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  • Karen Lowe
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  • Claire McCluskie
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  • Mark Wright
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  • Joelle Mckenna
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  • Craig Hislop
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  • Ben Towers
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  • Sarah Carswell
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  • Billy Smith
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  • Liz Cleghorn
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  • Liana Canavan
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  • Christine Scott
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  • Alastair White
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  • Murray White
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  • John Stevenson
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  • Andy Cannon

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Team Name: Calamity Climbers


Funds Raised So Far...

Money Raised £15994  Our Target £4200
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Donations Received - Thanks!

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Race night £14128 01/06/2015  
Damm Environmental £200 05/06/2015 Good Luck!
Andy & Kathleen Cannon £100 11/06/2015 Good Luck CALAmity Climbers
Terrenus Land & Water £100 10/06/2015 John, good luck to all the team - blister packs in the post
Beattie Communications £100 09/06/2015 Best of luck!! Laurna and team at Beattie. x
AFG Flooring £100 04/06/2015 Good luck enjoy a drink at the end
Tough Construction £100 02/06/2015 Murray, Don't forget the hat in case of sunstroke!
J. Statham £69 07/06/2015 Smash it Kaz!
Nic and Chris x £54 08/06/2015 Good luck Karen!!
Joe Canavan £54 31/05/2015 No Calamities Liana, just midgies!
SG Pro Cleaning Ltd £54 29/05/2015 I'm with those site managers Murray but good luck and keep us posted!
Alan, Vicki and Sophie £54 28/05/2015 Good luck!
Tilecraft Services (Paisley) Ltd £50 09/06/2015 Best Wishes From Tilecraft Services (Paisley) Ltd
Murray £40 09/06/2015 i am looking forward to the after party and thanks to Andy here is another £40
Mikey and Lini £30 12/06/2015 Go Liana and pals!!!
Tricia Purden £30 12/06/2015 Well done in supporting this amazing event, make us all proud x
Alan & Rosie Cadden £30 05/06/2015 Good luck Liz. Love Rosie & Alan
MDM SPECIALIST TRADES LTD £25 09/06/2015 Go for it!
Lauren Barron £25 28/05/2015 Good Luck Christine! From Lauren & Daniel x
Chris, Lewis & Holly £24 13/06/2015 Well done Mummy - you did it! Very proud of you!
Bernadette £24 09/06/2015 Good Luck Liana and the team, enjoy the scenery :-)
R. Thomson Elect & Ltg Design £24 09/06/2015 Good Luck To All
Nickie Cowan £24 06/06/2015 Good luck to all the team
Cheeseman £24 06/06/2015 Have a fab day dawl ����
Ian Ramsay £24 06/06/2015 Good luck one and all...
Delboy £24 31/05/2015 Giving a donation is the easy part, but the real heroes are the ones who train hard to make someone's life better.. "All the way"
Great Uncle John £24 30/05/2015 Good luck Team Calamity!
John Lowe £24 29/05/2015 Good luck!
Jim Anderson £24 29/05/2015 Piece of cake Muzza, all the best!!
Andrew & Marlen £24 29/05/2015  
Deb and Don Nicolson £24 28/05/2015 Good luck
Mum & Dad £24 28/05/2015 Good Luck Karen.
Ann Stewart £24 29/04/2015 Good luck to Joelle and all the team! You can do it, love the Stewarts
Sylvia Petersen £20 12/06/2015 Good luck and enjoy it
Liz Cleghorn £20 09/06/2015 Thank you for the donation Stalkers & Nuhi's!
Michelle Nimmo, Pinsent Masons £20 09/06/2015 Good luck!
paul devine £20 09/06/2015 good luck
Joe and Ann Marie Canavan £20 08/06/2015 Liana you can do it....
Billy McCallum £20 02/06/2015 Good Luck Everyone Involved
Liz Cleghorn £20 01/06/2015  
Tom Reynolds £20 29/05/2015 Come back in one piece Muzza
Lynn, Paul, Eve, Leigh and Kyle £20 28/05/2015 We're guessing heels may be off the agenda for a bit Christine??!! Good luck.
Lynne McMonagle £10 12/06/2015 Best of luck Christine ! Go for it girl!
Kim £10 11/06/2015 Good luck Craig x
Margaret Andrew £10 08/06/2015 Good luck Christine, from Mum
Gail Reid £10 06/06/2015 Good luck Liana!
Stewart White £10 06/06/2015 Mur, Hope the blisters won't be big ones!!!!
Allan Hogarth £10 06/06/2015 Good luck keep right on to the end of the road mind the midgies ..
Dale wilson £10 05/06/2015 Good luck Liz!
Laurie Cleghorm £10 05/06/2015 Good luck mum! You can do it!!
Mary Hagan £10 03/06/2015 Good luck Liz........x
Carole Birnie £10 29/05/2015 This is for you and John S, Murray! All the best. x
Fiona McKay £10 28/05/2015 I thought I would never see the day when you did something like this, good luck Liz x
Matt Kaye £10 28/05/2015 All the best Muzza
Deb, Jon, Katy & Alex £10 28/05/2015 Go Karen!
Suzanne McGuiness £5 08/06/2015 Good luck Christine. Rather you than me! Suzanne and Louise

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