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  • Pete Davison
    Team Leader

  • Chris Clark
    Team Member

  • Phil Martin
    Team Member

  • John Wingate
    Team Member

Support Crew

  • Louise Shannon

  • Pooja Joglekar

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £2900   Balance £270   Outstanding £2630
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Fundraising Summary

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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Abi Davison £50 11/05/2011 Go on Pete!! x
Darren Smith £50 10/05/2011 Good Luck Guys.......
Cath Aris £50 09/05/2011 Great effort gang - I give it to the first checkpoint before you change the team name! Good Luck Cath x
Ben Simmister £30 09/05/2011 Watch out for those midges and Blisters...a bad combination....good luck.!
Jon Willescroft £30 06/05/2011 Good luck fellas!
Neil Moore £20 19/05/2011 Good Luck!
Charlene Causon £20 06/05/2011 Good Luck - see you at the finish line!!
Hannah Boothroyd £10 21/05/2011 Good to see you signed up to this, good luck Phil :-)
Emma McGuinness £10 06/05/2011 Go Team!!
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