2013 Good luck to Mike and all his team
Barrett Steel Energy Products, Montrose £108 04/04/2013 Good Luck Guys, remember the plasters!!! From all at B.S.E.P.
ABT (Aberdeen) Limited £108 31/03/2013 Stroll on, good luck guys, and well done to you all xx
Jackie Coutts £100 30/05/2013 Well done Chris,Craig,Jake,Roy,& MIke looking forward to cheering you all on ,on the big day ,you deserve it guys
Frazer & Helen £100 13/05/2013 Good Luck to you all. Sure you will beat the clock!
Mike Coutts £100 12/05/2013 Good luck to you all from Gordon, Lesley and leighton in Houston USA
Jack Gilland & Denise Monarch £100 30/04/2013 Good luck to you all, it's great thing your doing.
Davie & Marion £100 15/04/2013 good luck to the team
Harlen £100 15/04/2013 Good luck to Mike and the team
Gary, Debs, Megan and Ben xxxx £100 12/04/2013 A bet is a bet....good luck guys x
TM Steels Ltd £100 08/04/2013 Hope the training is going well, and you manage to wear those hats all the way ?
Pete & Arthur Mobar Aberdeen Ltd £100 03/04/2013 Great cause,Great effort, Great madness, Good luck Strollers
Plexus £100 28/03/2013 Good luck with the stroll, lads!
Daval Machining Services Ltd. £100 28/03/2013 Good Luck Chaps, Flat Oot Like A Dukes Fit!!
Howco Metals Management £100 27/03/2013 Good Luck Guys from all at Howco
Robert Sullivan £100 26/03/2013 Great cause guys, hope Mr Coutts and Mr Robertson don't hold ye back!!!
G5 Technologies Ltd £100 21/03/2013 Good luck Craig and Team!!! All the best from G5 x
Paradigm Drilling Services £100 21/03/2013 Watch yer heart min!
Dod Mess £100 21/03/2013 Good luck to all and good on ye .
Rolls Wood Group £75 23/05/2013 Good luck to John and his team from all at RWG
Team Toal £54 05/06/2013 Well done to you all for the hard work so far and good luck on the day
Ally Gillies £54 17/04/2013 good luck lads. keep the training going.
RAM-ET Ltd £51 22/03/2013 Gie It Laldy Chaps! - I wanna see madness high knee dancing at the top!
Jillian Barber £50 08/06/2013 Good Luck from The Barbers x
Forbes Buchanan £50 05/06/2013 Good luck!
Dennis & Heather £50 05/06/2013 Enjoy walking the 285,120 feet in the 86,400 seconds allowed! Good luck.
Donald Coutts £50 29/05/2013 all the best for a great challenge lads
Gordon and Janet £50 13/05/2013 Good Luck !
Mike Coutts £50 12/05/2013 Good Luck to you all from all at Station Garage Kintore
mike Coutts £50 12/05/2013 good Luck to you all from all at Alford Junior Sports Club -Under 19's
Darren Coutts £50 12/05/2013 Wishing Dad and fellow Strollers all the best for there challenge
Keith Parry £50 10/05/2013 Good luck everybody!!
Jim & Karen Simpson, Kemnay £50 02/05/2013 good luck boys!
Yo £50 24/04/2013 good luck boys....from Yo & Caroline.xx
Donald and Karen £50 22/04/2013 Good luck from Gran Canaria
Stephen Poppe £50 15/04/2013 Good luck men..
Bill Nelson £50 13/04/2013 All thwe best to Mike and craig from Bill Nelson
The Rivetts £50 12/04/2013 A hell of a challenge good luck Strollers i know you'll make it with a smile on your faces ish!
a wee help to the cause £50 11/04/2013 by the looks oh yi it will be "ONE STEP BEYOND" most of yi!!!ah the best lads ,all for a good cause.
Paul D £50 05/04/2013 Aye Aye Roy & Mike - Mental Challenge ahhh the best with it
Ronnie Hepburn £50 03/04/2013 all the best lads remember leave the sheep to the locals.PS I am not as mean as Grant
Spark Erosion Centre £50 28/03/2013 Bill and Bert offer good luck from the couch!!!
Chris Thompson £50 26/03/2013 Good Luck The Strollers
Thomas and Yuliya McMillan £50 25/03/2013 This could be harder than you think
Roger Steward £50 24/03/2013 Good Luck - Look after those feet!
Daniel Robertson £50 22/03/2013 Good luck lads! I'm sure it'll be a walk in the park... :)
Richard McKee £50 22/03/2013 Mind the hip flasks! Good luck and enjoy.
Grant Innes £50 22/03/2013 Good luck.
