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Donor Name Donation Date Message
Anonymous £300 18/05/2011  
John Blackwood £100 10/06/2011 The toughest challenge so far - you boys will be striding off the Highland Way on Sunday morning with grins the size of the New Forth Crossing - go guys go !!!
Suzanne Donald £100 31/05/2011 Good luck everyone. You can do it! X
Gregor Henderson £100 15/05/2011 Great effort. May the sun shine long and tales be tall.
tom oneill £100 26/04/2011 RICH- semi talented sportsman!!!! backside!!!!...Best of luck to you all
Paul Coffey £100 22/03/2011 Richard's bound to cheer up at some point on the way :-)
Steve, Diane, Michael and Nathan £54 02/05/2011 Good luck.....
eric henderson £50 13/06/2011 First time you've walked in your life, willie!!
Susan & David £50 06/06/2011 All the bbest - susan & David
Bruce Girvan £50 01/06/2011 enjoy , rather you than me
Ian & Gill Massie £50 31/05/2011 Good luck from a very armchair sportsman!
Jamie & Ross £50 29/05/2011 Good Luck
Keith Robertson £50 27/05/2011 Good luck guys!
Angus Macpherson £50 20/04/2011 It is alot easier than scoring 50!
Sandra Ritchie £45 14/05/2011 Esther & Willie - hope the sun shines! Good luck and look forward to hearing all the stories! Sandra & alastair ng all the stories.
Peter Robertson £40 03/05/2011 Remember - its a fun event, not a competition!
The Smith family £35 03/06/2011 Good luck and watch out for the midgies!
Alex Reid £30 13/06/2011 Congratulations on completing the Caley Challenge! x
McCurrach Clan £30 12/06/2011 Good Luck Duncan. Hope the weather is good and you get to enjoy the stunning views
David Henderson £30 07/06/2011 Good luck Willie - look after your feet!
Robert Arbuckle £30 07/06/2011 good luck with the weather, midges, and blisters
Ian & Alison Waddell £30 03/06/2011 Good Luck! You'll probably need it!
Mike Cronin £30 20/05/2011 All the best Duncan - remember the plasters !!!
Douglas Russell £30 19/05/2011 If you smile, Richard, it will help to mask the pain....
The Middletons £30 16/04/2011 Good Luck Duncan. Hope the midgies don't like you x :)
Ajay £25 31/05/2011  
Alasdair Donald £25 31/05/2011 Good luck guys!
Dave Cameron £25 02/05/2011 Good luck - especillay to Willie - Hope that you get the weather for it!
Hi Duncan good luck, Ian & Anne G. £25 18/04/2011 Hi Duncan good luck, hopefully Carol will be able to keep the embrocation flowing - remember you rub it on don't drink it. Ian & Anne G.
Elliot Jenna And Clarke £25 16/04/2011 Good Luck to you all. Good Luck Granda Dunc. xx
A Porte £20 14/06/2011 Good for you! That's an amazing challenge, you're a star!
Duncan Tannahill £20 10/06/2011 Good luck with the venture and I hope it is not too hot! I feel exhausted just thinking about you all and what you have to do.
Hafsa £20 10/06/2011 Best of luck!
Mike Megginson £20 09/06/2011 What bravery and courage for a man no a granddad to take this challenge head on. Go on Duncan Elliot.
Mark Turner £20 09/06/2011  
Debi Hall £20 08/06/2011 Good luck Ricardo, Compeed will save you so make sure you take plenty with you, Debs x
Darren Flynn £20 05/06/2011 Good luck - hope its all downhill
Dave Curle £20 03/06/2011 Wishing you best of luck
Rich Mackay £20 02/06/2011 Are you the wide or a nae baws?
Simon Nicholls £20 02/06/2011 One foot in front fo the other, and repeat several thousand times!
Jackie T £20 02/06/2011 After passing the challenge of your big training walk at the weekend, I'm sure you will be looking forward to walking those extra 24 miles through the night!
Simon Etchells £20 01/06/2011  
BORG £20 01/06/2011 Wishing you good luck!
Peter Adie £20 01/06/2011 Remember the Avon Skin So Soft (for the midges, not supple skin)
Bharat Vyas £20 27/05/2011 Good Luck Richard.
Colin & Sally £20 26/05/2011 Good luck Dunc, there will be a green tea for you at the finish! Love Colin and Sally xx
Paul Syme £20 25/05/2011 Best of luck Richard.
Sarah Robertson £20 24/05/2011 Good luck & well done for trying!
Taylor Ellis £20 22/05/2011 Good Luck
Gordon Aitken £20 18/05/2011 Good luck Richard and watch out for the wee blighters (midgies - not the teams from SLI)
Carol Allan £20 18/05/2011 Good luck. Think of the beer at the end of it.
Gordon Elliott £20 03/05/2011 wish you well, hope you bont get to many blisters
Eileen £20 18/04/2011 Rather you than me - good luck to you all xx
colin mair £20 18/04/2011 Good luck, chaps! I often invited you to" take a walk" at Mannofield - now's your chance!
Euan McIntyre £20 22/03/2011 Aberdeenshire players 'walking'?! Now there's a first!!! Good luck to you all...Crocky
Michael Wollaston £15 02/06/2011 Enjoy it if you can !
Sam Park £15 02/06/2011 Richard, OMG I feel your pain I did the CC in 2000. I am sure you will all do well and complete it in no time!!
Amanda South £15 27/05/2011 Good Luck Richard.
Staff of £15 23/04/2011 Good luck lads... hope the weather is good to you and midgies stay away!
John Metcalfe £10 12/06/2011 best of luck - trust you will not get too many blisters!
Kirsten £10 08/06/2011 Richard I'm sure your tenactity will get you to the end (along with flapjacks)! Good walking
Christine Edwards £10 07/06/2011 Well done Richard for taking this on. Good luck to all of you.
Neil Forrest £10 07/06/2011 Good luck Willie and the guys (and gals!)
Stephen Norie £10 06/06/2011 Good Luck Richard
Alison Millar £10 02/06/2011 Good luck Richard!!
Goutam Das £10 02/06/2011 Good Luck Richard .. Sure you could do it..
Andy McDermott £10 02/06/2011 Good luck!
Louisa Barnett £10 02/06/2011 Good luck Richard!
John Stewart £10 17/05/2011 Good luck, remember the zinc tape for your feet !
Catriona McLean £10 16/05/2011 Good luck - especially coming out of Kinlochleven
Sharon Munro £10 16/05/2011 Good Luck Richard
Denise Cheyne £10 09/05/2011 All the best lads, bring plenty plasters :-) xx
jonathan wilby £10 09/05/2011 Good luck.
Julie Murray £10 06/05/2011 Good luck boys!
Shaz & Derek £10 16/04/2011 Good Luck Duncan, I hope you have time to enjoy the views! Don't get too many blisters xx
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