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  • Martin Findlay
    Team Leader

  • Sandy MacLeod
    Team Member

  • Billy Hamilton
    Team Member

  • Hamish Beaumont
    Team Member

  • Colin Hawthorne
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  • Clive Wilmott
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Support Crew

  • Shirley Jenkins

  • Sarah Stanger

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Pagan Osborne £300 28/05/2013 Good luck Team Cala, all the best Matthew, Rob, Lyndsey, Stuart and Mel
Alarmfast Security Systems £250 03/06/2013 Good Luck team!
Gordon Bow Plant Hire Ltd £250 16/05/2013 Good luck guys.
Clancy Docwra Ltd £250 13/05/2013 Best of luck from Clancy Docwra
D. Stephen (Professional Tree Work) £250 02/05/2013 on behalf of D Stephen (Professional Tree Work)
g&a; joinery £250 29/04/2013 mind sighn the dayworks before you go
Gordon Bow Engineering Ltd £250 24/04/2013 Good Luck guys.
Kelvin Kbb Ltd £250 23/04/2013 Good Luck to 'The Recruits' from the Directors & Staff at Kelvin,sounds like you're going to need it!
Mulholland Contracts Ltd £250 22/04/2013 Good Luck from all at Mulholland Contracts Ltd
Clear Marketing Communications Ltd £200 29/05/2013 All the very best from all at Clear Marketing
nodram. £200 24/05/2013 good luck guys and all the best.
Billy Hamilton £200 16/05/2013 from CALA North Berwick site. The earphones are on us!
MG Construction Ltd £200 19/04/2013 Good Luck hope it is all down hill!!
George McAlpine Fireplaces £150 14/06/2013  
AFG £150 30/04/2013 The best of luck from AFG
AKELA CONSTRUCTION LTD £150 22/04/2013 Good Luck from all at Akela Construction Ltd
Alec & Kathleen £100 18/06/2013  
Root One East Ltd £100 15/06/2013 Well done from Root One East Ltd.
Mason Evans Partnership £100 13/06/2013 Good luck from all at Mason Evans
Simpson & Marwick £100 06/06/2013 Best Wishes
Space & Time Media £100 04/06/2013 Good luck from everyone at Space & Tme Media!
Bunyan & Bell joiners £100 30/05/2013 Good Luck from all at Bunyan & Bell Joiners
TRAD Safety Systems LTD £100 29/05/2013 All the best from the guys at TRAD Safety Systems
Irene Barr £100 10/05/2013 Good Luck
Morgan Blacksmiths (Scotland) Ltd £100 03/05/2013 Good Luck to all the team !!
Alno Contracts Scotland £100 30/04/2013 Best of luck from all at Alno Contracts Scotland!!
TClarke Scotland £100 29/04/2013 Good luck and well done for taking on this challenge, from all Directors and Staff at TClarke Scotland
D S McG Ltd £100 29/04/2013 Good Luck guys, from all the staff at D S McG Ltd
David R Murray & Associates £100 29/04/2013 Good Luck from all at David R. Murray & Associates
PCM Builders £100 27/04/2013 You should be made to do it with Rigger's on! Best of luck from PCM.
Hugh King & Co £100 26/04/2013 Best wishes from Hugh King & Co
Sidey Ltd £100 26/04/2013 GREAT Name! Good luck to you all from all of us at Sidey Ltd.
Alan £100 05/04/2013 Good luck. Rather you than me. I hope the weather is better for the day also.
Robert Millar £75 29/04/2013  
Frances £60 08/04/2013 Good luck Martin to you and all the team. Love Mum and Dad x
Speedy Asset Services Ltd £54 20/05/2013 All the vbery best from everyone at Speedy Services
BMG Office Equipment £54 26/04/2013 Good Luck Sandy & Co from BMG
Brenda Gilmartin £54 15/04/2013 Good Luck guys, hope the weather is kind to you x
Robin Dodyk [Oregon] £54 04/04/2013 I think Clive should do a full RAMS for the course before you all go: have fun and good luck
Lesley £52 03/05/2013 Good Luck Hamish! From Eva, Ellis, family and friends x
Andy Mitchell £50 13/06/2013 Best of luck, hope Sarah's nae cooking!
Williams Ironmongery £50 05/06/2013 Best wishes to all from Williams Ironmongery
Louise Hawthorne £50 29/05/2013 Go for it Dad, we know you can do it, Mickey & Erin Hawthorne (& Lou & Jess)
Paul & Amy Stanger £50 28/05/2013 Go easy on the support crew!
Hamish Beaumont £50 19/05/2013 Just back from a weekends training where we walked 44 miles of the route. WE WILL DO THIS
Blyth Utilities Ltd £50 15/05/2013 Good luck from all at Blyth Utilities
Millard Consulting £50 10/05/2013 Good Luck to Martin and his team
A Proctor Group Ltd £50 10/05/2013 Good Luck from all at A. Proctor Group Ltd
International Doors & Windows Ltd £50 07/05/2013 Good Luck from all at International Doors & Windows Ltd
Clive Wilmott £50 07/05/2013 Its worth £50 to see all of the hard work the team have put in over the last few months; from novices to Munro Baggers the improvement is amazing
