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  • Ian Shannon
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  • Nikkie Edmond
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  • nick monks
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  • Alisha Asrih
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  • Stephen Bold
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  • James O'Donnell

  • Darren Edmond

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Donor Name Donation Date Message
M-PACT Building Services £500 19/06/2013 Amazing achievement by all. from all the team at M-PACT
Compass £500 29/05/2013 Good luck all, hope you have fun
Platform Interior Solutions £250 27/05/2013 Good Luck BGFM team, rather you than me :)
Loon & Quines £250 24/05/2013 A serious challenge, worthy of support and encouragement...from my armchair!
Pickfords Business Solutions - James Clegg £200 23/05/2013 Good luck and have a safe challenge from all at Pickfords
The Keenan Consultancy (TKC) £100 20/06/2013 Well done Team BG - a great and worthy cause!
Elliptical Interiors £100 07/06/2013 Good Luck, both on the day and the recovery thereafter, I believe copious amounts of alcohol will help with this !!
Directors & Staff at OfficeTeam Ltd £100 20/05/2013 Goodluck to Ian, Nikkie and all in the BGFM team. with best wishes from Robert Greig, the directors & staff at OfficeTeam Ltd.
Source £100 20/05/2013 Good luck BGFM, see you at the finish for a pint!!
Rob £75 10/06/2013 Dont forget the midgy cream
Matson Henderson Architects £70 11/06/2013 Good luck Ian and team, all the best!
Richard McGrail £50 14/06/2013 All the best - enjoy your toenails now while you have them.
Key Facilities Management £50 11/06/2013 Very best wishes and good luck - hope the weather is kind!
Malcolm & Pat £50 10/06/2013 Good luck & Good weather
The Shark £50 07/06/2013 Good luck and fingers crossed you get some decent weather
Jenny and Bill Shannon - (the Old Uns) £50 29/05/2013 Confident that you will make it !! LOL Mum and Dad
Andrew B £50 22/05/2013 No message, Ian said in the pub, just give me your you go!
David Hill £50 21/05/2013 good luck to Ian, Nikkie and the team from David Hill and staff @ caldwell & hill flooring
Spotless Commercial Cleaning £50 07/05/2013 Good Luck from all at Spotless Commercial Cleaning!
Manson £45 01/06/2013 Good luck from the sandpit.
Aspen Corporate £30 31/05/2013 Good luck from all at Aspen Corporate
Charles Downes £30 22/05/2013 Enjoy miles 42 to 54!!
AGMCDOUGALL & PARTNERS £30 21/05/2013 good luck from andy mcdougall and staff
Lynne Thomas £30 11/05/2013 Good luck to u all, especially you cousin my friend ;-) as they say 'the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step'. I think its true of life too. Ur an inspiration! Go u!
Ian Stewart £30 02/05/2013 All the best!
Lorraine Laird £30 01/05/2013 Ian, Nikkie and Co - mighty challenge! Go well and hope massages booked for post event!
scott saunders £25 13/06/2013 Steve - remember the one piece of essential kit for your walk. Ear plugs.
Gareth Cheeseman £25 29/05/2013 You have my respect, admiration and support, but you will never take my sit this one out. Very best of luck, walk in the park I'm sure.
Cath Douglas £20 14/06/2013 good luck - think you are mad:)
Neil Broadley £20 14/06/2013 For the love god, take vaseline.
Excel Signs (Scotland) Limited £20 10/06/2013 Good luck, all the best,
Louise Clark £20 07/06/2013 Good luck nikkie and team!!! You are all mad!!But well proud of you mrs edmond :-)) Be thinking of you as we sip prosecco in the sun. Good luck!!
Linda Rennie / Susan Ferguson £20 07/06/2013 Good Luck to you all, Sure you will have a fab time and be very proud of yourselves at the end. Linda Rennie and Susan Ferguson
Becky and Jim £20 06/06/2013 Good luck Alisha and the team! X
Zoe Allen £20 05/06/2013 Great charity - good luck!
Graham and Kim £20 31/05/2013 Good Luck Nikkie from Graham and Kim at Iron Mountain
Bob and Susan Shannon £20 30/05/2013 With best wishes from far, far south of the border...
Kevin Sweeney £20 21/05/2013 Good luck to you all
Rob Brittain £20 20/05/2013 Good luck Ian, and enjoy the beer at the end!!
Rob Pearson £20 14/05/2013 Ian and all the team good luck sounds pretty challenging to me Cheers Rob
Stuart Gibson £20 10/05/2013 Have fun
Andy Russell £20 30/04/2013 Good luck guys!
Good Luck Steven, Mary, Granny and Papa £15 14/06/2013 Good luck Steven Bold, from Granny, Papa and Auntie Mary
Dean Dyer £15 12/06/2013 Go team go..., Alisha.., I'll see ypu soon for a Scapa...:-)
Lucy Duff £15 10/06/2013 Good Luck!
Alex Thomson £15 07/06/2013 Good luck
Laurie Blair £10 20/06/2013 Well done, hope the blisters heal soon. xx
Ian Anderson £10 17/06/2013 Well done Alisha and the rest of the team.
ZeEsH £10 17/06/2013 Good Luck Boldy!
Michelle J £10 16/06/2013 Congatulations on an amazing achievement- you certainly deserve a rest and a glass of wine or two!
Hannah Ezady £10 16/06/2013  
Chris £10 15/06/2013 good luck alisha :-)
Guybrush Threepwood £10 14/06/2013  
Claire and Andrew Taylor £10 14/06/2013 Go for it Nikkie! You can do it! x
Sandy Bryce £10 07/06/2013 Good Luck guys
Angela & Cam £10 01/06/2013 Best of luck. Remember your midge net.
Louise Gillanders £10 30/05/2013 Good luck everyone, especially Nikkie and Darren :) xx
Team McKenna £10 30/05/2013 Good luck to everyone involved, especially our good friend Nikkie. U go for it chicky u will do fab. Lots of love from Team McKenna
Magaret and Eddie Edmond £10 28/05/2013 All the Best!!!!
Sandra Edmond £10 23/05/2013 The best of luck to nikkie and the team.
Rena Young £10 22/05/2013 Good luck
Sean Pottinger £10 22/05/2013 Good luck! Remember to change your socks every 10 miles and take some vaseline! :)
Audrey Gallacher £10 22/05/2013 Good Luck!
Lynne Semple £10 20/05/2013 Good luck!
Jennifer Dinwoodie £10 20/05/2013 Best of luck!
Caroline Bruce £10 20/05/2013 Good Luck!
Lorraine Evans £10 20/05/2013 Best wishes for a successful fund-raising effort.
Karen Mackenzie £5 29/05/2013 Good luck folks