Team Awards

As well as the Trailblazer Competition, we will have team awards available that teams can enter into:

  • Fastest All Mens Team
  • Fastest All Womens Team
  • Fastest Mixed Team
  • Fastest Veterans Team (over 40s)
  • Best Team Spirit Award
  • Best Dressed Team
  • Best Support Crew Award
  • Triumph Over Adversity Award

You will only be eligible for these team awards if your team adhere to the following conditions:

  • Your team start together, check in at each Checkpoint together and finish the course together as a team.
  • You meet your minimum fundraising commitment by the fundraising deadline of Friday 31st July


The 2009 Award Winners are:

Fastest Team Awards:

Fastest All Male Team:    Skandia  Time:  13:57:51

Fastest Female Team:      Pakalolo  Time: 18:37:08

Fastest Mixed Team:       Team Scotbeef  Time: 14:54:35

Fastest Veterans Team: 
   The Cousins    Time: 17:17:12

Best Team Spirit:

Many thanks to Kerri O'Dwyer, who took the time to write this poem and convince us that her team “2b2b” should win the award for Best Team Spirit Award!

When we set off, I must confess, I was a cynic like all the rest,

54 miles was surely some gimmick – how were we going to do our best?
But the girls in our team, Were simply supreme.

 O’er hills and dales, in sun and rain
We stuck together, through the pain

As one would falter, the rest would rally
To meet the challenge that was the Cally

 As day wore on, as did our soles
We helped each other in supporting roles
The hills were steep, our feet grew sore
There were many moments, we could take no more

 As dusk arrived, our ebb was low
Our pace becoming increasingly slow
A support point came into sight
Our crew aware of our every plight

They made us food they made us laugh
They made us fit for the second half

We began to sing to raise our spirit

As we approached our personal limits
And then, at last the end was nigh
Our spirits rose to a fantastic high

 There’s no doubt we would have failed
If not for the spirit which didn’t pale
A challenge it was, that had to be met
A better team, you couldn’t get!!”

 Best Dressed Team:

There could only be one winner this year and that goes to the guys from “Team Opcare Bristol”, There was some great outfits at the finish line but anyone who walks the whole 54miles in luminous tutus and leg warmers is worthy of  the award! 

Best Support Crew    

 As always we were overwhelmed with nominations for the unsung heroes of the event, the Support Crew.  From Support Crews in fancy dress, to warming up pies on bbqs, encouraging text messages and not to mention the looking after of the smelly socks, the stories and nominations were endless!

 After great thought and debate, we decided to give the award to Mike and Suzie Horseman from the Team “Open Agency"