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  • Kunal Patel
    Team Leader

  • Imran Khatri
    Team Member

  • Fio Pozzuto
    Team Member

  • Spencer Mehmet
    Team Member

  • Matt Sommer
    Team Member

  • Verka Stewart
    Team Member

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £3500   Balance £559   Outstanding £2941
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Fundraising Summary

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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Matt Squibb £50 18/05/2011 Here comes the Sommer!
Phil Andrews £50 12/05/2011 If you get Sameer up one peak Imran this donation will be doubled
Tom and Sarah £44 25/05/2011 Matt better not injure himself in the first few miles���
Janet White £20 19/05/2011 Good luck to you all, hope your blisters are small ones!!
Sarah Tanner £20 18/05/2011 Good luck!x
Jarlath O'Brien £20 04/05/2011 Good Luck. Ham and Cheese will be watching closely.
Phil Davies (The Stragglers) £20 18/04/2011 V; rather you than me! Good luck. Phil
Damian L £20 15/04/2011 Good luck baby xx
Rob de Ridder £20 11/04/2011 Guys, I wish you good luck and good weather, take it one step at the time
Mark B £20 11/04/2011  
Kate £15 27/05/2011 Good luck V. Hope the boots give you a smooth hike. Katexx
Ivy P £10 26/05/2011 good luck sis, will be thinking about you x
Roberta Garcia £10 25/05/2011 Good luck, you are very brave!!!
Helen McAllister, EY £10 25/05/2011 Wonderful initiative but you must all be MAD!
Martyn Nutt £10 06/05/2011 I will be supporting you all the way to the finish line!
Rahena Ali £10 03/05/2011 Good Luck Mate x
Lisa Godfrey £10 21/04/2011 Good Luck to you all
Vikki Hammett £10 20/04/2011  
Shenaz Writer £10 19/04/2011 good luck V, hope the weather is kind to you, Shenaz
Bharti £10 18/04/2011 Go for it guys and GOOD LUCK!
Joanne Coxon £10 15/04/2011 Good Luck guys, will be wishing you on. x
Sharon £10 15/04/2011 Good Luck
Hollie Malcolm £10 15/04/2011 Good Luck Guys! Go Spencer!
calle challenge £10 14/04/2011 Good Luck, watch out for the midges!
Elaine Cusack £10 14/04/2011 Good luck Kunal
DR.KHAN £10 14/04/2011 good luck bro
HEMA £10 14/04/2011 GOOD LUCK BETA
Peter Ferrari £10 12/04/2011 Good luck to one and all!
Sarah Webb £10 11/04/2011 Good Luck Guys
Noreen Bullock £10 11/04/2011 Good Luck !!
Sylvia £10 28/02/2011 Good luck V and friends! Love Sylvia, Archie and Mimi
Martin Wolfson £10 26/02/2011 To Verka, love from Martin
Charlotte Smith £5 26/05/2011 Good Luck!!!
Chris Snowball £5 24/05/2011 Good Luck Fio and the gang.
Laura, Rayn & Sami x £5 19/05/2011 Go Vee, Go Vee, Go Vee x x x x x
Vinesha and Michele Flaminio £5 19/05/2011 Good luck V and the rest. Well done for finding equally crazy people V. Hugs Vinesha and Michele
Vanessa £5 09/05/2011 Best of luck, V x
Lee and Michelle Davies £5 20/04/2011 Good luck Verka!
Philippa Shaw £5 17/04/2011 Good luck V!
RBS CSM&I; £5 22/02/2011 Run fatboy run!!!
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