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  • Craig McDermid
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  • Jamie Livingston
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  • Andy Rogerson
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  • Mark Lewis
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  • Henrietta du Cros
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  • Gerard O'Sullivan
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  • Toby Tucker
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  • Antony Gaston
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  • Kenny Wallace
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  • Robin West
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  • Cammy Stewart
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  • Kate Stannard
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  • Philip McGuinness
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  • Debbie Rogerson

  • Carol Tinto

  • Rhiannon McNiven

  • Scott Robertson

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Chloe Livingston £200 14/06/2013 You are all crazy. Good luck!
Anonymous £200 14/06/2013 You are all crazy. Good luck!
Louise Humphrey £200 12/06/2013 Hi Ger - good luck... You'll need it
Harry and Evelyn McDermid £200 11/06/2013 Promise not to stalk you this time! Best of luck Craig and the rest of the A team!
Raffle £180 11/06/2013 Lets smash this!
Raffle from Cammy's Work £125 19/06/2013  
Linda, Ruairi & Stewart Robertson £100 22/06/2013 I know I'm late to sponsor, but you know me.... its all about the results! Amazing effort Craig, Scott & Team. I swear my donation also has nothing to do with that amazing chocolate cake Annie dropped in during the week!! Linda, Ruairi & Stewart x
Elaine O Sullivan £100 14/06/2013 Hi Ger - you're all half mad but I love it..! Your little sis
Gillian Hastings £100 14/06/2013 This sounds mad and exhausting but also impressive! Go for it!
the gaws £100 13/06/2013 dont be last.
F1F9 £100 13/06/2013 Go Toby. Keep team motivation up by threatening to talk to them about financial modelling. Best of luck from everybody at F1F9
Alasdair and Pippa Swan £100 13/06/2013 Toby, We are rooting for you. The family honour is at stake. Alasdair and Pippa
Murray Capital Ltd £100 11/06/2013 Craig, Best of luck to you and the team from all at Murray Capital
Anne McDermid £100 11/06/2013 Good luck Craig. You are ready for this xx
Patricia Lewis £100 04/04/2013  
Robert Thompson £80 24/03/2013 Best of luck to everyone!
Raffle £75 11/06/2013 Sell more tickets!
Sandra & Gavin £75 11/06/2013 Fingers crossed your
Raffle £75 11/06/2013 Over half way there!
Robin West £75 18/03/2013 Robin's entry payment moved to the teams fundraising. Thank you and good luck on the challenge ahead!
Raffle £60 14/06/2013 The raffle money keeps on coming!
Chris £54 14/06/2013 Good Luck to Andy and Henrietta! Fingers crossed for dry and Midgie free weather!
Richard Grant £50 18/06/2013 Presume you made it wee man?
Treendy £50 15/06/2013 Good luck!! Nic weekend for it! :)
Clan Robertson of Montrose £50 14/06/2013 Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Hilary Spence £50 14/06/2013 Kenny, it'll be a walk in the park. Gerard I expect you to beat Kenny hands down. Kate, I expect you to beat them both! Best of luck to all.
Jack Ogston £50 13/06/2013 You would have been better on a bike. Good luck.
Rob £50 13/06/2013 Some people will go to any length for a decent takeaway! Good luck with the challenge.
Lynn Martin £50 13/06/2013 Best of luck Toby
Patricia and James Nimmo £50 13/06/2013 Hope you have a string of Henrietta stories to keep you going!
