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  • Kim Falconer
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  • Andrew Gobourn
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  • Charles Davies
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Funds Raised So Far

Target £4000   Balance £904   Outstanding £3096
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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
SLI Pub Golf £115 21/04/2010  
David Bradley £100 04/05/2010 Andrew, Melissa and I will be thinking of you and the Misfits as you struggle through midge infested Highland terrain. All the best !!
Simon & Ros Gravatt £100 03/05/2010 This is in the hope that Andrew Gobourn's Alpine training pays off
Bruce & Jane Carnegie-Brown £100 03/05/2010 Good luck to Andrew G. and the whole bunch of Misfits.
Fabian Sweeney £54 05/05/2010 Good Luck Andrew!!
Guy and Rachel Gobourn £50 04/05/2010 Wish we could be there to cheer you on Andrew. Good luck.
The Eadies £30 07/05/2010  
Graham and Lesley White £30 06/05/2010 Good Luck at least you know what to do if you come across sheep in distress!
Andy Dickson £30 05/05/2010 Good luck Kim
01620810339 £30 05/05/2010 Looks like a great cause. Have fun.
Jane Lynn £30 04/05/2010  
Leslye and David Hardie £30 03/05/2010 Better you than us but wishing you all the very best.
Matt and Fi Planterose £20 07/05/2010 Good Luck.....x
Jack Stewart £20 06/05/2010 All the best!
Jamie and Helen B-S £20 05/05/2010 Good luck to the Misfits, you are always one for a challenge Andrew.
Lindsey & Bill Conn £20 05/05/2010 Good luck to all from Lindsey & Bill in Cardiff
jane will £20 04/05/2010 good luck and take lots of honey sandwiches!! lol Jane and james will
Lawrence Langenhan £20 04/05/2010 I've completed many a Tennent's challenge in my time but not one that involved this kind of effort!
R J Longmuir £15 07/05/2010  
Rob Lockhart £10 06/05/2010  
Peter Swan £10 06/05/2010  
Lesley Moore £10 05/05/2010  
Elspeth Henderson £10 04/05/2010  
ian bell £10 04/05/2010  
Bernadette Vennells £10 04/05/2010  
The Lamottes £10 03/05/2010  
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