Stala Thomson £50 26/04/2013 Good luck, sure you dont need though.
Derek Lawson £50 26/04/2013 good luck!
DEESIDE TIMBERFRAME LTD £50 24/04/2013 Good Luck from All at Deeside Timberframe!!
James Paterson Plumbing & Heating Ltd £50 19/04/2013  
Richard Dunn £50 08/04/2013 Good luck, from all at HH
Mike Gemmell £50 04/04/2013 Best wishes to you and the team big man...
john currie £50 04/04/2013  
Declan Coulter £50 04/04/2013 Good luck. guys
Pam Hamilton £50 20/03/2013 Good luck Billy! Love Mum & Dad
Ems £40 03/06/2013 Good Luck Boys... with your training and hard work it will be like a walk in the park (....a very long walk :) ) xx
Christine & Dermot £30 05/06/2013 Good luck to Hamish and the team.... Christine & Dermot
Tom Brydon £30 15/05/2013 All the best for your big challenge guys !
Norie Coleman £30 09/05/2013 The support Ladies have the hardest job, looking after these guys.......
Scott Coppola Electrical Distributors £30 07/05/2013 All the best from all at Scott Coppola
Andy Murray £30 18/04/2013 Stick close to Clive and you should be OK! Good luck!
Tom Mitchell £30 05/04/2013 Good luck guys it's a long way to suffer Sandy's tales and jokes....
Shirley Jenkins - Cook and bottle washer! £25 11/06/2013 We'll be there, at the end of the road!!!
Sterling Precast Limited £25 08/05/2013 Good luck!
Glendining Signs £25 02/05/2013 Best of luck from all at Glendining Signs
Paul Wilmott £20 16/06/2013 Great effort everyone.
Janet & Robert Drummond £20 15/06/2013 Go Hamish, You can do it !!!
Rod Howat £20 14/06/2013 Good Luck Team! - well done on taking on the challenge
Craig Leishman £20 14/06/2013 Eh all i can say is you are all mad, cant wait to see you all early next week to see the pain etched on your faces from all your aching muscles!!!!
ID £20 14/06/2013 bonne chance you bonne chancers
Sheila Davidson, Sarah's mum - very proud!! £20 13/06/2013 Well done to the support crew, behind the scenes but totally necessary. Love you, Mum and Forrester
Dennis Swanson £20 11/06/2013 "....a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"..Chinese philosopher Laozi.... so 54 miles should be a doodle...Good luck !
Stacey Lee £20 11/06/2013 Good luck Martin & team. Make sure you take plenty Compeed with you!! :) Stace, x
Phil & Elaine McCulloch £20 08/06/2013 24 hours!!!! I thought you had 24 days :) Go For It.!
Scott Lynes £20 08/06/2013 Good luck! you can do this!
Jim Sutherland £20 29/05/2013 Best of luck
Brian Cawley £20 28/05/2013 Good Luck to all the team.
Stephen Truscott £20 28/05/2013 Good luck! Rather you than me!
David Wilmott £20 28/05/2013 Go Clive.Those legs were made for walking .
Irene Rayne £20 24/05/2013 Good Luck Guys
Kenny McRitchie £20 22/05/2013 Good luck team! I know from experience how tough a challenge it is, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
Colin Wilmott £20 20/05/2013 Good luck Clive and team, hope it goes well!
A & M Smith Skip Hire Ltd £20 14/05/2013 Good Luck from A & M Smith Skip Hire Limited
Donna Farrell £20 04/05/2013 Good luck Martin and all the team! hope the feet hold up! Donna & Allan x
Dale Lamont £20 26/04/2013 Best of luck.
Mags £20 26/04/2013 Good luck guys
Lewis £20 24/04/2013 Good luck guys....
Jac £20 19/04/2013 Good luck everyone!
Emma and Wayne £20 07/04/2013 Good luck everyone!
Ken Millar £20 04/04/2013 Good luck guys, at least with Sandy in the team, you have lowered the average age!
Karen Lowe £20 04/04/2013 Good Luck!
David and Alison Mac £15 10/06/2013 Good luck Hamish. We are sure you will do great. From David and Alison.
Kenny £10 20/06/2013  
Sandra Gourlay £10 17/06/2013 Well done lads, Brenda's Mum. Sandra
Colin Grzybowski £10 10/06/2013  
Caroline Hoggan £10 04/06/2013 Go Team CALA. You can do it. Good Luck x
Gillian Hair £10 29/05/2013 Good Luck Team CALA!
Stuart & Jeanette £10 29/05/2013 Well Done To All
Mike Behan £10 27/05/2013 Good Luck to the team.
Mandy, Alistair & Grace (40 Elginhaugh) £10 13/05/2013 Best of luck Hamish & team.
Jennifer McKenna £10 02/05/2013 Good Luck - hope the feet survive.....
Lianne Tripney £10 26/04/2013 Good Luck Team CALA
Brian Campbell £10 15/04/2013 Good Luck
Bryan McGrory £10 08/04/2013 Good luck
Suze £10 05/04/2013 Good luck guys - we don't want to see the blisters afterwards though !!
Danni Johnston £10 20/03/2013 Well done Billy. Don't cry!! X
Neil Macdonald £5 15/04/2013 Good luck to you and the team Martin. With the number I'm sponsoring , it looks like a busy event!
Pauline Davies £5 04/04/2013 Good luck Martin, sounds like hard work! Pauline Davies