Bob Walker £50 21/03/2013 Hi Mike, the weather must be better by June. Bob Walker
Mark and Ann £50 21/03/2013 All the best
Xtreme Well Technology Limited £50 21/03/2013 MADNESS, MADNESS, THEY CALL IT MADNESS...>!!??!?!
Arrell Engineering £50 21/03/2013 Good luck Mike and your team from all at Arrell Eng.
Barry W £50 21/03/2013 Good on yez lads. I'm sure it will be a stroll! Mind the plasters!!
Paul £50 21/03/2013 Good luck John I am sure it will help the golf!
Vector Supplies Ltd £50 21/03/2013 Good Luck
George and Jen Walker £50 21/03/2013 Ace! Brilliant guys! Best of luck from George and Jen Walker
Graham Ogston £50 20/03/2013 Good luck lads, I hear you're using "pub crawls" for training!
Stephen H. Jones £45 28/03/2013 All the very best to the team. Regards Stephen H. Jones (Cameron Subsea)
Neil Hubbard £45 21/03/2013 Good luck Chris.
Keith & Kim Black £40 03/06/2013 All the best for a great walk lads enjoy !!
Tom & Isobel Wilson £40 30/05/2013 Go for it Mike and the rest o the team
Eric & Chris Robertson £40 29/05/2013 All the best Lads fae Chris & Eric Robertson
Chay & Fiona Keith (insch) £40 29/05/2013 All the best for a great challenge lads
Willie Ross £30 07/06/2013 Oh no I thought I said 30 pence!
Richard, Lynne, Beth and Owen £30 31/05/2013 All the best boys, good luck! Richard, Lynne, Beth and Owen xx
Go boys you can do it, all the best !!!! £30 31/05/2013  
John Stevenson £30 29/05/2013 All the best Lads
The Aulds £30 13/05/2013 all the best lads!!!!
Ian, Jill & Siobhan Nichols £30 06/05/2013 Good Luck, a fabulous challenge which we know you will succeed in, have a blast doing it!
Alex Gillies £30 27/04/2013 Good luck all!
Lorna & Anthony Lawrie £30 14/04/2013 Wishing you all the best on the day Mike
Mark Nicol £30 12/04/2013  
The Burrs £30 06/04/2013 Good luck my big bro and the rest of the boys xx
Colin Wilson £30 05/04/2013 good luck
Liam Finlayson & Sam Thomson £30 01/04/2013 Good luck chaps. Focus on the beers!!
Steve Durward £30 21/03/2013 All the best Chris , Hope the weather is kind to you and your team.
Sandy Lawrence £30 21/03/2013 Aye Roy total Madness
Colin McHardy £30 21/03/2013 You must be mad but I guess there will be plenty refreshments...........
David Cooper £30 21/03/2013 Good luck, hope the weather is better before you start!
Steve Baldwin £30 09/01/2013 Hi Chris, said I would be the first - see you in Gym next week
Euan and Lesley £27 23/04/2013 Good Luck
Doreen & Bruce Duncan £25 03/04/2013 Good Luck to all and Go easy !
Mr & Mrs Neeps £25 31/03/2013 Am sure you will stroll it ;)
Susan Wisely £25 25/03/2013 Good Luck Craig, Bev and All! Have fun :-)
Kenny McKenzie £20 07/06/2013 Hope the knee holds up John!! All the best to you andthe team.
Carole-Ann £20 07/06/2013 Good luck chris and mike. Your support crew have a hard act to follow!! Will be thinking about you all the way.
Gary Morton £20 31/05/2013 Well done chaps - it'll be a 'walk in the park'.........good luck ad happy blisters
Mike Coutts £20 29/05/2013 All the best lads fae Bryan Meston
Edward Marsters £20 29/05/2013 All the best lads
Stilly £20 29/05/2013 All the best chaps fae 'STILLY'
John & Edna Coutts £20 29/05/2013 All the best for a great challenge lads
Kevan, Linda, Linzi & Debbie Robertson £20 27/05/2013 Best of Luck Guys
Davie & Theresa Nicol £20 27/05/2013 Good luck to Roy and the team
Sandy P. £20 27/05/2013 All the best loons
Sandy & Sheila £20 23/05/2013 Good luck
£20 £20 23/05/2013 Good Luck Chris and The Strollers
Dave Grant £20 21/05/2013 Good luck Craig and the team
All the best Craig and the team. £20 21/05/2013 All the best to Craig and the team.
Caroline& Gareth Morgan £20 20/05/2013 good luck Lads
Julie & Steven Hutchison £20 17/05/2013 Well done Craig, Mike & the rest of the team
Sharon Ritchie £20 14/05/2013 Good luck guys! You will have an amazing day!!
