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  • Dug Campbell
    Team Leader

  • Hayley Anderson
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  • Dominic Dunnett
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  • Laura Peachey
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  • Claire Corbin

  • Douglas Eadie

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Donor Name Donation Date Message
Quiz Night and Raflle 21/5/13 £344 05/06/2013 proceeds split with the Mighty Biscuit Munchers - Thanks to everyone who came along, donated prizes and bought raffle tickets!
Stuart Hendry £100 20/06/2013 Good luck Dug & the team!
Gavin & Clare Dunnett £100 06/06/2013 Let's hope not too many blisters! Good luck to the team.
Rich £100 03/05/2013 Good luck Blister Monster!
MBM Bake Sale £80 10/06/2013 Proceeds from Bake Sale on 4/6/13 - split with the Mighty Biscuit Munchers
Elliot Britee (Hibs Ticket Auction) £60 14/06/2013 Good Luck from the Hibs Hospitality Ticket winner!
David and Ange £50 11/06/2013 Enjoy the Challenge Dom, we will be thinking of you!
Carol Campbell £50 09/06/2013 GOOD LUCK DUG AND THE WHOLE TEAM
Ceallach £50 25/05/2013 Good luck to Hayley and the team! Xxx
Margot J. Campbell £50 24/05/2013 Good luck to all - "Compeed" and cruachan!!
Jacqui Barwell (Mum's Boss lol!) £50 26/03/2013 Keep up the beetroot & good luck!!!
Olly Stephenson £45 18/06/2013 Well done Hayley and team!
Alistair and Tessa Campbell £35 07/06/2013  
Jennifer, Will and Emily Kent £30 09/06/2013 Go for it, Blister Monsters!!!! Wishing you all the very best with as few blisters as possible!!
Laura £30 05/06/2013  
Theresa and Willam £30 22/05/2013 Good luck Dug ... sounds like you'll need it!
MBM Baby Photo Competition £26 12/06/2013 Proceeds from the MBM Baby Photo Competition
Ron and Kay Craig £20 24/06/2013 We bet there were some bisters! Well done
Brian and Linda Peachey (Dad and Mum) £20 21/06/2013 Dear Laura and the team, glad you all survived reasonably intact
Sarah Dickson £20 15/06/2013 Good luck!!
Lynne Arnott £20 14/06/2013 Good Luck from Lynne
Hannah Roche £20 14/06/2013 Good Luck!
Alan and Sonia Anderson £20 14/06/2013 Good Luck Hayley
Adam More £20 14/06/2013 in bocca al lupo
Orla Purcell £20 14/06/2013 Best of luck! Walk in the park for ya ;-) x
Martin Soloman £20 11/06/2013 Good luck Dom, sounds good fun and great cause!
Susan Campbell £20 09/06/2013 Enjoy skipping along those hilly paths and avoiding the midges and the blister monster! Susan
Andew Light £20 07/06/2013 Best of Luck
Fi and Thomas x £20 04/06/2013 Good luck Laura and team - have fun!
Christine Shearer £20 28/05/2013 Good luck Dug & the team!
Julie Grant £20 22/05/2013 Good Luck Dug
Patricia Anderson £20 11/05/2013 Good luck!
Katie Adam £20 08/05/2013 Good luck Hayley and team!
Joni £20 08/05/2013 Good Luck Hayley and to your team as well!
Fiona Diram £20 03/05/2013 Good luck
Lynne Corbin £20 24/03/2013 Good luck to you all! I hope the weather & your feet are kind to you! Claire, I know you'll be brilliant,pack plenty of tea & beetroot!! !t
Han and Isak £10 19/06/2013  
Sinead Coffey £10 17/06/2013 Congrats on your achievement. It'll always be a part of your lives. Well done!
Jack Diram £10 14/06/2013 Good luck Hayley
Jono Scott £10 13/06/2013 Good luck with those blisters....
Sarah Thurston £10 13/06/2013 Good luck Hayley!! Just make sure you don't allow those nasty blisters get you this time! Compede it up :)
Hannah S £10 11/06/2013 Good luck guys - enjoy it. I wish I could be doing it again with you! Make sure you have a stash of bad jokes lined up to share when it gets tough ;-) Hannah and family xx
Joe and Kirsty £10 04/06/2013 Good luck Hayley! :D
Kirsty Denham £10 03/06/2013 Good luck everyone, especially Laura!
Rachel Stevenson £10 01/06/2013 Good luck Laura and all the team!
Gill Hutchison £10 31/05/2013 Hope you don't get a full foot sized blister this time ! Enjoy and good luck, Gill and Col
Lynsey Macready £10 26/05/2013 Good luck Hayley & team, you're absolute nutters! x
Angus £10 22/05/2013 Hey Dug - 54 miles! Perhaps next time you could do a sponsored spellathon instead??
Kirsty Thomson £10 21/05/2013 Best of luck to you Hayley, and to the rest of the team! Hope the sun/moon shines for you.
Elise Kinghorn £10 16/05/2013 Good luck Hayley and team!
Judith Anderson £10 02/05/2013 Good luck Hayley!! :D
Jamie Miller £10 26/04/2013 Good Luck Hayley x
Iain Anderson £10 30/03/2013 Couldnt afford the norm. Good Luck! x
Kirk Annetts £10 24/03/2013 Good Luck. Fiona / Kirk / Megan / Evie & Bella. XXXX
Leona Wake £5 14/06/2013 Good Luck