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  • Joss Mowforth
    Team Member

  • Sophie Horrocks
    Team Member

  • Georgina Nightingall
    Team Member

  • Max Chapman
    Team Member

  • John Roberts
    Team Leader

  • Rebecca Cuthbertson
    Team Member

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £2400   Balance £1784   Outstanding £616
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Fundraising Summary

Total Funds Raised:
Online Donations:
Offline Donations:
Credits Received:

Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
People Auction £776 16/04/2012  
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sale £239 19/05/2012  
INDEZ Ltd £150 20/07/2012 Well done Joss great team work and not too many blisters. Mum & Dad
Jamie Cuthbertson £150 07/07/2012 A bit late with the donation but extremely well done to all of you!
Maw and Paw Fraser £54 22/04/2012 Good luck and all the best. Love Maw and Paw Fraser
Shauna and Jamie Cuthbertson £50 17/06/2012 Well done to all of you. Beckie you never cease to surprise! We are very proud of you. Mum and Dad xxx
paul williams £50 19/01/2012 good luck keep al going
Phil & Angie Chapman £50 18/01/2012 Good luck Max and all the team. Angie & Phil Chapman
Izzie £30 02/02/2012  
Wandering Sue £25 21/07/2012  
Uncle John from Sweden £25 21/07/2012 Well done from Sweden
The Cogliano Family £20 20/07/2012 Well done all! (Hopefully next time it will be drier...)
Elliot £20 17/06/2012 good work guys
Dark Lord Bandy £20 15/06/2012  
Simon halloway £20 22/03/2012 Good luck
Fiona Rooney £20 16/02/2012 Good luck!!
Anne Ayton £10 23/07/2012 Well done Joss from Gran
The Helensburgh Aytons £10 23/07/2012 Good luck-am sure you will exceed your target!
Tanya £10 26/02/2012 Donation made, best of luck guys!
Nicola Brown £10 16/02/2012 Good luck you troopers!
Seb Vass £10 02/02/2012 Good luck!
Dave MacDonald £10 02/02/2012  
grace wiles £10 02/02/2012  
Zak Jones £10 02/02/2012 You can do it. all for one and one for all.
Elsa Brew-Girard £5 15/06/2012 Beckie you're a nutter, GOOD LUCK! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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