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  • James Thompson
    Team Leader

  • James Twyman
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  • Amanda Twyman
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  • Joe Phillips
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  • Lucy Thompson

  • Lynn MacGregor

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £2500   Balance £2405   Outstanding £95
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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
James Thompson £280 05/05/2011  
UK Euroconnect £250 09/05/2011  
The Bird. £100 06/06/2011 Hoots mon. Good luck, mind out for the wee nationalist beasties.
Knight Frank LLP £100 31/03/2011  
Stella and Philip £100 29/03/2011 Good luck Amanda and team! Xx
Eliane Perriss £75 02/05/2011 Good luck, we know you will do it! Love Mummy & MIL
FIL £75 02/05/2011 good luck to all of you.Fil
Mr P, Plumpster, Ander, TOP, Mr P snr, Mrs P snr £60 08/04/2011 Hope Lush doesn't have to carry Mr T
Phil & Fiona Spencer £50 06/06/2011 May the force be with you!!
The Nunn family £50 18/05/2011 Best of Luck to you all! Love from The Nunn family
Rob Loder-Symonds £50 06/05/2011 Good Luck & don't forget your walking sticks for the 'devils staircase' !
Shep £50 25/04/2011 Best of luck all, praying for decent weather!
Stephen Twyman £50 21/04/2011 Good luck and hope it doesn't make you stiff for cricket. Skip x
Myles £50 21/04/2011 Have fun
Toby and Anna Bidwell £50 20/04/2011 Good luck Uncle Wallace and Auntie Amanda! Love Tommy and Izzy xxxx
David Shepley-Cuthbert £50 15/04/2011  
Liz and David £50 06/04/2011 Good Luck
Chavereys £50 31/03/2011 Good Luck!
Mum and John £50 31/03/2011 Will you be wearing kilts?
Sarah Seager £50 30/03/2011 Good luck Twymans and team! Sarah, Phil, Lexi and Pippa xxx
Louise Redferne £50 30/03/2011 Good luck Amanda and team
Andy Kelly £50 28/03/2011 Good luck! See you there!
Andrew Martin £50 28/03/2011 Keep stomping - and no cigars!
The Coombe Posse £50 27/03/2011 Well done all. I hear Alice and Hugh are throwing a party while you're away!
Mary Kennedy £45 03/05/2011 Walk well and enjoy! Mary & Anthony
Mike & Carol Clark £30 11/06/2011 Best wishes to The Seven.Don't forget to enjoy the scenery.Mike & Carol
Annabel Lark £30 14/04/2011 Good luck to you all! The Larks
Avien Pillay £30 08/04/2011 Keep ur head up James
Caroline Tull £30 31/03/2011 Good luck you crazy people, The Tulls x
Taits £30 30/03/2011 Enjoy!
Alexanda Hodgson £30 29/03/2011 Amanda, I hope you're training hard as that is quite a challenge. The very best of luck, with love from Mrs H. xxxx
Lynda Rich £30 29/03/2011 Good Luck
Mel St Clair Alcock £25 10/06/2011 good luck guys - from Mel, Kevin & Team
Louise Smith £25 06/06/2011 Good Luck Amanda & Jim. Love Louise & Gary
Phil & Charlotte £25 06/06/2011 Good luck from the Bunns
Good luck. Love Annie and David £25 19/05/2011 Good luck and well done.
Vicki & Andy £25 06/05/2011 Go Tommo! The Wye Novice Climbers can meet you in the bar once they've catch up with you.
Rachel Mackay £20 15/06/2011 Hope walk went well
Kavita Malhotra £20 06/06/2011 Best of luck! Kavita x
James Loder-Symonds £20 27/04/2011 Good luck!
Victoria Twyman £20 21/04/2011 Good luck! Will be thinking about you in the small wee hours! Tor xxx
Angela Bowler £20 31/03/2011 good luck!
David Peters £20 28/03/2011 I assume you are running?!
Philip Catmur £20 28/03/2011 Good luck- best you run to keep ahead of the midges!
James & Tori Perriss £15 03/05/2011 GO Guys, very proud of our active sister/brother In law. Go For It! LOL James & Tori Perriss
Paula Hardy £10 21/06/2011 From Paula Hardy & Co....
MaryAnne Popoff £10 29/03/2011 Good Luck! Love from the Popoffs xx
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