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  • Craig Cuthbert
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  • Andy Eadsforth
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  • Roy McDougall
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  • Jemma Oswald
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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Screening Doctors £175 27/05/2013 From the doctors at the screening centre
Humble pie £150 27/07/2013 Fantastic effort. Performance bonus plus additional top up. Well done everyone
Slimming club £128 26/05/2013 Money raised from slimming club
Fundraising Bucket £100 10/06/2013 From the bucket!
Andy's mam & dad £100 20/05/2013 Good luck son. Buy some nice trainers. Your dad get them next time he sees you
Mum £75 13/05/2013 Good luck Roy and team Spire. Don't forget to take the
Craig £62 29/05/2013 Good Luck :)
Jemma's sponsor form £57 26/05/2013 Jemma's sponsor money
Dad the athlete £54 24/05/2013 Good luck Jemma and the team remember and pace yourself
Dan Toner £54 16/05/2013 Good luck that man ! Will do it with you next year if you survive this one and are fool enough to do it again!
Ellie Harrison £54 29/04/2013 Best of luck to you all, I'm knackered just thinking about it!
Kelda £50 27/07/2013 Well done
Christine £50 26/05/2013 Roy you are a glutton for punishment. Good luck. Christine
Stephen Hayward £50 20/05/2013 Good luck Andy & Co - would love to give more but will soon be an OAP so need to watch the pennies!
Jacqueline Cuthbert £50 20/05/2013 Good luck Craig, from Mum
rob roger £50 14/05/2013 good luck to Andy and the team
Nicola Rutherford £50 14/05/2013 Good luck Roy & the team. Don't forget to pack Compeed!! Nicola, Richard, Megan & Cameron xxx
Tom & Paddy £50 14/05/2013 Best of luck to you all Andy.We will buy ya a pedicure for afterwards lol.
Harry & Lucy £50 13/05/2013 Good Luck Uncle Roy and team! We'll have some champagne ready for your return!
Family Coutts £50 13/05/2013 Ok, so £50 is the base rate. In addition there will be another £1 for every mile completed by Roy and a further £1 or minute under 20 hours! Good luck!
Well Done Team! £40 27/06/2013 Last of the fundraising from Spire 4
Pauline and The Consulting Suite Team @ Cheshire £35 07/06/2013 Andy, now we know you must be mad! Good luck from the girls in Consulting Suite at spire Cheshire.
Carol Stevenson £30 15/06/2013 I'm dying to seeing the not so tubby Dr. Mc Dougall I'll even throw in a free massage!! go for it!
Olly and Rory £30 13/06/2013 Good luck to you all!
Allison Bell £30 13/06/2013 Slainte mhor everyone. Stretch gently. And you know where physio is next week- but don't expect any discounts Andy!!
Martin, Miranda & Elliot £30 12/06/2013 Go RTB!
Richard Knowles £30 09/06/2013 Best wishes to you all.
Declan, Cameron and Ben £30 31/05/2013 Good Luck Andy and team!Hope you manage to keep your nails in situ! Declan, Cameron and Ben x
Naomi Wright & Cheshire Pharmacy £30 30/05/2013 Hi Andy - wishing you all the best - from the Pharmacy team at Cheshire
Karen Newton £30 23/05/2013 Good luck Andy, Angela and the team. Hope your feet survive!!
Rob Beaty £30 21/05/2013 I'm with you all the way, in spirit obviously! Please no more feet pictures ....
Nicola Jones £30 20/05/2013 Good luck you mad fools!! Raspberry vodka on ice waiting at the end for you x
Elizabeth Potter £30 15/05/2013 You are all completely mad... I never realised......
Moira & Jimmy £30 15/05/2013 Roy, good luck from your favourite (only) Auntie & Uncle!!!
Liz Tottie £30 15/05/2013 Good luck Andy - enjoy !! I'll be thinking of you every step xx
Anna Tchaikovsky £30 14/05/2013 Good luck! I'll be with you every step of the way (telepathicaly of course!)
Kate Yeomans £30 14/05/2013 Good luck all, enjoy the scenery! But please, no more feet pics, especially yours Andy!
Jim Carson £30 14/05/2013 Good luck to Andy and the team. Great cause and hope the weather holds up!
Sonia Rutherford £30 14/05/2013 Good luck Roy! Will be tracking your progress on the website! Sonia, Scott, Ruaridh and Kyla
Lorna Johnston £30 14/05/2013 Good luck especially to my two favourite highlighter pens! xx
Andrew Thomas £30 11/05/2013 All the best guys!