christine and michael watters £50 12/06/2013 We're sure the pints on Saturday will help oil the joints!
Eoin and Mary Sinclair £50 11/06/2013 If the plasters & vaseline fail, get out the turbo-boost skateboard! Go Go Go Tony
Lesley Lewis £50 11/06/2013 Good luck team! Lesley, Ava and Theo
R J McDermid £50 10/06/2013 Good Luck
David & Eleanor Gaston £50 01/06/2013 Sure yer all daft as a bally brush!Go for it!
Jackie Anderson £50 02/05/2013 Go Andy and the team. Jackie
The Bell Family £50 26/02/2013 Good luck team from Richard & Caroline
Anon £50 25/02/2013 Crack on!
Barbara Anderson £50 25/02/2013 Good Luck from Simpson & Marwick
Tony s Granny and Auntie £45 13/06/2013  
Liz Taylor £40 13/06/2013 Brilliant effort .... wishing you all fine weather and success!
Ryan Henry £40 11/06/2013 I'll double this if you do it in flip flops.
Cammy's Mum and Dad £40 24/03/2013 Know you'll do well. Weare very proud of you suporting such a good cuse
Kyle MacRae £30 14/06/2013 Good luck!
Fiona & Callum £30 30/04/2013 Good luck team - maybe we'll be able to do the next challenge!
Mum £25 20/06/2013 Hope your feet are on the mend. Well done!
Sandra Mackay £25 10/04/2013 Good luck
Deborah Hood £25 01/04/2013 Andy - at your age it must be easier to just stop drinking beer. Debbie H
Secret Squirrel £25 18/02/2013 Just to get us started!
Andrew H £24 13/06/2013 Reminds me of a Proclaimers song only a bit less...
Anonymous £20 18/06/2013  
Elaine & Colin Drake £20 16/06/2013 Go team 'Fit n Fat' !!
David, Ann, Ella & Finn £20 15/06/2013 All the best for your challenge
Henrietta du Cros £20 14/06/2013 from Gordon Cairns! Thanks Gordon :)
Gordon Cairns £20 14/06/2013 Thanks Gordon!!
Philip Maxwell £20 13/06/2013 Great cause and great event. Go for it!
Stuart Scarles £20 13/06/2013 Good luck all.
Jonathan Gaston £20 12/06/2013 Do it Tone.
Sandra £20 11/06/2013 Tony's Raffle Sale to Sandra
Tim & Claire Jebb £20 11/06/2013 Good luck Tonytony Gaston
Gordon McDermid £20 11/06/2013 Best of luck!
Irene West £20 10/06/2013 Good luck from Mum and Dad
Secret Donation £20 04/06/2013 Good luck Miss. du Cros!
Allan Carlin £20 31/05/2013 Good luck guys - Wee Allan
Gerry Sweeney £20 30/05/2013 Good luck; enjoy.
Wendy Stewart £20 24/03/2013 Good luck guys!!
Kathy & Danielle £20 22/03/2013 Happy walking
Fi Gifford £20 07/03/2013 Good luck and I hope you get to your target - great cause
Colin McCallum £20 25/02/2013 Good luck, sounds like a great challenge.
Karen Tracey £20 22/02/2013 Good Luck Folks! Would love to know who is the whinger - would rather not know who has the weak bladder!
David Wyatt £10 21/06/2013 Well done Hetty! David x
Lauryn £10 14/06/2013 good luck cammy and the team, just think of the pint at the end!
Ben Walker £10 13/06/2013 Good luck - hope it's not too hot.
Joan Wyatt £10 13/06/2013 Good luck!
Alastair McGrath £10 13/06/2013 You realise that I may make a demand of you for this? :o)
Alex Benetatos £10 13/06/2013 Best of luck Robin!
Robin £10 13/06/2013 Good luck
Laura Donnelly £10 11/06/2013 Good luck Tony!
Graeme Mackay £10 08/06/2013 'to kate Stannard for raffle ticket' Good luck all.
Kate's Raffle Tickets £10 04/06/2013  
Gillian Bell £10 03/06/2013 Good Luck
Celeste Crawford £10 31/05/2013 To Kate Stannard for raffle tickets. Good luck to all of you!
Will and Jess Plunkett £10 31/05/2013 Have so much fun!!
charlie £10 30/05/2013  
Sue Postans £10 12/05/2013 Good luck you mad people!
Canny Dompton £10 03/04/2013 Good luck Bald
Ian £10 07/03/2013 Good luck guys
Liz Durrant £5 14/06/2013 Go team Fit n Fat Hope you all make it with no injures. Love Liz xxx
Helena du Cros £5 13/06/2013 Good luck everyone!