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  • Peter Fraser
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  • Alan Fraser
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  • Jon-Paul Ford
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  • Si Wellstead
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  • Glen Revell
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  • Mark Hopkinson
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Funds Raised So Far

Target £3500   Balance £2361   Outstanding £1139
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Fundraising Summary

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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Thomas McQuade £200 07/06/2011  
Stewart Associates, 9 Waterside Street, Largs KA30 £100 25/05/2011  
John Brown (Strone) Ltd £100 16/05/2011 Good Luck from all at John Brown (Strone) Ltd
Maureen Hopkinson £100 02/05/2011 Good luck to all the team it will be worth it in the end!
Kate Hopkinson £100 20/04/2011 Good luck. Ill be waiting at the finish......drunk!xxx
Phoenix Healthcare £60 06/06/2011 Good luck from Phoenix Healthcare
Emily Fraser £54 07/03/2011 Good luck lads
Maw and Paw Fraser £54 07/03/2011 Good Luck
Jim Boyden £50 10/06/2011 Good luck, you crazy people
Kens Kabs £50 09/06/2011 Good luck from Steve and all @ Kens Kabs
Verity Lamb £50 24/05/2011 Jon or Mark, if you do it with a stuffed yoda on your back, I'll donate more.
AM Plant and Tool Hire £50 23/05/2011  
Mark Rodger £50 03/05/2011 Enjoy Ford!!!
Heather Fogg £50 03/05/2011 Proud of you Guys. May your feet have wings.
kez hopkinson £50 02/05/2011 Good luck Gus, dont expect any sympathy when this is over its your own fault!!xxxxxxxx
Mike S £35 01/05/2011 Pete here's that money I owe you.
Shaz & Lee Tyrrell £30 16/05/2011 Good Luck to you all xoxo
Paul & Bev Cadogan £30 02/05/2011 Good Luck
B T D £30 20/04/2011 good luck
Fiona Beaton and Andrew Armour £30 12/04/2011 Good luck!!
Ros, John and lucy £25 06/06/2011 Good luck Jon-Paul, we know you can do it! Ros, John and Lucy
Jim & Iyline Wilson £25 06/06/2011 Best of luck, should be a doddle to you super fit soldiers.
Huw Jones £25 07/05/2011 Good luck Jon. I'll see you at the London Marathon.
Louise Fraser £20 09/06/2011 Don't think your going to get out of your blue jobs when you get home. Goodd Luck Boys
Ishbel A Fraser £20 07/06/2011  
M Gardner & Mrs L Gardner £20 07/06/2011  
Mickey Yendell £20 06/06/2011  
Duncan and Linda Beaton £20 06/06/2011 Good luck Alan and Peter!
Matt Caddy £20 25/05/2011 Good luck Jon but I came to my senses. I realized I killed the entire V.C. Squad singlehanded. There was blood... and chunks of yellow flesh clinging to my bayonet. To this day, I don't remember... VEGAS!!!!!!
Paul Wright £20 13/05/2011 Good luck to you all, only personal advice I can offer is watch out for the Facebook Photo Demons!
Dave Simning £20 06/05/2011  
Ambrisbeg Quarry £20 05/05/2011 Good Luck
Daz and Samantha Owen £20 03/05/2011 Good Luck from the Owen's!!!!
The Fords £20 01/05/2011 The Ford's - poor pensioners
Good luck all! love from the Bailes brigade X £20 01/05/2011 Good luck Jon, Gus/Mark and the rest of you. I think you are bonkers, but in a good way.
Scott Turnbull £20 20/04/2011  
Andrea & Si £20 19/04/2011 Good Luck
Anonymous £20 11/04/2011  
'Auntie Jan' £18 01/06/2011 You can do it ! Just think of that beer waiting for you at the end of the road...
Vishal pun £15 11/05/2011 Good luck guys.
Ben GS £10 10/06/2011  
Brian Payne £10 10/06/2011  
Brian Payne £10 09/06/2011  
Kelly & Titch Mackay £10 09/06/2011 Good Luck Boys x x Love The Mackay's x
Deb £10 07/06/2011  
kyle revell £10 06/06/2011 good luck hope you have fun haha
Andy McNally £10 05/06/2011 All the best mate. Jealous!!
Ryan Crank £10 03/06/2011  
Sandra Hayes £10 02/06/2011 Pete/Jon-Paul You mad pair, hope you have a great time running the route along with the rest of the team. I'm know there will be a cold beer at the end.
Richie Hill £10 31/05/2011 Enjoy!
Elaine £10 28/05/2011 Good luck everyone!
Anonymous £10 27/05/2011  
Jason Gray £10 16/05/2011 Best of luck Jon.
Kath White £10 15/05/2011 Good luck from the Whites.
Emma Murphy £10 15/05/2011 In return for your very kind HM sponsorship! Best of luck, sounds mental!
Anonymous £10 12/05/2011  
Alun Griffiths £10 03/05/2011 Alun Griffiths
Stephen Wright £10 03/05/2011 good luck as i no it won't be easy
Dean Wicks £10 03/05/2011  
Paul Floyd £10 03/05/2011 Good Luck
Laura Webb £10 02/05/2011 Keep on running!!! xxxxx
Randy £10 02/05/2011  
Rodders £10 02/05/2011 Can't believe no one sponsored you a fiver, this is twice as much as I wanted to sponsor, and ten times as much as Krissy said LOL, all the best all of you.
Dave H £10 26/04/2011  
From Betty Acklam £10 24/04/2011 Good luck on the day hope the weather is dry for you but not too hot.
Jane Duncan £10 20/04/2011  
Phil Eaves £10 19/04/2011 Jon - You left your iPod on your desk, so I sold it for a tenner. It's a good cause tho.
Brian Flynn £10 07/04/2011  
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