Examples of PAST Media Coverage

As a guide we've compiled a range of media examples to give you a taste of the potential opportunities for covering the Caledonian Challenge. The stories will differ year on year but here are some of the angles that may suit your publication/broadcast.

First person experience feature on the Caledonian Challenge - Who's that plodder at the back?

If you would like to enjoy the 'Walk of Your Life' and write about it for your readers you can either organise a team of willing participants or it may be possible to pair you up with a team to complete the challenge with.

The Caledonian Challenge is a team event so you could not complete the Challenge on your own but if you wanted to report on the event as an Elite runner you can do so in a team of just two.

Here is an example written by Melanie Reid of The Times on her experience of the Challenge of a Lifetime.  

Inspiring team stories - Strength in Numbers

Every year, the organsiers meet some of the most inspiring individuals taking part in the RBS Caledonian Challenge. For many the event is seen as a milestone in people's lives and an opportunity to celebrate friendship, bonds with fellow participants and to prove that with a bit teamwork, training and a positive attitude anything is possible.

The feature below celebrates a team of working mothers with a wide range of careers who came together to experience the RBS Caledonian Challenge. In fact this team enjoyed it so much that as soon as they had rested and recovered they signed up for the following year. 

Outdoor Travel feature - Take the high road

 The Caledonian Challenge reaches parts of Britain no other challenge can reach. The breathtaking scenery is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts and the Challenge captures this incredible Scottish landscape at all times and in all lights.

As a travel feature the Challenge promises an experience like no other outdoor adventure and as Jeremy Seal of The Telegraph finds below it's an experience that is hard to beat. 

Business/Recruitment Pages Team building feature - Step forward for ultimate challenge

 As a unique team building event, the Challenge has proved popular with a huge number of businesses from all types of industry. A straight feature describing what makes it so special has proved to be very popular for readers of business and recruitment press. This piece in The Scotsman  was a engaging and well read addition to the recruitment supplement 

A unique fundraising event - A feature on the charity aspect of the challenge

 The Caledonian Challenge is much more than a marathon, sponsored walk or charity cycle. As a fundraising activity it is one of the most rewarding and challenging events in Britain. For those wanting to make a difference, the  Caledonian Challenge is the ultimate team fundraising event as described in the piece below.


Health & Fitness feature - When fitness runs in the family

For most teams, preparation for the Caledonian Challenge begins 6 months before the event and the training to be fit and ready for the event is one of its most welcome side effects. Participants have used the training to hit weight targets, improve their general health and in the case of this feature become closer as a family.

There are countless stories every year of teams and team members that are enjoying a dramatic change for the better to their general health and well being.




Team building in the workplace - Going the extra mile

 Team away days can't compare to the entire 24hrs spent on the RBS Caledonian Challenge. The benefits of taking to the hills with your workmates have been recognised by many enlightened employers and this is just one of a number of the resulting team bonding stories.




Putting the fun in Fundraising

 Every Caledonian Challenge team member must raise a minimum of £500 for the Scottish Community Foundation and each year there are plenty of examples of those who put their creativity and craziness to good effect when it comes to raising funds. Here's a taster of what participants are up to...




Local news pieces on participants from your area

 If you are writing for a local, regional or international publication there may well be a team from your area. Please contact our Events Team on 0131 524 0530 to find out if there are any your readers/viewers/listeners might be interested in.




Behind the scenes

 The success of the Caledonian Challenge is helped immensely by the work of around 250 volunteers, who work with the events team to ensure the smooth running of Registration, the Checkpoints, water stops, trail management and numerous other aspects of the Challenge. The events team also receive support from the Army and Scout Association, as well as beneficiaries of Scottish Community Foundation funds. This interview is with just one of the people providing support to the event.