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  • Richard Lawson
    Team Leader

  • Richard Fraser Lawson
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  • Tim Hancock
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  • Jonny Tennant
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  • Joanna Hancock

  • Louise Philip

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £3625   Balance £3850   Outstanding £-225
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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
anonymous £300 09/06/2010 keep trucking
Oval Insurance £250 11/06/2010 All the very best of luck from all at Oval Insurance
Old farts support club £250 04/06/2010 I would get 2 wheel barrows for the old man !!
Jim and mary Ogilvie £144 16/06/2010 Well done
Subaru (UK) Ltd £100 16/06/2010 You're an inspiration to us all. Good luck, and have fun.
Bristol Oilskin & Overall Co Ltd £100 14/06/2010 Good Luck to you all from all at Bristol Oilskins
Harvie L Findlay £100 13/06/2010 Sunday pm and I assume you are well and truly finished!
Howard Nash £100 11/06/2010 Good luck Richard!
dougie, ginny, magnus, fergus & flora £100 11/06/2010 go team kaputen!
CCN Limited £100 09/06/2010 Good Luck from the team @ CCN
Kate and Jim Porter £100 09/06/2010 Best of Luck Larson and team - what a challenge!
HNF Consultancy Ltd £100 07/06/2010 All the best Richard . Enjoy it !
ECM Ltd £100 07/06/2010 Good Luck Richard - I Trust you'll be donning the kilt for this memorable event!
MCD £100 07/06/2010 good luck to all the team, especially the more 'mature' members !! A very worthy cause
HB Rutherford & Co Ltd. £100 04/06/2010 Good luck lads! Look after the feet
Dawsonrentals truck and trailer ltd £100 04/06/2010 Good luck team Lawson! Keep trucking to the end.
Mark Guild £100 04/06/2010 Good luck Richard, Show these young lads how it's done
John Clarke £61 06/06/2010  
Dee & Alan £50 15/06/2010 well done you guys
Kevin Smyth £50 14/06/2010 Well done !
Steph Bower and Mark Forster £50 13/06/2010 Well done. Hope you are all still alive! Love Steph and Mark xx
Stewart Herd £50 11/06/2010 Good Luck at the weekend guys!
MANHAL GEORGES NASSIF £50 09/06/2010 good luck to all of you guys. very very long walk but it is in the most beutiful part in the world.
Dom & Emma £50 08/06/2010 Good luck JT
Ray Smith £50 08/06/2010 Best of luck Richard Keep your SPIRIT up for the 54 miles
Chartermarque Ltd £50 07/06/2010 Rather you than me Richard. Good luck!
Eddie Lee - Total Business Furniture Ltd £50 04/06/2010  
Marie Pleaden £50 03/06/2010 I think your right it will hurt.....guess you will be off on Monday! Good Luck x
Ian & Paula £50 02/06/2010 best of luck Richard & team
Chris & Clare £50 28/05/2010 Best of luck team. Know you can do it. Just need to plan some "incentives" to keep Dickie going - verboten brot anybody?
Barbara Ward £50 12/05/2010 Good Luck I hope you are up to it Tim
Caz and Bart £50 11/05/2010 Good luck guys. Caz and Bart
Ian Johnston £30 22/06/2010 sorry i am late
Leigh & Kate £30 11/06/2010 Best of luck-wish we were doing it with you ha ha!
Wow, Richard, good luck, I would go by car. £30 06/06/2010  
Ron Wilson and Barry McDaid £30 04/06/2010  
Kaz £30 30/05/2010 Good luck Tim & Jo Jo! Can't wait to see you soon!!
Alexis £30 18/05/2010 Good Luck
Lou Stevenson £30 10/05/2010 Good luck guys! You'll be brilliant! Lou & Dave xxx
Warburton Transport Limited £25 17/06/2010 Well done!
Julie Corbett £25 11/06/2010 I am most impressed Richard. Rather you than me.
kevin gordon £25 05/06/2010  
Mike Sturgeon £25 04/06/2010 Good luck all of you!
The Farleys £25 10/05/2010 So impressed with you all! Lots of love from Jersey x
ANON.. £20 25/06/2010 Well done..
Tom SGM £20 17/06/2010 Well done !!!
Ben Coombe £20 17/06/2010 Good luck Tim, don't slow them down!
Robin Basu £20 11/06/2010 Good Luck Guys it took me 3 days and I found that tough!
Guy Mitchell £20 08/06/2010 I'll send an 11+ to pick you all up! Tim watch out for Highland Cricket Balls!!
Nat £20 08/06/2010 Good Luck Guys! xx
John, Susan and Edith £20 05/06/2010 Try and keep up with the big man, lads xxx
Gareth £20 04/06/2010 Good Luck!
Chic McIntosh £20 04/06/2010 Good luck to you all.
John Ewing £20 02/06/2010 Good luck!
Vicki and Mark £20 13/05/2010 Good luck to all of you. Love Mark and Vicki xx
Mel & Chris £20 12/05/2010 Go team Hancock! Good Luck
Wooze £20 10/05/2010 Good luck xxxxx
S Corrigan £15 07/06/2010 Good Luck...and enjoy the scenery!
Arnie Sathiy £15 04/06/2010 Go Tim Go. Watch that cheek bone up those hills!
stuart murray, cca £10 21/06/2010 sorry i'm late. hope it went well.
Fiona McIntosh £10 11/06/2010 Good Luck to you all and enjoy. Will be thinking of you pounding the mountains this weekend xxx
Clarky £10 11/06/2010 Good luck everyone
David and Karen Mcintosh £10 10/06/2010 Tim you will have to take a big battery pack for Richard's phone, Good luck guy's
Lindy Carson £10 08/06/2010 The don't call you 'Legs of Steel' for nothing JT! Wishing you and your team all the very best!
Tracye Fleming £10 08/06/2010 Good Luck!
Brian Jennings £10 07/06/2010 Good luck, and well done to you all for putting yourselves through it!
Anonymous £10 04/06/2010 All the best
Cheryl £10 04/06/2010 Go go gadet legs! All the best guys.
Craig Adams £10 04/06/2010 Good luck Tim
steven mcinroy £10 01/06/2010  
Mandy £10 12/05/2010 Good luck Jojo!
Rowena Gerber £10 12/05/2010 Best of luck
A & A Baps £10 11/05/2010 Good luck, sounds like a mission and I reckon Tim is the weak link ;)
Kate £10 10/05/2010 Look after the old man!
Kelly Longworth £10 10/05/2010 Go Joey!! You can do it!! Kxxx
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