Team Supporters

Every team is backed by a whole network of friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours. Some may form your Support Crew and attend the event to provide practical assistance and moral support. Many others will back your team with a donation towards your team's fundraising total. Sponsor a Team


The Team Supporter role is another group of unsung heroes. Those who support the team quietly in the background in so many other ways: 

Fundraising Support

Friends, family members or partners can also be part of the team, helping out the team by organising fundraising activities. 

Admin Support

Busy executives may wish to nominate their PA or business partner to join the team as a supporter, so that they can carry out team admin in the Online Support Area on your behalf.


Moral Support

During the event, all your friends, family and sponsors will be able to keep track of your progress via your Teams Fundraising page and keep you motivated with encouraging texts and phone calls.

How to become a Team Supporter

Ask your Team Leader, or a team member to log-in and nominate you as a Team Supporter in the Team Members page. Make sure they have your email address.