You do not have to walk the Caledonian Challenge to be a major part of it. The event is a team challenge and there is a role for everyone. How you choose to support your team is up to you. Below are some of the ways that you can get involved.

Sponsor your favourite team

Your sponsorship donation will inspire your team members through months of training, preparation and inspire them in their goal to take on the Challenge itself.

It may take your team 24 hours to achieve their moment of glory, but the legacy of your gift will live on through the lives of the people it helps.

This is your chance to support your friends and family in their adventure as well as people that are possibly less fortunate than you, whilst helping to build stronger communities in some of the most remote parts of Scotland.

Sponsor your team here

Assist your team at the Event

Every team needs a Support Crew. Be an unsung hero by providing your team with  practical and emotional support throughout the Event. You will spend the weekend transporting kit, cooking food, pampering your team-mates and possibly even popping a few blisters, all to hear those magic words:"Thank you for all your support; we couldn't have done it without you!"




You will join an amazing community of caring and socially-minded volunteers, a veritable small army of helpers. And you will get to drive through some of the most glorious scenery Scotland has to offer.

Find out more about becoming a Support Crew member

Support your team back at the home or in the office

You may not be be able to attend the Event itself but there are still plenty of ways you can help back at home, or at work , before and after and even during the event.

You may be able to help with co-ordinating the logistics and administration; helping with the fundraising or simply cheering the team on!  You will be an integral member of the team, be able to follow their progress online and have your name in lights on the team's fundraising page.

Find out more about being a Team Supporter

Support all the teams taking part

If you would like to support not only your own team, but all the teams taking part, and possibly your own Scottish charity or community group too, please consider becoming a Volunteer.