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  • Karen Wilkie
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  • Shaun Mackintosh
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Team Diary

6th March - 101 days to go!!! Team briefing tomorrow night by the event organisers! Myself (Rachael) and Jo will be attending on behalf of team 'Peterkins - Yes We Can!!' - time to get tips on training and essential kit! Oh and the free glass of wine is always nice :-)

7th March - 100 days to go!! Great 'Essential Team Briefing' in the Park Inn with Darren from Foundation Scotland! Jo and Rachael attended and left feeling really enthused by the challenge ahead! Strange how all the other teams left slightly stunned!! Nice glass of wine (or two!!) :)

9th March - 98 days to go!! Rachael, Jo and Karen set off on their first team outing. The girls walked in total approximately 12 miles along the old Deeside Railway Line to Peterculter and back. Great starter walk although oddly the terrain was quite hard work as it was tarmac all the way! Looking forward to the full team outing on 24th March! Bennachie Circuit here we come!

24th March - 82 days to go!! Team Walk no.2 under the belt!! Cold cold cold! Due to the unforeseen crappy weather Rachael, Jo and Karen binned the Bennachie walk and instead braved the March elements and surprised themselves by walking from Banchory to Aberdeen (with a toilet de-tour) in 5hrs 40 mins!! Due to injury Shaun was unable to participate this weekend. Because of holidays etc next full Team Walk is not until 28th April.

*** 28th March *** Bake Sale extravaganza in the Aberdeen Peterkins Office to raise money!! Delighted by how many eager volunteers there have been to help bake for the event! A real 'team' spirit about the office and the whole walking team are so grateful for all the support! Lets hope the Peterkins staff dig deep for all the delicious treats that will be up for purchase that day! Lets get baking!

28th March - 78 days to go!! Overwhelmed by the huge success of our Bake Sale today! What started as a small idea involving the 'walking' girls bringing in some goodies for the rest of the office to purchase for their tea break turned into something which would rival the Great British Bake Off! So many volunteers who kindly donated their time, ingredients and expertise in baking to help us reach our target! We surpassed any of our expectations and raised a staggering £288.35! Well done to all our bakers, contributors, eaters and helpers on the day! A fantastic team Peterkins effort!! Showing truly "Yes We Can"!

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