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  • Abigail Deem
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  • Megan Pilsworth
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  • Bianca Wiseman
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  • Laura King
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  • Christopher Surfleet

  • Jonathan Wiseman

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Donor Name Donation Date Message
Office Fundraising Events £600 02/04/2013 Thanks to everyone that has supported us so far!
Quiz Night £474 29/04/2013 Huge success on our quiz night/raffle - lots of fun had by all - thanks for the support and good work girls!! x x
bacon butties and cake sales! £233 22/12/2012 the money raised from our bacon butties and cake trolley! good work team :)
cakes and bacon butties £220 05/05/2013 cakes and bacon butties!
Cripps Sears & Partners £100 04/06/2013 Well Done Abby from all at Cripps Sears & Partners!
Nigel Moore £100 05/12/2012 You must be mad....all the best from all at SPF:)
LAMB's fundraising efforts £60 12/02/2013 Pancake day money!
Jennie £50 12/06/2013 Good luck!
US DOWN UNDER £50 25/01/2013 From us, Down Under!
Jonathan Wiseman £50 14/11/2012 It will be a bigger challenge to be off Facebook for 24 hours ...
Darren Coe £30 13/06/2013 Bunions massive, blisters even bigger! Good luck and well done B
Mike Boles £30 26/02/2013 Nasty business! Good luck Laura
Mark Harris £25 17/06/2013 Well done, never in doubt.
Mum & Graham £25 02/06/2013 So what's next?
Eddie Clark £25 07/03/2013 Lovely Laura, what have you let yourself in for!!! I am sure you will "walk" it, boom boom. Good luck to you and the team
Neil Chambers £20 18/06/2013 Fantastic achievement Girls, well done Laura & Team xxx
Michael Tannenbaum £20 16/06/2013 Well done!
Jason Wiseman £20 16/06/2013  
Gareth Lowman £20 13/06/2013 Good Luck
Som £20 13/06/2013 Good luck Megan and the girls!
Sarah Chambers £20 12/06/2013 Good luck sis! Xx
Glenn Adamson £20 09/06/2013  
Nigel Moore £20 28/05/2013 You already know but just to say it are mad:)
Andy Shaw £20 28/05/2013 Best of luck!
Sharon Parish £20 25/05/2013 Best of luck girls! Will be thinking of you x x
Samantha Cook £20 15/05/2013 Chambers you absolute ledge! The midges won't know what's hit them. Fantastic challenge for a fab cause. Pats on the back all round to the Savills Blistering Lambs! Xx
Rob Manson £20 09/05/2013 Good luck Laura Thats a long way in a very short time !!!!
Cat & Donna £20 30/04/2013 It's an brilliant challenge, put your best feet forward and we know you can all do it!!
The Roasts £20 25/04/2013 Go on Mrs King and team! Ps, show me your feet after x
Mike Horton £20 18/04/2013  
Miranda £20 25/03/2013 Good luck Laura!
Serena Head £20 27/02/2013 What a challenge - go girls!!! Wishing you lots of luck xxx
Dad & Laura £10 19/06/2013  
Lynda Borg £10 18/06/2013 Well done ladies. Hope your legs and feet feel better soon!
Zoe Kelleher £10 16/06/2013 WOW - what an amazing lady, well done! xx
rebecca prigmore £10 16/06/2013 well done!
John Evans £10 15/06/2013 go on Laura you can do it!
Toby and Sian £10 13/06/2013 Good luck Abby and everyone and have fun!!!
Tracy Brown £10 11/06/2013 Good luck girlies xxxx
Claire O'Neill £10 28/05/2013 Good luck Laura and all the team.
Matthew Carragher £10 28/05/2013 Good Luck
Mike Grayton £10 27/05/2013 Go Laura!!
Sam Harvey-Vernon £10 22/05/2013 Good Luck Laura x
Jo Nichols £10 15/05/2013 Good luck Laura and the rest of your team!!!
GR £10 09/05/2013 Good Luck
Margaret Conway £10 09/05/2013 Good Luck to you all x
Tasha Steve Hannah,xxx £10 08/05/2013 Well done Laura you can do it. love us,xxx
Firouz Thompson £10 14/04/2013 Good luck Bianca and team!
Nic Litchfield-Jones £10 25/03/2013 Just think of the bath and wine at the end!! Good luck.
James Cross £10 14/03/2013  
Paula Wharton £10 07/03/2013 Good luck with your hike - bet you can't wait to get in to your more comfortable heels!
Kate Ridley £10 07/03/2013 Good Luck x
Lizzie Ritz £10 07/03/2013 Good luck!!
Joan Hill £10 04/03/2013 Proud of you so hope you enjoy Boony Scotland
James Rodea £10 04/03/2013 It might be a walk rather than a run but that is still a long way! Good Luck.
Scott Davis £10 27/02/2013 Well Done Laura!
Antony Cousins £10 26/02/2013 Good luck and great charity. x
Theresa £10 26/02/2013 Quite a challenge! Best of luck
Claire Stearn £10 26/02/2013 Good Luck xxx
Pippa £10 26/02/2013 go Nanny!
Sally Whiteley £10 25/02/2013 Good luck - Brilliant cause! xxx
Ben Makowiecki £10 25/02/2013 Best of luck B - Maybe I ought to get shares in blister plasters!
Julie Sturge £10 25/02/2013 Hello Dolly, good luck and lots of love xxx
Mel £10 15/02/2013 I shall be with you every step of the way - in spirit that is!!
Victoria Barber £5 17/06/2013 Amazing result girls!
Hannah Greenhow £5 13/06/2013 Good luck Laura & gang x
Victoria foster £5 11/06/2013 Good luck Laura and team
Emma Law £5 03/06/2013 Very best of luck girls!
Debbie Gaughan £5 02/06/2013 Best of luck ladies xxxx
Sue Good an £5 03/03/2013 Good Luck Laura and The Team x