Nicola Hook (Kerloch Oil Tools) £20 02/05/2013 Good luck & hope all goes well. Brilliant.
Malcolm Mackie (Zenith) £20 02/05/2013 Good luck guys, hope the weather is kind to you.
Simon Bentley £20 30/04/2013  
Sally Duthie £20 25/04/2013 Good luck. Hope you don't get blisters!!!
Betty Ward £20 23/04/2013 Good Luck Chris and team.
Heather Wallace £20 22/04/2013 good luck with the walk
Rob & Ailsa £20 22/04/2013 good luck, see you at Cameron House, drinks are on us!
Donald Macleod £20 22/04/2013 good luck to all and the Gillies clan!
Jane Scatchard £20 16/04/2013 Good luck from Melton Mowbray x
Steven and Dorothy Andrews £20 09/04/2013 All the best lads, it's a great charity. Love your feet before and after. Lol
John Davidson £20 07/04/2013 Good Luck boys,from Uncle John and Auntie Ros xx
Alan Murray £20 04/04/2013 Good luck lads, have the plasters ready!!
Happy Clappy across the road!!!! £20 04/04/2013 Mike as leader! my money safe as will not get past pub in Fort William!
Karen Rolls-Royce Parts £20 02/04/2013  
The Innes's £20 01/04/2013 Good Luck!
Iain Henderson £20 31/03/2013 Good luck boys - great cause.
Dot Doig £20 29/03/2013 Good luck !
Peter Borrell £20 27/03/2013 Good luck everyone - hope the snow has gone by June!
Glenn Averies £20 21/03/2013 Chris is my breakout done yet!
Dorothy Gill £20 21/03/2013 Good Luck
Joanne Varns, ESS £20 21/03/2013 You're putting our Gabbro Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge to shame!! Best of luck, loving the Madness pose. Joanne
Tracey Strapps £20 21/03/2013 Good Luck:-)
Jim Hardy £20 21/03/2013 Go for it Chris - Good luck mate :)
Suzy Smith £20 21/03/2013 All the best from Mr Poppe's better half ;-)
Derek McWilliam £20 21/03/2013 Good luck!
Steve R. £20 20/03/2013  
Ania Semborska £17 29/04/2013 Have Fun & Good Luck Boys!!!
John Edwards £10 07/06/2013 Good luck and watch out for those midges!
PAUL REID £10 07/06/2013 Good Luck
Robert Harvey £10 07/06/2013 Good Luck from Robert Harvey
Michal Reznicek £10 07/06/2013 Good Luck
Allan Green £10 07/06/2013 Good luck with the Challenge
Adam Ubhi £10 07/06/2013 Good luck
Ryan Simpson £10 29/05/2013 All the best for a great challenge lads
Vivienne Watt £10 29/05/2013 all the best for a great challenge lads
The Turra Coo !! £10 29/05/2013 Good Luck to you all
Denise £10 28/05/2013 Best of luck to you all!
Jennifer and Andrew Bycroft £10 20/05/2013 Hope all goes well for you
Emma Murray £10 23/04/2013 Congratulations on how much has been raised so far. Best of luck to everyone taking part in the walk.
Grandma Betty £10 22/04/2013 good luck to the team
Emily Duncan £10 13/04/2013 Good Luck :)
Brian Wright £10 13/04/2013 All the best guys
Ryan Elder £10 11/04/2013 Good Luck Chris
Patrick Watson £10 09/04/2013  
John Howitt £10 08/04/2013  
Nichola Keller £10 05/04/2013  
Gavin Key £10 03/04/2013 well done guys, great effort
Lynn Jamieson £10 31/03/2013 Love these motivational stories - especially when they involve middle aged folks like myself!! Well done guys hope it goes well
Kim Walton £10 31/03/2013 Good luck! You're doing a fab challenge!
Natalie Scott £10 30/03/2013 good luck!! :)
Angela Beresford £10 28/03/2013  
Stephanie Ingram £10 27/03/2013 Good Luck!
Charlie Gray £10 26/03/2013 good luck lads, think of the beer at the end...
Lorraine Ritchie £10 26/03/2013 Good luck boys!
Paul Parker (Vetco) £10 26/03/2013 Good Luck! great cause.
Charlie Stuart (Cameron) £10 22/03/2013 Best of luck Chris
Linda Christie £10 22/03/2013 All the best. Such a great thing you are doing.
Steven Walker £10 21/03/2013  
Tim Stanley £10 21/03/2013 Good luck!
david bolton £10 21/03/2013  
Kevin Tanner (Cameron) £10 21/03/2013  
Doug & Margaret Shand £5 06/05/2013 good luck with the walk
Audrey Crombie £5 12/04/2013 Best of luck
Cammy Menzies £5 02/04/2013