Where your money goes

Foundation scotland

The Caledonian Challenge/Hike has a proud history of raising money for charity. Over 15,000 people have helped us raise £12 million pounds for good causes. This money is given to Foundation Scotland which awards grants that make a difference to the lives of thousands of people.

The Foundation focuses on often overlooked and underfunded charities. This is important because currently, around 91% of donations to the voluntary sector go to just 5% of registered charities. It aims to change this by working in partnership with philanthropic individuals, companies and charitable trusts. The foundation has helped distribute over £18 million in grants to support voluntary groups and grassroot charities which lack the means to raise funds for themselves.

Since the Foundation started in 1996, it has grown to be one of the largest private funders of the voluntary sector in Scotland. Foundation Scotland are now distributing over £4million in grants each year, supporting community activities in every Scottish local authority area. Over the same period, the Caledonian Challenge has contributed £12.5 million to support the Foundation's important work.

case studies

The Foundation distributes funds to a wide variety of different charities. Take a look at some examples of charities that your hardwork and sacrifice is going to help. Foundation Scotland Case Studies.

Grant Making Map

Want to know where our grants have been distributed? You can access our Grant Making Map to see projects that have been supported in your local area.

Fundraising for other charities

Please Note - This offer is now full. Unless you have already received and completed an Additional Charity Request form, sent by us, then you will be unable to fundraise for an additional charity. 

Foundation Scotland supports a wide spectrum of causes and needs and if there is a specific area of charity that you would like to donate to then please let us know and we could direct the money you raise in that direction.

However, we do understand that some teams have a special charity close to their heart. One that carries significant personal attachment. In this case we are allowing a few teams on the event to divide their fundraising between the SCF and an additional charity. We are one of the only charity events in the UK to offer you this freedom.

There are some conditions to this offer -

  1. We ask that each team member raises a minimum amount of money (up to £400) for the Foundation. Any money raised over this agreed target can be split between the Foundation and your charity of choice
  2. There are a limited number of teams allowed to take part in this offer.
  3. You must complete an 'Additional Charity Request Form' and return it to us. This form is currently only available upon request.
  4. All fundraising must be done through our online fundraising page. On no account should you set up a seperate fundraising page (ie. Just Giving) for your additional charity.
  5. Each team can only nominate one charity.
  6. Additional charity cheques will be distributed after the event and fundraising is completed. The cheques will be sent to you directly so that you can forward them on to the charity with a personal message.