Jen Anderson £30 03/05/2013 Good Luck Roy from me and the Bump!!
Donna Oswald £30 18/03/2013 Good Luck Jemma, hopefully our training at the weekend won't put you off! x
Fergus £25 28/05/2013 Good luck all. Please no more photos of feet!!
Val and Phil Davies £25 24/05/2013 To Angela - you are such a wonderful Daughter and we are so very proud of you for doing this. Love Mum & Dad xx
Alison da Silva, The other Murrayfield! £25 15/05/2013 Go Andy, Angela and all the team, no more pics please x
Nicky Amery £25 14/05/2013 ouch those feet - you mad thing! Go for it
Craig Patterson £25 18/03/2013 Good luck - Jemma be careful!
Cubby £20 13/06/2013  
Shona £20 12/06/2013 Go Roy and team! Hope you have a massage booked in for the following day! Shona, Mackie & Ethan
Alex Forsyth £20 05/06/2013 Hi pet. I'd love to give more, but things are a little tight at the moment! Good luck!! x
Caroline Steve and Evie x £20 29/05/2013 Best of luck Andy x
Ali and Rooby £20 29/05/2013 Good luck roy....enjoyed it until the last 6 miles !!
Dympna Baillie £20 28/05/2013 No pictures of your feet as promised ! Good luck DB
diane from Mypas £20 23/05/2013 try and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way> It will help with the pain from your feet!!!
Ann Leitch £20 22/05/2013 Have fun and enjoy the challenge!
Jane Lyle £20 22/05/2013 Good Luck Roy. Hope you enjoy the experience xx
Jan £20 17/05/2013 Run Andy Run!
Steph £20 17/05/2013 Best of luck to you all and look after your feet!
Julia Salmon £20 16/05/2013 Wishing Andy and all the team very best wishes. Julia
Sharon Moore £20 15/05/2013 Good luck Andy and team
Sara £20 15/05/2013 Good luck! Take care, love from me and the kiddies xx
Verlie Brazel £20 15/05/2013  
Dan Cyprus £20 15/05/2013 Good luck - those of us outside of Scotland tend to wear shoes!! :-)
Lynda and Colin £20 14/05/2013 Good luck Roy! L & C xxx
Sue - Yale £20 14/05/2013 Enjoy the views - and don't think about the feet!
Sarah Gotts £20 14/05/2013 Good luck!
Claire Barlow £20 14/05/2013 Good luck Andy and the Spire Team!
Alison Green £20 14/05/2013 Good luck to you all, hope the feet recover quickly!
Stefania £20 14/05/2013 Andy - I'm donating this money so long as you promise never to send me gross pictures of feet again!! Good luck to you and the team xxxxx
Go for it Andy you mad fool! £20 14/05/2013  
Fiona & Neil £20 14/05/2013 Very bestest wishes Dr Fluff & team!
Jenny McLeish £20 14/05/2013 Good luck Roy. Enjoy it! Love Jenny, Rob and Ted xxx
Tom Kennedy £20 07/05/2013 Good luck guys. Strap up the ankles and watch out for blisters.....Lovely lovely blisters :-)
Ina McCormack £10 10/06/2013 Good Luck Roy
Margaret Fraser £10 10/06/2013 Best wishes Roy and team
Angela Davies £10 31/05/2013  
Sponsors for Jemma £10 26/05/2013 Sponsor money for Jemma
Angela £10 18/05/2013 Good luck Roy!! xx
Claire & Jay £10 17/05/2013 Good luck Andrew! looked at the pictures and literally sponsoring you so I dont have to look at any more!!! x
Mac O'Brien £10 17/05/2013 Go Team.....
Lucy B £10 15/05/2013 Good luck team - it's a great challenge (and great causes too!)
JJ £10 15/05/2013 Good luck Andy ! I want to see at least 2 black toenails !
Parky's pledge £10 15/05/2013 Good luck and take care
Loaf £10 15/05/2013 Good luck Andy
davina robertson £10 14/05/2013  
Chris Neale £10 14/05/2013 Good luck, I didn't look at the picture on the email and I'm hoping this is worth every pound. Good luck!
The Williams Clan £10 29/04/2013 For my lovely Angela good luck hunny xxx
Anne £5 05/06/2013 Good luck from Anne, Barney and Rob xx
Duncan £5 15/05/2013 Good luck silver fox!